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She showed me her long list of expectations, excitedly telling me all the details about how her next partner should be like. It sounded to me like the advertisement ad for the 'oh so perfect' man, except I have never


“For such a time as this we were born!” People are waking up and many heed the call to turn the ship for all of us. In a time of turmoil in our world, when things fall apart, or we feel


I entered a café yesterday. Dead silence. Has something happened? I looked around, the tables were occupied by people of different ages, each starred at a computer or phone screen. Not one engaged with another. The cluttering from the barista


There is a great river connecting us. A song is singing throughout all creation, waiting to be heard. An ancient knowing is alive in the very depth of our heart, speaking in a language that trees, birds, whales,.. children and


In a place, where you lost all hope In a time, when you have no faith In anything or anyone anymore. When all seems hard and dark And you have broken down And can’t take another step. When you do not know Where to turn Or what to

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