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The Passage

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The Passage

We are in a deep passage as symbolized in the Passover, Easter, and the shamanic death and birth journey. It’s not necessarily a religious passage, but a passage that all mystics, shamans, bodhisattvas, and those who walk the path of heart must undergo. It is a passage the world is in right now. Will we come through? I don’t know. It’s not an easy one. Because it calls us to walk into the unknown, right through the eye of the hurricane. How then can we personally travel through to light the way?

Our first step in this passage is to face death, our fears, and pains courageously. The stuff we have been avoiding. What do you fear the most? Let yourself be stripped naked of all that you are holding unto and identify with. Opening beyond concepts to raw Feeling, being just present. When you realize you never had control, allow yourself to give over, to surrender into that what always holds you, is you and is alive, breathing in your body and beautiful heart in the midst of it all.

What is left when all else fails? Stay there tonight beloved, allow your heart to break and the tears to flow.

Then, on the second day, empty-handed we enter into the tomb, in stillness, we rest. No one to be, nothing to do, and nowhere to go. You don’t know and what was there before is no more. You might feel shattered, The world as you have known it has crumbled. Allow all with a yes. Here, in this sacred ground between time and space, below the waves, stillness wraps you, love unfolds you. Rest here, sense, feel into it. Something is alive, pure, without a name snaking and winding through your spine. Lean in, trust in that life force, which has no ending and beginning. Love wants the whole of you. Let it fill, make, and take you.

Stay close, there is a deeper mystery unfurling, that knows and flows between the crevices of your heart and within the great song of life.

And on the third day, you may experience a quivering, a shaking, a waking. A rising from within, a birthing. Like a newborn child, your eyes open gently to the morning light. A dawning into a world you had forgotten, but it was painted, written, edged into your soul so long time ago. As you breathe new life, rejoice to be simply here in this precious life. You only ever had this moment. Now, more fully than before.

As you rise up, you know in your blood and bones- no matter what happens you can meet it, even the terrible, even when you are shaking in your boots, and love your way through to the other side. For Love shines and lives as and through you in benefit to all.

And it always finds a way!

However, to emerge all the way through we cannot skip any part and where we are right now. And usually, we need a seasoned guide, a loving hand. It is not a neatly packaged streamlined path, that can be forced or created. This living resurrection passage is deeper than that, profoundly powerful and surprisingly alive.

This passage can be taken over a lifetime or within a moment or like the ancient passages it lasts for three days. You can walk it in your life and also for these three holy days and nights right now.

I honor you for your bravery to be here at this time and send all my love to you. Safe passage to you all ❤️!

Photo Credit for this beautiful Mary Magdalene and Yeshua painting: unfortunately unknown to me.



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