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Walking through Fire

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Walking through Fire

How do we stand in unshakeable presence and act courageously in a time of upheaval in our world? I love to share a true story to support and inspire you.

The wildfire was spreading faster than we could run. When I came to the open field with five freaked out cats in my car, helicopters circled high in the sky, like tiny flies within a massive red-orange globe of fire surrounding us. Amidst the smoke, panicked people, bleating, and whinnying of scared animals, I searched for my daughter and saw that our white mare and Little Buddha, our donkey, were tied up to a tree, but where was our other horse? Yemaya cried: “Mama, Magic ran away.” I looked into the distance and saw him running around the airport at record speed, with his long golden mane flying behind him, he looked gorgeous I admit. Fire trucks arrived, honking, people shouted orders through the microphone. One was for me: “Get that horse off the runway, the helicopter needs to land. Now!” Great, he had no idea what it meant to deal with a hot-blooded Arab stallion, who was spooked out of his mind and bolted at every movement he saw and heard. I could never catch up to him. What to do? Time was of the essence; they would shoot if I would not get him now.

With lives at stake, disappearing into fear was not the way. Instead, I rooted deeply into the earth and expanded into a larger field of awareness and peace, connecting with him through my heart. I sent a clear message across the ethers: “Magic, stop”.

As if lightning struck, he stopped in his tracks and stood perfectly still, calmly gazing at me from afar. Whilst I stayed in attunement, we walked silently toward each other, unperturbed by the noise and frantic action around us. When we finally met, he lowered his head; I stroked his sweat-drenched neck and quietly guided him into a trailer, which usually he would not enter without a fuss. I sighed in relief, everyone was saved and off to the emergency shelters. A week later I drove through the ashes covering the mountain range and upon arriving I discovered: the fire had made a circle around our land and home! I burst in joy and gratitude.

We had been guided by a greater power, we helped each other and by being present and connecting with heart – this had made the difference in real-life action for all of us. And that is what we need in tumultuous times such as these, so we can rise courageously to lead the way through the fires in our lives and in the world right now.

Wishing you courage and strength,


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