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Dr. Nicola Amadora is a powerful, inspiring, and heart-centered international speaker and teacher. What she talks she walks and you can feel it in her captivating authenticity and presence.


She offers in-depth, expert knowledge, profound life experience with true stories, practices and a unique transmission that touches hearts, ignites the fire in the belly, and transform our lives!


For decades she has presented at conferences, retreat centers, churches, online summits, businesses, podcasts, radio shows, and public events with Lectures/Talks, Professional Education, Spiritual Teachings, and Satsangs worldwide.

Her speaking engagements have included subjects such as:


Spirituality and Psychology:

A revolutionary path of spirituality – Human and Divine united. The wild and fierce Way of true Love. Meditation 101. Grounded and engaged Spirituality. Embodied Spirituality- Walk your Talk. Feminine Spirituality. The Power of Vulnerability and True Love. Dharma meets Karma. Fierce Compassion. Dharma for today. Presence and Love walk Hand in Hand. The essential two Wings Approach. Welcoming Humanity. Depth Psychology – Trauma Healing and Awakening. Wisdom of Trauma – the Way through Hell. Sacred Activism. And many other relevant themes for today’s world.

The deep Feminine Way:

Deep Feminine Wisdom Emergence. The wild, sacred feminine Way for Women awakening. Mary Magdalene Rising. Feminine Power and Leadership. Feminine Reverence and Embodiment. She Rises. Resurrecting Her. Liberating the Holy Fire.

True Connection and Conscious Relating/Leadership:

Fire of true Connection. Heart of Relating. Bridging the Gap between Women and Men. Feminine and Masculine Healing. Resonance Relating. Awaken in Relationships. Power of Vulnerability. Communication with Plants and Animals. Wisdom Leadership. Heart Brilliance and Emotional Intelligence for the Dance of Relating. Path of true Love.

Dr. Nicola Amadora is available by invitation to speak in person and online at Conferences, Spiritual or Educational Centers, Online Summits and Podcasts, TV, and Radio.

Invite and host her.

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Voices of real people:

Nicola Amadora is such a natural, highly gifted and very inspiring speaker! Wow, she took us all!” ~ Char Longwello, Santa Cruz, California

We received great feedback from the participants at your speech and session at the Women Leaders & Business Conference. You were inspirational and gave practical tools too. The information was relevant, delivered clearly, with power, warmth, and humor. It was a transformational experience for many. Thank you very much Nicola for making this a wonderful event.” Annette McGarity, Manager for Women Leader Forum, CA

Dr. Nicola Amadora is incredible and inspiring. She spoke at the chamber of commerce for women in business (there was a diverse age group) and she was relatable, fully engaging, insightful, and honest — to all of us. I love the way she breaks things down so easily and gives tips on how to improve communication immediately. I’m still using her techniques and feel so much more present with my family, friends, and clients. She doesn’t present canned talks — she talks from her heart and her experience. I learned so much, I can only imagine how much her longer trainings would help me. I can’t wait!” ~ Kristin Rohan, Consultant, CA

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