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Reviews from Real People

Watch the living connection work and hear what people say (starts at 2.16).

May the magic catch fire in your soul!

Listen in to testimonials from women around the world

from the Deep Feminine Way and Mary Magdalene retreats and courses!

“Nicola’s capacity for love and compassion is truly inspiring. I am comforted instantly upon seeing her, my monkey mind is invariably silenced – giving way to the truth of my heart, at the end of every session. She is both sensitive to my needs and completely frank. She does not so much dispense advice as gently guides me back to myself and the truth that is in me all along. My relationships have deepened and grown; my sense of self has blossomed. I am so grateful for her and our work.”

Jen Ziegler, New York

“If you have an opportunity, any opportunity, to learn from Nicola Amadora, say Yes. Say, “Yes!”. With Nicola as my therapist and teacher, I have begun to return Home, to Love, in earnest. Nicola’s ingenious skillfulness, clarity, awareness, and mastery, and her steadfast commitment to living the Path coalesce to express transformational Love and unwavering expert guidance. Nicola’s companionship and living example induce profound reorientations to one’s experiences and a courageous fidelity to All That Is. I honor and thank you, Nicola. I bow to Her. I bow to You. And I continue to walk Home.”

Caitlin Harrison, UK

“This has been a life-changing and life-affirming retreat for me. I now know my path and have found my home. I can trust in what I am guided to bring into the world and where I am to play. Nicola creates a wonderful sisterhood, exudes deep love, is a wonderful storyteller, and creates a magical experience for all those who dare to travel. I cannot pick out any one highlight as there were so many that happened each day. The location is breath-taking, the food sublime, and the deep daily connection profound.”

Sandra Pinnington, Transformational Coach, UK

“Nicola’s Mary Magdalene Retreat is rooted in integrity and authenticity and has the depth you would expect from Nicola given her diversity and expertise in spiritual practices and psychology. This retreat is a rare gem and unique in the uncovering of truth and transmissions, felt within the heart, body, and mind. Nicola embodies all of her wisdom, allowing her participants a journey only their souls can navigate. If you have been called to attend this retreat, do not hesitate as the wisdom and experiences you have the opportunity to receive are unique. Much gratitude Nicola for your life’s work and your life experiences that have enabled you to provide such a life-changing retreat. Forever grateful.”

Sandra Del Papa, Australia

I have received so many blessings and subtle yet profound changes in my life from Nicola Amadora’s Spiritual Leadership Training!  The teachings have gone deeply within to become a practice and a way to “walk the talk” of being a leader in all aspects of my life.  This experience has allowed me to shift the way I show up in the world, I feel that I show up now with more truth and courage to speak from my soul.  There is a vulnerable courage and power that I embrace now.  I am grateful to be more in my soul’s light and beauty as I confidently meet my “edges” and step into who I truly am and who I am meant to be.”

Lesa Michel, USA

“It’s hard to put words to this in-depth and magical week. It’s a deep journey, in which I felt so held, loved, and accepted. I had no expectations, was open to it and it blew my mind. Nicola is the real deal. Her teachings, wisdom, and guidance are profound. I connected with lost pieces of myself while being held by Mary Magdalene. The energy, transmissions… just wow. I feel changed, reborn. I feel home, finally. If you feel the call, the inner call, to on this journey, go! You will remember.”

Brenda Balvers, Netherlands

“It’s not easy for me to trust people who call themselves spiritual teachers or therapists. I’ve had experiences in the past where people present themselves as one way but turn out to be completely different. Nicola is different. From our very first session, I was able to drop into a deep and tender place with her. She has a way of speaking directly to my heart and soul that gives me the feeling of finally drinking water after years of wandering in the desert. Working with Nicola has allowed me to connect with my power, my heart, and my confidence on a profoundly larger scale. There are places I’ve been able to touch and heal that felt way too scary to connect with until having Nicola’s support and guidance. I can honestly say that the work we’ve done together has been revolutionary, life-changing, and incredibly empowering. I leave each session feeling lighter, more receptive, and more in love with life. I am so grateful to have found such a force of love in human form.”

Nicole Nelson, LA, USA

“My therapeutic experience with Nicola has been profoundly healing. Her loving and unwavering presence, open-heartedness and unconditional acceptance of everything that I was experiencing has been truly transformative. My ability to trust her completely allowed me to let go in a way I never had before, and life changed from deep within me.”

Terri Vandeer, Santa Cruz

“Nicola, your transmission is real, your teachings embodied and your skill is incredible. I can tell because I have been a long time on the spiritual path and with many different teachers. I love how you unite divine and human in such a simple, true way. This retreat was anything like I ever experienced before. I feel on fire, shaken awake, profoundly connected, and actually can walk this love in my life. I am grateful in more ways than I can tell.”

Leandra. A. California

“I am so fortunate to have experienced this rare and rigorous training with these inspiring women who are so committed to awakening their voice & wisdom for these turbulent times. I deeply appreciate how Nicola models both masculine and feminine skillful means to mend relational distortions, in here and “out there”. Her powerful transmission of love and her relentless honing of our skills, was a year-long UMPH to root us more fully in our own unique soul calling. It is so powerful to witness how I and the women with me, we all came to a center point where our life and our leadership are one and the same.”

Pamela Yap, USA

“I received the living flame of my own heart’s love. This emerged from a container that was safe in its core being, filled with the power of love and the sublime force of light. Nicola’s depth and integrity, wisdom, and offering was a complete circle attending with mastery of the mystery teaching and of course that of Mary Magdalene in essence completely. I asked to embody love and I was taken fully. This mystery is an unheard-of Mary Magdalene initiation and bonding of sisters in love that is rare in our world today. It is what the feminine needs most and our world. Not to be missed!”

Bonnie Mansdorf, USA

“I have just recently returned from a three-day intensive – ‘Transforming Lives Training’ with Nicola Amadora. I cannot find enough superlatives to describe how transformative I found this training both personally and as a transpersonal psychotherapist.  Nicola gracefully and passionately embodies a grounded, deeply insightful and authentic sense of awareness that guided me to both a far deeper sense of myself and to an awe-inspiring understanding of how to bring deep transformation to my clients. I cannot recommend this training highly enough to anyone who is called to sit alongside others on their journey here in any capacity.  I truly felt in the core of my being the depth of the calling that Nicola upholds to help everyone on their healing journey and left the training with some wonderful tools to do just that. My heartfelt deep appreciation and gratitude – THANK YOU Nicola.”

Maggie March, Dip. Psych, Psychotherapist and Supervisor

“This retreat cracked my heart wide open. I felt the veils drop away to meet myself in new layers with such a loving and supportive group. Nicola’s energy and teachings are profound. She has a way of storytelling that is so engaging and finds a way to touch you so deeply on all levels of the being. I loved the liberation and permission in held love for full expression, release and to finally come home to that which has been calling. Thank you so much Nicola for your sacredness and for bringing life and joy back home.”

Francesca Raffa, UK

This spiritual leader training has taken me further than I thought it could – into myself, the feminine, into embodied spirituality and greater leadership. It is deeper than my mind can grasp, it shakes and moves me beyond reason, it touches every level of my being. It’s so subtle and yet so powerful, so loving and yet so profound. The teacher and the teaching are fully alive and in unison. Being part of the circle, witnessing Nicola leading us and engaging with the sisters is alone already transformative! I feel so blessed, grateful glad I decided to join this training!

Lina Alfonso, Yoga Teacher, Portugal

“I am so incredibly grateful and touched by the Spiritual Leadership Training. I have hardly done any training that resonates with me so much, that goes so deep and is all-encompassing. I am very grateful, it is so needed, and makes so much sense to me! I’m overwhelmed because everything Nicola teaches, guides, and reflects on is so incredibly important to me. I am eating it up! I also notice how I am now taking on even more the role of a feminine leader. And also take on this sacred responsibility to lead even more with integrity and embodiment. I’m consciously stepping into it more with confidence. Before, everyone said I was a leader for women, but that happened subconsciously for me. Now I go into it more consciously with courage. That affects my posture, alignment, and my willingness to take risks and to lead truly and fully in a feminine way. I am incredibly grateful. That’s what I came here for!’

~Claudia Neubert, Women Leader, Germany

“Nicola is an amazing person and her work is life changing. She has the ability to cut through the surface and get to the source, the core of your being. She holds a presence of compassion that opens the heart at a very deep level. She has surpassed all expectations, and led by her gifted intuition, she has taken me into very fertile ground. Working with her is a blessing and I give her the highest recommendation.”

Leonard Leinow, Woodacre

“The retreat exceeded all expectations that I had. I felt so safe and held from day one by the other women and Nicola’s gift of holding space. I will cherish this week for the rest of my life, my heart feels so open and full of love, joy, and unity. Nicola has a special way of teaching where she shares just enough with you each day so that you have time and space to digest her pearls of wisdom but at the same time always have you hanging on for more. I loved the embodiment of the teachings on this retreat – it’s one thing to receive a teaching by word of mouth or by reading a book – it’s an entirely different thing to experience it firsthand. I am so grateful for this week – I would recommend Nicola and the retreat to anyone who receives the call. I can’t imagine a better way to connect with Mary Magdalene.”

Danielle Murnane, Australia

“The event you lead for the third time now was fabulous and once again – pitch perfect. We loved having you and so did the women. The ceremony, teachings and group experience brought them deeper into themselves and their own divine feminine and more intimate with each other. Your leadership and group facilitation skills are excellent. With natural grace and ease you guided a whole group of women to step into the sacred feminine in a way that was grounded, real, and empowering. She made it safe and easy for women to let go of old patterns, to open and experience the sacred, to deeply connect to themselves and with each other. Nicola Amadora embodies what she teaches, she truly works magic and creates a feast for the heart. We’re so grateful that you’re part of this sacred circle – thank you, thank you for your beautiful gifts!”

Marci Schimoff, Speaker, Author of Happy for no Reason

“If you have longed for an opening to the Divine, the Divine feminine, you have come to the right place. If you have longed to find a deep and ancient path to True Love and Union, you have come to the right place. If you have longed for a teacher who directly experiences the Divine Feminine and who has the ability to bring you Home, you have come to the right place. Nicola Amadora is an authentic, inspired teacher who embodies the Divine Feminine and whose loving spirit empowers and aligns our deepest longings. This retreat surpassed any/all expectations. The Divine was present at every moment. To look into the eyes of love was a gift for the heart. If you come with a willingness to be open to Grace, you shall surely experience it! Jai Ma! Mary Magdalene lives here!”

Mary Thomas Weiss, USA

“I would like to thank you. I feel different, healed. Something inside me has transformed. I’m not the same person I was before the retreat. I want to describe it and find that I have no words. It has become quiet inside me. I have arrived at home within myself in my body and tangibly inhabit it. I have no idea how it happened. Now I am grateful for the house I live in, grateful for the wonderful roof over my head, grateful for my place to sleep where I feel safe, and grateful for the place where I live and my home. My soul has moved into my body. And that feels powerful. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of all of us and for walking together. It allows me to walk upright, to face everyday life with its demands, and to see it with the eyes of love. Thank you Nicola!”

Heidi Stamm, Germany

“Highly Recommended. I have attended satsangs and workshops lead by Nicola with incredible heart, perception, inspiration, and humor.  I was moved to see Nicola for individual Hakomi therapy sessions – best thing I have done for my personal growth and well-being for years!  She has helped guide me on my spiritual path, break through emotional blocks, and open my heart to trust and love again.”

Michael Reppy, Marin

With each session of the Spiritual Women Leader Training and the deepening monthly practices I could feel the shifts that happened every month from conditioning and pleasing, to establishing more awareness and trust into an aliveness that is far deeper than what I used to identify with. It was important for me to be embedded in the group of all strong and beautiful women and to hold Nicolas hand, during this year. She helped me, in her deep way of teaching, to find my own trust into what is really true inside me, to find that life itself holds me at any time, no matter what.  Now, in this rootedness, I am ready to carry my gift out to places where it is really needed and where it serves the highest best.”

Lilli Sonnengrün, Germany

“Nicola’s earthly experience and connection to The Divine Mother and Father is vast. She is deeply connected to spirit, but so much fun too. I found she can gently sense and pierce the very place we need to individually be met for our healing and transformation. I have been on a path of gathering wisdom teachings and practices over many years from lots of different directions. in Nicola I found an affirmation of my path from someone who is a female ‘master’ and who integrates many of these directions I have found over many years in her comprehensive offering.”

Kathy Adams, Facilitator, England

“The Magdalene Rising Retreat with Nicola Amadora was a supreme opportunity to dive deeply into the soul of the sacred feminine, to return to her womb, to be reborn in the fire of holy love. It was epic! Nicola held an exquisite container for the deep healing, awakening and embodiment. I loved the structure of being in nature, meditating in the grotto, the druid circle…the teachings and the profound relating practices. Truly it was an initiation into the deeper mysteries of life and the feminine. I carry this tremendous blessing into my life and work, which will benefit many. Thank you with all my heart.”

Ashanna Solaris, CA, Workshop Leader.

“Zu dem Zeitpunkt, als mein Partner und ich beim Sacred Union Retreats teilnahmen, hatten wir uns gerade dermaßen in Trigger und Knoten verfangen, dass wir die Verbindung zueinander nicht mehr spürten und uns als Paar an einer Grenze sahen. An diesem Wochenende hat uns Nicolas tiefe Seelenarbeit sehr anhaltend daran erinnert, zu spüren, was darunter ist,  tiefer als die Verknotungen, der Schmerz und die Widerstände. Diese Qualität von tiefer Verbindung, die wir beim Retreat erfahren haben, trägt und hilft uns nun Stück um Stück uns wieder zu entwirren und unsere Liebe zu genießen, immer wieder.Danke von Herzen!”

Lilli Sonnengrün, Germany

“You are a great and genuine teacher Nicola. And from the moment I started working with you there have been so many shifts in my experience. I feel renewed, I feel strength and peace. The personal session and meditation group has been profound and powerful. You are a true blessing, Nicola!”

Lou Ann Mc Bride, Louisiana

“Thank you so much for a wonderful ‘transforming lives training’. I have benefited enormously from your very structured and succinct delivery of your content. Particularly the rhythm between teaching and experiential exercises was beautifully delivered and really brought home all the more theoretical concepts. I have attended many CPD events, and I have never felt so enriched as a person but also for my professional life and I’m hoping that many more will make use of what you have honed over so many years. I feel empowered to bring a more spiritual perspective to my work with my clients you have helped me see a way to do that without scaring people. I hope we will soon be able to book level 2.”

Nicola Hobson, England, Psychotherapist

“I feel deeply touched by Nicola’s love and guidance. I now have the tools to connect to my wounds through loving presence. That feels incredibly supportive. Thank you, Nicola, for your embrace!”

Anke Spriestersbach, Germany

This year-long spiritual leader training has immensely impacted my life. The monthly themes are so rich and I feel myself grown so profoundly as a human being and a feminine leader. Nicola offers a unique guidance that comes from lived truth. She has a clear, loving, and wise way of teaching. I‘ve learned so much in this training and it is truly professional. I know my gifts now more than before. The sisterhood created throughout the training is so helpful to not feel alone on this path. I highly recommend this education for your personal and soul unfolding and to lead others professionally.“

~Nicole Lamla, Social worker, Germany

“Dear Nicola, thank you for showing me the love and richness in human relations. Being as one, guiding, welcoming, holding, supporting, sharing, dancing, celebrating each other. Man and woman, healing and truly connecting. So beautiful.”

Natascha Van den Ban, Holland

“My experience of this wonderful retreat is that I came in contact with my feminine side and Maria Magdalena. Nicola is such a competent and real teacher with deep knowledge and great power. I highly recommend her with love.”

Ulla Johansson, Healer, Sweden

“Thank you so much Nicola for these profound days in Sweden. I’m not easy to satisfy as I think “I have had it all” but after this weekend I came home shook up and empty. Who am I and why am I here? Then it shifted. Now I’m in a new place, fulfilled. I’m so grateful and want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Karin Fjällström, Sweden

“I weep and laugh. Nicola pierces my heart and takes me into love.”

Richard Page, Berkley

“Ich fließe gerade über vor Fülle und Dankbarkeit. Und ich möchte gern konkreten Dank und damit auch klare Empfehlung aussprechen. In dem online Frauen Kurs mit Nicola Amadora durfte ich eine menschliche und spirituelle Tiefe erfahren, die wirklich ein sehr seltenes Juwel in dieser Welt ist. Mit solcher Weisheit, Feuer und Erdung ist sie mit den Frauen da. Mich sehend, alle so sehr sehend. Ich erlebte über den Winter und Frühling im letzten Jahr ein Ankommen in mir und der Fähigkeit, überhaupt Verbundenheit zu einer Gruppe von Menschen zu empfinden ohne innere Abspaltung. Danke Nicola!”

Katharina Guhlmann, Leipzig

Nicola is a treasure, and a wise woman. She speaks and leads with her heart with a gentleness and divine strength that could only come from many years of practicing compassion and diving into the deep uncomfortable places that are so difficult for many of us to go. What I appreciate so much about her is that she doesn’t deal with only the symptoms of a chaotic world, but really worked with us on getting down to the core of our pains, hidden in our most tender places. The tools that I have learned on this retreat will never be forgotten, nor any of the people that traveled down this path with me. Writing about it now reminds me of that connectedness, and I feel a great deal of warmth and presence within my whole body, which is exactly how I want to live my life. To anyone considering whether to join Nicola on a retreat, or in therapy, or even just a walk down the street, say YES! Your whole self will love you for it.”

Kelli Radwanski, Artist, Los Angeles

“Nicola provides a supportive, safe space to explore yourself within and the Divine Feminine. Her authentic teachings helped me reach depths in my heart that have been hidden away for years. And to be supported by a community of like-minded women was a blessing.”

Stacie Saunders, USA

“Nicola Amadora is a wonderful example of an awakened heart-embodied leader!  Her style of leading and teaching is deep, humble and playful, fiercely loving and exquisitely feminine in the gently power-full space she holds for people.   Nicola is masterful in assisting others in becoming more of who they are meant to be!  In her retreat I found myself being opened to more of my deep Self, as she guided me to embody my gifts and abilities. As my fearful resistance to leading became conscious, I was able to release those fears and embrace more of the courage and wisdom of my authentic Self, so that I can now participate more powerfully in life for the greater good!  Thank you, Nicola!”

Sergio Baroni, LCSW, Marin

“Immense gratitude for Nicola and her team for creating such a safe and beautiful container for all of us to share so very deeply. The message of Mary Magdalene has been woven with such love and tender consideration to each individual on their unique journey – I feel so blessed to have been included in the pure magic Nicola has created. Thank you!”

Kei Gratton, USA

“Nicola is a genius teacher. I love how her teachings flow from deep compassion, true knowing and she is real. Nicola embodies spirituality and is fully human.”

Kristin Crowly, MFT intern, Berkeley

“Das ‘Sacred Union’ Retreat is ein Raum, in dem tiefe Heilung zwischen Mann und Frau stattfinden kann. Nicola kreiert einen sicheren Rahmen, in dem sich jede/r fallen lassen und neu verbinden kann – mit dem was war und dem was ist und dem was sein kann. Wie bislang aus jedem Retreat von ihr, gehe ich auch aus diesem mit tiefer Erkenntnis und Dankbarkeit.”

Lisa, Germany, Leipzig

“Dear Nicola, what you teach resonate deeply. They fit into the way I look at the world. Going into that world and “walking my talk”, that’s where it feels unsafe for me. Thank you for guiding me through to a new way. Your guidance is in loving presence, safe and sincere. Thank you for being there.”

Miriam, Amsterdam, Holland

“It was an incredible day! I so appreciated your thoughtful, insightful, and patient approach to bringing us into new ways of experiencing system and organizational learning. The culminating exercise- speaking for the world’s interests- addressing the things we care so deeply about- will remain with me for the rest of my life. Thank you!”

Danny Coballos, Organizational Consultant

You have helped me tremendously. My trauma healed and I walk so grounded and whole in my life. Before I tried all sorts of methods and healers, spiritual practices, but nothing shifted. Quite the opposite, it got worse by adding shame. But you met me in the darkest, scariest place with your unconditional, unwavering loving presence. I couldn’t imagine that any human being would be able to truly see, meet and love me here. That’s when it turned. Thank you, Nicola, from the bottom of my heart.”

Nicolette B. Germany

“Dr. Nicola Amadora gets right to the core, to the heart of the matter. The session with her caused a real transformation in me that led to real changes in my world. I now have a sense of belonging, for which I am so grateful.”

Sahar Kordahi, Speaker & Coach, San Ramon

“Reflecting on the word ‘retreat’ in the context of the shared transformative experience I just had with other beautiful humans for a whole week, I am wondering what it really means. It was a retreat from fear into love. A retreat from the world of consensus reality with all its fascinations and masks into the true home of the heart. A retreat from loneliness into connection, the type of connection where you know in your cells that we are one. A retreat from global overwhelm, apathy and feelings of impotence into an empowered, embodied commitment to love in action. To bring our fierce love to everything and everyone we touch. Nicola embodies the famous phrase: Love is stronger than fear. Her example every moment of every day- under very challenging circumstances- has proven to me both the possibility and the promise of such a conviction. It is contagious! She carries such a vibrant torch that you cannot help but catch on fire- burning with the true desire to live from a place of fierce compassion and love in action. Her commitment, dedication and selflessness are palpable and humbling. It has been an honor to walk beside her in nature- and the inner terrain of our true nature. Nicola carries the map in her heart and is a blessed guide.”

Melissa Mahar, San Jose, California

“To describe the value of such a Training and to do it justice is no small feat! Let me say that this was not “just another Leadership Training” where we gather more tools and walk away feeling secure in our mind. Allow me for a moment to invite you to imagine yourself being in the middle of the Ocean in the company of a skilled Captain such as Nicola, that navigating through the strong winds gives you the experience of having weathered the storm with grace, poise, and confidence. And yet, through it all, you witness the delicate dance between attunement, timing, and dexterity that is required in every action and movement, as imperceptible as it may be, to bring the sails into alignment without which the boat would not have safely reached the Shore. This Training was “experiential” from the beginning to its end. It engaged each participant in ‘real-live processes’ and tapped into the collective heart of the Group. From my experience, I would say that ‘Connected Leadership Training’ with Nicola is for those leaders who recognize the importance of engaging and acknowledging the whole being in order to co-create a long-lasting transformation in the hearts and minds. I am grateful for having taken part in this Training. I feel like I had the opportunity to awaken more deeply to my leadership gifts and to my desire to share them with others and to serve the Greater Good.”

Catherine Chano, College Teacher, Canada

“Dr. Nicola Amadora does magic. She helped me in so many ways, I am so grateful.”

Dr. Alice Lively, MD., Scotts Valley

“Liebe Nicola, ich danke Dir für diese sehr wunderbare Erfahtung im Retreat mit dir. Deine Arbeit ist so einfach, so klar und so tief. Ich bin sehr tiet beruhrt und ich durfte meine wirkliche kraft meine Stärke erfahren, Herzlichen Dank!”

Britta Burmehl, Germany

“The Retreat: ‘Truly Connected-Make a Difference’ was such a transformative experience! I felt so supported and able to express who I really am- free from judgment and expectations. Nicola is truly inspiring. I look forward to growing further with these amazing retreats.”

Lauren Barnum, Los Angeles

“Nicola Amadora is a very skilled and heart-based facilitator, therapist, and teacher. She creates a safe and nurturing space for her clients and group participants who are being fully seen, embraced, and met by her – no matter where they are in their psycho-spiritual evolution. Nicola’s authentic presence and gentle guidance are rooted in the love and wisdom gleaned from the crucible of real-life experience. I felt fully met in my sessions with her. She helped me to reconnect more deeply, which was a very healing and illuminating experience for me. I highly recommend her!”

Isabella Price, MA, Speaker, Educator and Author

“Nicola is a whole person who has the greatest understanding of the human heart and how to know real love of anyone I have ever met. She helped me to be more of who I am.”

Kelley Springer, Oregon

“I have worked with Nicola both in couples and individual counseling and find her truly stellar in both areas. Nicola creates a safe container that encourages trust, honesty, vulnerability, and transformation. She is focused, intelligent, sensitive, and compassionate. Her knowledge is extensive, and available for her to draw on when needed, but her true brilliance is demonstrated in her ability to illuminate unconscious patterns that no longer serve and help create paradigm shifts based on love, compassion, perspective, and truth. I am deeply grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.”

Mark Schneider, Headhunter

“The Satsang was fantastic, incredible and so enlivening!”

Salvadora, Community Leader, Spain

“I am so inspired by your teachings. You lead with such grace and wisdom, demonstrating compassion and fearless courage. The retreat was wonderful. I am so excited to learn more from you.”

Anna, Devon

“Nicola’s artful teaching blends the practical tools of being a parent with the spiritual essence that is our true nature. I use the practices she shared with us in the Mindful Parenting retreat on a daily basis and my relationship with my daughter flourishes every time. I am so grateful!”

Darshana Weill, mommy of Violet

“Sometimes when you find something wonderful, you want to keep it all to yourself, like sharing it with other people would make it less special. But sometimes, something–or someone–amazes you so much that you want to share it with everyone you meet. Nicola is exactly such a treasure.

 Nicola makes what she does seem effortless. She has an incredible intuition that she supports with a deliberate approach. She is 100% present in all interactions, exemplifying mindfulness and empathy.

 She is a healer with an uncommon and precious talent for what she does. Every time I talk to Nicola, I feel like I’ve gained a new skill, insight, or emotion that improves my life in a meaningful way. If you are looking for a life coach, therapist, or workshop leader, look no further. Nicola is the best :)”

Sophie Scarr Newman, San Francisco

“So worth it! This was deeply healing, touching and powerful for me. I would love for everyone to experience this important Reconciliation Work between Women and Men. It exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it.”

Florence Schneider, Marin

“Nicola is a great leader and teacher. I took her training ‘Leading Like a Woman’ and knew right away I was going to benefit from what she had to offer. She is a grounded, experienced and knowledgeable facilitator, who crafted a balance of experiential, reflective and connecting activities. I felt safe and supported by her and came away knowing myself on a much deeper level. I continue to use the tools she gave us to strengthen my role as a leader. Based on my experience I would highly recommend any trainings or retreats Nicola has to offer.”

CeCe McNeil, mother of two and headhunter

“Nicola is an amazing leader, who mentors young women with integrity and inspires our hearts to connect with the depth of our purpose. I learnt practical leadership skills, to be centered in my body, connected to my soul and stepped up into leadership with Rising Tide! Yes!”

Vanessa Farayan (22 years), Sebastapol

“Nicola walks her talk. She teaches with such depth and it touches my heart profoundly. She is an exceptional dharma teacher, who makes the teachings easily applicable for daily life. She is real and inspiring.”

Betsy Blessing, SC

Over decades I’ve been with many spiritual teachers and have seen much of the spiritual scene. I can tell you for sure, you have something that is so profound and real that I have not seen with many others at all. Already when you begin to speak in the Satsang, it’s incredibly powerful, the transmission that comes through, it’s a huge wave. I can feel how it affects me in the deepest way, in my being, in my body. I have also seen how you work with people, it is outstanding and so fascinating, because you work with everyone differently, and you are always on the mark. Your level of richness, of all the levels you are including, I have never seen before. The emotional, the somatic, the experience, all of it. Your teaching is so true and gets right to the core. You emanate such a field of love and the teachings are incredibly helpful, and the way you lead and teach has impacted me tremendously. You are a true master and teacher of high caliber. I can tell that you have lived what you are talking, and that is why it is so strong. There are a lot of people who have an awakening, and they think they can teach, but they are not ripe, they are not ready, because they haven’t lived it. And so it has no impact other than some words and concepts. You embody that living wine, so real and utterly authentic, which I really love.”

Gisela Eilinger, Germany

“What a magical retreat this was! What a joy to witness and experience the personal breakthroughs and expressions of love and caring. Shambala Ranch and the surrounding sacred sites of the giant redwoods, the streams, the ocean, cliffs, wild beaches and nature’s creatures joining the party – birds, otters, hawks, turkey vulchers, deer… and even a whale. All so perfect for making a deep connection to nature, self, each other through Nicola’s skillful guidance, relating practices, inspirational talks and satsangs, and her loving presence. Hearts open and love in action flows out into the world.”

Michael Reppy

“This retreat was such an enlightening and refreshing experience. The connection with self, nature and others was so life giving. I am very grateful!”

Breanna Eastman, Los Angeles

“Nicola led a multifaceted retreat, where tears and laughter, grief and joy, anger and passion, separation and connection, oppression and freedom, confusion and clarity are invited to the table as honored guests to share in an exquisite meal. A dance, where each step blends into the other and forms a harmony of movement, creating the alchemy of life. A retreat which allowed distorted mirrors to shatter, and which brought forth new self-expression of truth, compassion, and authenticity. Nicola your dedication, conviction, depth and love created this sacred space for true transformation and awakening. With love and gratitude.”

Catherine Chano, Canada

“I’ve been wanting to write this review for about a long time. Every day I think of it but haven’t been able to find the words. Perhaps this is because there are no words. The words I am about to say will not even come close to expressing how incredible the experience I had with Nicola was and how she truly changed my life. She is the real deal. A truly loving individual that genuinely cares about the wellness of others. She is an angel. With the most gentle and loving approach she enabled me to source and release my deeply rooted and hidden emotional pain. She gave me the tools to fully process emotions, stand up for myself, value myself and most importantly love myself. Like I said these words will never show the magnitude of what she did for me. You will have to find out for yourself. And If you do, i assure you it will be the greatest gift you ever give to yourself.”

Liz O’Connell

“The retreat was inspiring, fresh, deep, heartfelt and full of hope for me. I came with my daughter, and it meant a lot for me. Thank you, Nicola,”

Dee Eastmann, Los Angeles

“My sessions with Nicola have been groundbreaking. She guided me home to myself and my life changed from the inside out in a powerful way. I am so grateful!”

Eleneor Pier, New Zealand, Nurse

“Thank you so much for your powerful presence and divinely guided ceremony on Saturday night! The women each received so much from this, and it came up several times on Sunday. In how they felt impacted, accepted, uncomfortable (in a good way) and even more deeply connected to each other. Exquisite!”

Kim Forcina, Manager at Happy for no Reason, Marin

“I received a deep connection to the Home I have always longed for but could never find. It is here within the depths of my heart and that is what I will take with me and treasure forever. I have been deeply touched and forever changed. Nicola is an extraordinary teacher. She brings the message of Mary Magdalene to life in a way that is relatable, real, and accessible. She is incredibly giving of her time, attention, and her whole being in a way that is both moving and inspiring. She skilfully worked with each of us and met us exactly where we are while moving the whole group in the direction of Truth.

I loved so many things about this retreat.

I loved the connection with these sacred sisters.

I loved the time in nature and in the cave.

I loved the beautiful meals that were so lovingly prepared and abundant.

I loved that we stayed in such comfort and were really looked after and supported.

I loved dancing together.

I loved not knowing what was coming – that unknown allows for an openness and surrender to allow things to reveal themselves.

I loved story time with Nicola.”

Nisha Rao, USA

“I felt afraid, shy, wanted to disappear and felt not good enough. It was an underground stream in my life. It was powerful and I could not deny it. Therapy with Nicola is helping me a lot. I used the practice she taught me in my life: I turned toward what was arising, used the breath, was present and was able to give that part of me what it truly needed. I could connect with the source of love, that which is greater, I could viscerally experience how I am held. Right in that moment I such relief washed through me, I opened, it felt amazing. I felt not alone anymore, so beautiful and embraced by love itself. Incredible how my fears dissolved and I feel connected.”

Adria Dunnington

“Liebe Nicola, das Retreat war eine tiefe Reise zu mir selbst und zwischen mir und meinem Partner. Ich erkenne mich in ihm und ihn in mir selbst. Ich habe nicht gefühlte Anteile an den Strom der Liebe angeschlossen und durch mich durchfließen lassen dürfen. Und ich konnte meinem inneren Mann und Frau tiefer begegnen. In dieser Begegnung fand und findet über das Retreat hinweg Heilung im außen und innen statt. Ich bin so tief dankbar für dein Wirken. Danke danke danke! Darüber hinaus möchte ich dir für das Ritual danken. In mir konnte tiefer Schmerz fühlbar werden und zum ersten Mal konnte ich ihn ganz durchfließen lassen ohne etwas davon festzuhalten. Ich durfte erkennen, dass ich den Mann brauche, um ganz in meiner Kraft zu sein. All das erlebte ist noch immer lebendig in mir.”

Von Herzen Jenny und Richard, Germany, Leipzig

“I attended this retreat without knowing Nicola, I was guided to come to the Mary Magdalene Pilgrimage with her. It surpassed all my expectations. The housing, the food, the teachings, the guidance, the nature and sacred places…My life is transformed, it’s incredible. I feel so grateful.”

Connie Viveros, CA, Coach

“I have felt more in this retreat than in the last five years. I feel open and alive. Thank you, Nicola!”

Onno de Vreede, Holland

“Thank you so much for your wisdom, your grace and presence. The ceremony was beautiful and just perfect. You held the space for over hundred people in a powerful way, there was such a sense of magic and sacredness you brought forth. Many people said it was their most beautiful and memorable wedding ceremony ever. Thank you for the profound work you did with us. I feel I am under a spell, a spell of love, us and you.”

Cece Mc Neil and Mark S.

“The hunger for love is far more difficult to fill than the hunger for bread. Thank you for this immeasurable gift to the table.”

Jerry, the Handyman

“The instant I met Nicola Amadora I knew I wanted her to officiate at my upcoming wedding. She radiates a gentle, joyous accessibility that is authentic and tremendously effective throughout the entire process. The time and care she puts in building relationship with a couple in order to personalize the ceremony makes for a truly special wedding. She is particularly adept and astute at navigating through the inevitable ‘issues’ typical of brides and grooms. The wedding was heartfelt, elegant yet simple and very beautiful. You are safe and well rewarded by entrusting your momentous day to Nicola’s capable heart and hands.”

Teresa and John Azahr.

“My partner recently commented that I have been more loving, vibrant, and confident lately. It’s definitely true; I feel more loving, alive, open, confident and receptive to the world. This has directly to do with being mentored by Nicola. I have been working with her on two things: understanding my gifts and developing the leadership skills to deliver them. In this process, I am continuously moving closer to who I am, what I want and what the world wants out of me. The more fully I am in my gift and power, the greater my capacity for everything: loving, giving, leading, living. The process of growing into and leading from my own centeredness, as a woman, has been an inspiring, elating and soulful journey.”

Sally Neas (25 years old)

“Nicola has an amazing gift with people from all walks of life and her understanding of both humanity and the spiritual is profound. Her presence is full of genuine love and inspiration. Her guided meditations were healing in every way. I look forward to many more of Nicola’s seminars and women’s leadership retreats and the growth they will bring into my life.”

Lauren Murray, Santa Cruz

“I had a transformational experience working with Nicola.  I came to the women’s retreat at the end of my rope, feeling hopeless and was done with teachings or any other healing modality, because nothing would help. I left the retreat with a new sense of purpose, a willingness to keep going and be of service to the world. She gave me faith when I needed it most.”

Joanna Arenstein, Sebastapol

“Nicola is one of the most loving, caring teachers and therapists I have ever met. Her support has been a great help in my life and given me the confidence to trust my own knowing. She has a heart of gold and I would recommend her to anyone!”

Lindi James, Therapist

“My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Amadora and she makes the process really stress free. She handles the male/ female communication aspect easily and is a great professional with heart. We had homework assignments that made sense and were given great tools to live by. My hubby is even saying hey, when are we going in to see Nicola again? That says a lot.”

Siing Sofi M.,Santa Cruz

“I highly recommend this Reconciliation workshop, which was presented with great heart, sensitivity, insight, sharing, ritual and deep healing for women and men. Thank you!”

Michael Reppy, Marin

“Each session with Nicola has been poignant. She helped me to awaken and burdens that have carried my whole life, where healed at the core. Nicola was instrumental to change the relationship with my daughter in a profound way. A solid connection, health and more love has grown between us now. I am deeply grateful for this work and Nicola.”

Alexis S., Therapist, San Jose


“Nicola is an extraordinary feminine leadership facilitator and teacher. And she is a natural, highly gifted and inspiring speaker. She teaches from her heart and offers very powerful relating skills to simply, yet profoundly, connect with people. I gained invaluable skills to lead and relate with more presence and authenticity that I will use both in my personal and professional relationships. After taking the training, it was clear that she is truly an expert in relating and leadership skills and very passionate about her work.  She is a gem and I highly recommend her courses, trainings, retreats and individual therapy sessions.”

Char Longwello, Morgage Consultant.


“This powerful retreat in Sweden was a vivid experience of the magic of Mary Magdalene and the deep feminine way. Nicola gives so much love to her group. Besides wisdom, she brings a beautiful transmission of the teachings of true love of Yeshua & Magdalena, the rebels who brought revolution!”

Inarra Aryane Griffyn, Spiritual Business Coach, Sweden


“My sessions with Nicola have been such a healing and a homecoming journey. Nicola has a beautiful way of holding space. Her genuine loving-kindness allowed me to trust her as a guide. Her somatic approach is so precise. Like a surgeon, she delicately helped me uncover deep deep wounds and memories with mindfully-paced healing and integration. I started working with her when I saw the limitations of energetic and shamanic healing. Nicola is also a great bridger for those who float high up in the unseen realms and helped me integrate spirituality into this human experience. I also received a lot of guidance in my communication skills for better relating. The result is tangible I have more authenticity in my relationships. Thanks to my newfound intimacy with myself and others: I cry more easily than ever which is excellent news. I have softened into more realness and less defensiveness. I am very honored to know Dr. Nicola Amadora and to have received such transformational care.”

Alicia Dunin,


“I am still amazed about the creation and walking the path before us Nicola, so that we as a group of women with such unique and different expressions, were able to be there for the purpose to awaken our divine feminine, heal and open our hearts. The container created energetically and physically allowed me to relax and feel safe to open and be vulnerable, which I could not have done alone and dared to in daily life or elsewhere. The villas, food, housing and structure reflected perfectly the loving, nourishing and caring attitude throughout the retreat. Nicola created and held a sacred space wherever we were in such a loving and intuitive way. She tuned in constantly and directed the energies for the benefit of all. I felt I could be here with what is here now, accept, integrate, feel and be. Not having to change what is here now. The loving field made it easy to explore the most vulnerable and hidden parts of me to be recognised, lovingly accepted and integrated. There is immense gratitude for having this possibility, experience of real love, trust and sisterhood and togetherness which changed my life forever. It feels like a rebirth into the real feminine and learning to be love in action and live it.”

Gisela Eilinger, Germany


“Dr. Nicola Amadora is such an insightful, compassionate, and authentic healer. She helps people to truly and safely experience their emotions, so they can learn those powerful lessons from their experiences and integrate them into their lives. Carefully and clearly, she shows us how to see the opportunities and options that await us, and she supports us to connect to our inner wisdom to determine the best way to proceed. She facilitates an organic unfolding of the process and helps us to truly see how to align ourselves with the life we want. My experiences with her have been transformative and invaluable.”

Juli Mazie, Naturopathic Doctor


“I recently took a training from Nicola on feminine leadership and communication that changed my life. I learned–and had the opportunity to practice–a very effective and enlightening way of relating-which ended up being the key to solving a difficult problem I was having with a client of mine. I was also impressed with how aware and responsive Nicola was to the various individuals within our group–making sure everyone was heard, but still maintaining a good pace throughout. I highly recommend her workshops and trainings!”

Sally Wolfe, Author and Consultant. Santa Cruz


“Each session with Nicola has been poignant. She helped me to awaken and burdens that have carried my whole life, where healed at the core. Nicola was instrumental to change the relationship with my daughter in a profound way. A solid connection, health and more love has grown between us now. I am deeply grateful for this work and Nicola.”

Alexis S., Therapist, San Jose


“Dr. Nicola Amadora is an incredible teacher, coach and mentor for Women’s Leadership. Her training taps into the incredible natural resources women have to become powerful leaders within the community– including the family and workplace. She helps us understand those untapped feminine strengths and how to apply them to practical situations. I left her workshop thoroughly inspired by her and will incorporate the skills she taught us into all aspects of my life. Every woman (and man) will benefit from this workshop, or any professional interaction with Dr. Nicola.”

Linda Crouse, Entrepeuer, Ben Lomond


“Nicola Amadora is the real deal. She led me from death to life.”

Desiree Casidee, Watsonville.


“I am pleased to provide a recommendation for Nicola Amadora, who was my coach over the last year. I worked with Nicola to navigate a very challenging and toxic workplace situation. With her support and guidance, I was able to strengthen my interpersonal skills, regain my confidence and feel more empowered, which allowed me to transition to a new opportunity as well as a new career direction. As I worked with Nicola, I was increasingly able to access my somatic responses and incorporate my commitment to mindfulness practice into our work. I greatly appreciated her compassionate and empathetic approach, her ability to provide challenges, and adaptability. I am grateful to Nicola for helping me overcome a painful and challenging chapter in my personal development. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any organization that would be lucky enough to engage her talents.”

Theresa Stoltzberg, California


“Dr. Nicola Amadora is incredible. She spoke at my women’s group (there was a diverse age group) and she was relatable, helpful, insightful and honest — to all of us. I love the way she breaks things down so easily and gives tips on how to improve communication immediately. I’m still using her techniques and feel so much more present with my family, friends and clients. She doesn’t present canned talks — she talks from her heart and her experience. I learned so much, I can only imagine how much her longer trainings would help me. I can’t wait!”

Kristin Rohan, Socialmedia Consultant, Santa Cruz


“I had the great pleasure of attending one of Nicola’s women’s leadership seminars. It was so refreshing to learn the distinction between how men and women communicate and how using my innate womenly nature can make me a more effective leader. Nicola is dynamic, heartfelt, and inspirational. Your life will have much more joy if you work with Nicola!”

Brooke Taylor, Graphic Designer, CA


“If you ever get the chance to work with Nicola Amadora, I passionately recommend you jump at it with enthusiasm. Her vibrant caring, good sense of humor and strong, clear wisdom are profound gifts to us humans in these times. After training with Nicola, I feel renewed and reset into a deepened connection with myself, with my co-workers and with Nature itself.”

Scott Klingemaier, Department Manager at Harbin


“Working with Nicola is life changing. She has the incredible gift of getting through suffering into the very heart & truth of a person, guiding to freedom. Like a soul ninja, she effortlessly and painlessly cuts through the “story” and teaches us how to allow our light to come shining through. The sessions with Nicola have been an exceptional gift for me that transformed my life, opened my heart and set me free. I cannot say enough what a blessing Nicola is. We are so lucky to have her and this world is brighter because of the beautiful work she does.”

Star Hanson, Organizer, CA


“I’ve been seeing Nicola weekly for about six months and she has helped me transform my life. The very first session we had together I was (uncharacteristically) an emotional mess, sobbing on her couch. I’ve never trusted anyone so quickly and completely; her compassionate nature, wisdom, and strength has given me a lot to lean into. In that session and every one since she has given me tools to work through my pain in ways that no one else has. Nicola is very unique; what she teaches and how she works are completely new to me and I have experienced deep healing since working with her. Her intuition is right on. She always leads me into spaces that are necessary to work through in order to move forward. She keeps me in my body (which has been a challenge; no other therapist has done this with me). This work goes leagues beyond what “talk therapy” has been able to do in my life. She is a master at working through tough emotions and healing what is stored on the somatic (physical) level. I recommend Nicola whole-heartedly for anybody ready to heal and wanting deep and lasting positive change in their life.”

Carrie Burr,Santa Cruz


“The retreat was fantastic. Unbelievable, the transformation that emerged in the whole group and myself. The structure was whole and safe. It was so profound, honest and truly life affirming.”

Annelot Borleff, Holland


“Nicola facilitated this women’s retreat from a place deep in the heart. This infused her teaching with a vulnerability that made the journey so deep and real, and many, including myself, were able to transform in beautiful and meaningful ways. Ways, which none of us had anticipated. She grew a safe space that allowed for this transformation to organically occur, and it helped us to be true to ourselves. It made us all more real, embodied and connected to our essence. Thank you, Nicola.”

Rene Murata, Executive Coach and Business Owner, Italy


“Nicola, you reopened my heart to love, hope and trust. You helped me to reconnect to my source, my essence, to love. By connecting me to the little girl who has been forgotten and lost, I became whole again and through that, I gained confidence, internal strength and faith to make bigger changes in my life. A transformation occurred. I left the job I was not happy doing. I released internal holding patterns of a desperate little girl. I shifted into my true self, into my heart, into a space of love and light. Thank you, Nicola. Your work was a true blessing in my life. I am eternally grateful for the wisdom, truth and love you were able to share with me during our time together. You are more than a counsellor, you are a spiritual mentor and a guide back to the soul. You helped me reconnect with my inner truth. My soul purpose! And I am living a whole new life, what I dreamed of has become reality.”

Eleanor Pier, New Zealand


“The class on ‘Heart of Relating’ was incredibly uplifting. It inspired me and gave me practical insight on how to stay connected to my happiness in relationships.”

Karina Alvarez, Berkeley


“I came into the meditation and relating class with barriers and left feeling more open, grounded, and centered and inspired. Nicola’s flow of teaching is therapeutic, transformational and heart centered. Thank you.”

Annie Jacobsen, Berkeley


“Over my 30 years as a psychotherapist I have attended a lot of training and spiritual groups and I was struck by how Nicola’s integration of her lifelong explorations of contemplative, somatic, psychological, and spiritual work. She practices what she teaches and evokes the same in her students. Throughout the training she was grounded, present, energetic, and both receptive and responsive to what was arising.  Rather than just lecturing, she had us inquire into and speak from our deepest truths and experiences.  It is rare to find teachers who are able to integrate so much and be able to support others into a felt experience of release and resolution. In an exploration she did with each person, I experienced her attunement and skilful guidance to move to a new perspective and have a transformation. She goes beyond left brain understanding to an embodied journey through barriers and into a new opening and experience. Nicola is a gifted teacher and guide who was able to take a group of people who were strangers into a safe, deep, undefended, and healing connection with themselves and the other group members. She fluidly integrated what was arising in the group with experiential explorations, poetry, and meditations. Instead of participants having a passive and conceptual experience it was immediate and integrating of body, mind, spirit, and psyche. The first foundation of mindfulness is to be able to be with the body and what is present. Nicola embodied and taught us ways of awakening through the body and relating through using immediate experience.”

Trisha Rowe, LCSW, Certified AEDP Therapist, Oakland and San Jose, CA


“I am truly so grateful for you and all the healing and love you have helped me to rediscover inside of me. I know how to deal with my feelings now, how to be more centered and my notorious anxiety has dropped away. I am happy!”

Calia Hanson, Social Worker, Santa Cruz



“By opening up to grief I found joy again. Nicola helped me to ride the waves of feelings, instead of being drowned, or resisting or denying them. After only session I feel lifted and content. It made a big difference in my life.”

Heather Merriam, CEO and Principal, Berkeley


“Nicola, you are such a gifted teacher, and it was a privilege to be with you on the retreat. Everyone was at home and welcomed in whatever condition they were in. Your guided meditations were inspired and show your deep integration of very profound spiritual teachings. I am so fortunate to have been present and look forward to learning more from you in the future. Keep up your very important work. You have a gift of transmitting very complicated teachings to a receptive audience in an integratable, accessible, and very warm manner.  Very sincere thanks.”

Fayne, Oakland


“My life before Nicola was all in my head, and I was playing a game of survival with a heavy dependence on antidepressants. It was such a heavy cost, living life like that. My body was screaming for help, and I knew I was getting to a point that I could no longer raise my two little children without the aid of a savior. And that’s when Nicola came into my life. She saved me. She lovingly saw through me and held me in a light to transform. I’ve been living without antidepressants for two years now, my body is healthy and strong, and my family is thriving. When I occasionally trip into old patterns, I don’t linger. I have the tools and the support to come and go when I want. And I am never alone. Nicola’s nurturing voice is in my head, and my heart is resting gently in her hands. I am free and I am loved and I am forever grateful.”

Amber Payet, Santa Cruz, Mother of two.


“I am writing to you because I am so happy and blessed that you helped me so much and now our hard and deep work that you did to me are now brought fruits. Thanks to you I have been able to accomplish so many things in regards to where I want to be. Things I could never do before. It was so amazing to hear my heart speak, and how I gained confidence, how I found the work that I love to do and how it all lined up. I am now fulfilling my calling and it benefits not just me, but all the children I work with. Thank you helping me to come into a new life- one that feels so true. I can’t tell you in words how grateful I am. You changed my life.”

Maria Percadio, Sonoma


“It really doesn’t get any better than Nicola in terms of finding an incredible therapist and life coach. She has so much training and is so wise. I’ve never received better guidance and tools that are applicable to my relationships, emotional intelligence, and life. I have referred her to friends and everyone loves her. She focuses on the core underlying issue instead of on the insignificant details that we often like to obsess over, which is so much more effective! She exudes kindness and empathy while still staying strong and professional. I highly recommend her. She is amazing! Special note: she is fantastic for couples and communicating with men, especially for those who are not comfortable in a typical “therapist” setting.”

Alexis D. San Francisco


“It is with great delight that I read your book, Nothing but Love. It’s such a wonderful book! I have turned it like the Gayan, opening it at random to see what light it sheds on my current inner state. It gives me something real. It is the beautiful feminine voice of Hafiz or Rumi. A gem!”

Naomi Rose, Publisher


“Sometimes you’re so lost and detached you don’t know where you are or how to find yourself.  That was me a few months back before I began working with Nicola.  I was so miserable but didn’t know why or how to fix it.  I was reading all the self-help books, doing yoga, trying to meditate, etc. but nothing was working.  What I learned through my sessions with Nicola is that in order to make change and find happiness, you have to reconnect with the self, which can be really tricky if you don’t realize you’re disconnected!!!!  Nicola helped me find “myself” and my life has radically changed.  Her therapy techniques are unique and incredibly powerful.  They’re a mix of real listening, visualization, emotional healing and spiritual awakening.   I’m so thankful I got connected with Nicola.  I’m HAPPY and I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve truly felt this way.  Of course, it’s always a work in progress but I’m now on the right path.  I can’t recommend her enough; I tell all my friends and family about her.  If any of this resonated with you I encourage you to contact her, it’s life changing.”

Devon C. Yoga Teacher, Encinitas


“Nicola is a very diverse and experienced therapist, leader and teacher. She has helped me in couples therapy, in dealing with grief and loss, and in being a leader in my career. Working with Nicola is unlike anything I imagined therapy to be. What I am present to when I leave a session with her is how much I contribute to people and life around me.

I was introduced to Nicola by my ex-wife for marriage counselling. I only had a few sessions with her and my ex; however, it was in our one-on-one sessions where I started the healing that I had been needing my entire life. That was seven years ago. Since then, she has coached me through the loss of family members, helped me to deal with compulsive behavior and self-doubt, and has guided me through anger management. More recently, she has helped me to realize my potential in my career and to focus on the things most important to me.

During our sessions, I find that we can go very deep and get very quiet and still, very much like meditation. At other times, when needed, we can stay light and happy and simply celebrate the victories, large and small. All across the spectrum, my experience of these sessions is quite profound.”

Andi Ames, Santa Cruz


“I have been working with Nicola for six months after experiencing an extremely traumatizing event. Nicola has shown me great love, warmth and support and has taught me how to develop compassion and love for myself again in the most troubling times. I have been so fortunate to find such a teacher, so wise, gentle and kind, guiding me and enriching my being. Enabling me to enjoy the present moments and truly believe that life’s greatest hardships can be our brightest times to find new meaning and purpose. To say it more personal:  Nicola, you saved my life. You met me in where I was at, with such love. You pulled me out of the dark mud into a beautiful new beginning. My heart opened again, I healed so much, I learnt how to be with my feelings and how to stop going with the spinning wheel of my mind, and be in my body, connect with the joy in life. I found true peace and inspiration. I feel connected with myself, with life and I am so grateful for this tremendous gift. It’s big. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Cassale Scherrif, Tiburon


“Thank you, Nicola, our fearless leader of Project Windhorse, for your inspiration, skill and dedication.”

Christie Michaels, San Rafael


“The Training Power of Connection was inspiring, heart opening. I learnt valuable skills and I experience more love for the places in me that are disconnected, “the refugee’ who is looking for presence and acceptance. I feel more grounded, balanced and loved now. Nicola’s facilitation was excellent, highly skilled and intuitive. We all came away with simple tools for everyday life, and feeling far more connected to ourselves, each other and the Divine- in a real way. Thank you so much!”

Sieglinde Schneider, Nurse Director, San Francisco


“Nicola has this wonderful and unique way of quickly redirecting me past all the worries & distractions of my mind, having me instead focus inward on what’s going on deep within. I end up feeling more connected to my heart, to myself, to what really matters. And what needs feeling, what needs healing, that is what we get to, each and every session. It’s a gift to my heart, this work Nicola provides.” 

Ian Webb, Fitness Trainer, Santa Cruz


“I am very grateful for teaching us how to hug our pain. To embrace it, rather than ignore, suppress or act it out. You showed me how to open my heart, so I can really feel love and know truth. And how to accept myself, just as I am. thank you for this special retreat! Gracias!”

Afra, Sonoma


“I’ve been wanting to write this review for about a long time. Every day I think of it but haven’t been able to find the words. Perhaps this is because there are no words. The words I am about to say will not even come close to expressing how incredible the experience I had with Nicola and how she truly changed my life. She is the real deal. A truly loving individual that genuinely cares about the wellness of others. She is an angel. With the most gentle and loving approach she enabled me to source and release my deeply rooted and hidden emotional pain. She gave me the tools to fully process emotions, stand up for myself, value myself, make healthy choices and most importantly- to love myself. These words will never show the magnitude of what she did for me. You will have to find out for yourself. And if you do, I assure you- it will be the greatest gift you ever give to yourself.”

Liz O’Connolly, Manager, Santa Cruz


“The retreat was truly enlightening, to be able to to reconnect with myself, each other, nature, the divine. The energy and authenticity was inspiring!”

Katie Byram, Martinez


“Das retreat was so magic and transformative. Ganz tief und wundervoll.”

Theresa Quast, Berlin


” Nicola created a safe space for me to express sides of my femininity that I had difficulty standing up for. It was so important to me and I am grateful for the love and acknowledgment I received on this wonderful retreat.”

Maria Löfgren, Sweden


“This was a special Satsang for me. I could open to the deep ocean of silence and rest. And I had such a profound experience in the feminine and masculine ceremony. Thank you very much.”

Leo, Healthfood Store Owner, Andalusia


“We are so appreciative of your expertise, skillfulness, gifts- and most of all – your heart. Thank you for an amazing and special leadership session you provided for our national women chapter leaders group. We will continue to use the practices on how to lead from real connectedness. You made a real difference. Thank you so much!”

Linda Patty, Main Women Chapter Leaders for DFW.


“Our sessions have been infinitely valuable on my journey to understanding myself and my relationship. Thank you so much for your wisdom, insight, and kindness. You have helped me establish a path for myself and I will continue on that path.”

Matt Simpson, Canada


“I learned so much and received so many gifts from this retreat. I learnt about the power of real love, and how to embrace difficulties that life presents to us. It was real deep and beautiful. Thank you, Nicola!”

Jesus Soto, Los Angeles


“Nicola Amadora PhD. was hired to lead a training for our national women chapter leaders of our major non- profit organization ‘Dining for Women’, which funds and supports grassroots projects to support women and girls in developing countries. Her teaching inspired and lifted us. She practiced with us crucial skills to lead in a present, heartfelt, and connected way. We all felt transformed, far more connected, very inspired and more capable to make an even greater impact in the world as women leaders. I highly recommend Nicola to any organization or leaders.”

Clare Campbell, DFW Chapter Leader


“We received great feedback from the participants at your speech and session from the Women Leaders & Business Conference. You were inspirational and gave practical tools too. The information was relevant, delivered clearly, with power, warmth and humor. It was a transformational experience for many. Thank you very much Nicola for making this a wonderful event.”

Annette McGarity, Project Manager for WLForum, Santa Cruz


“I wanted to thank you for your wisdom, warm heart, and grounded way you lead with the retreat, truly creating an honest, authentic space for our group to unfold into. I’ve since been sitting with and working with some of the pieces that were brought up that day, particularly the practices of honoring my edge, dropping into the belly, and speaking with nature on a more consistent basis. I was truly touched by your powerful story and strength of faith in it.”

Lauren Allegra Elio, Los Angeles


“I came exhausted to the Satsang and left with so much energy. It was very inspiring, deeply moving and beautiful.”

Adrian, Orgvia, Spain


“Dr Nicola Amadora is a treasure. As someone who had a lot of psychotherapy in my past, I wish it could have been with her. Dr Nicola quickly and with great compassion help me get past my “story” about what was going on in my life, and into the heart of the matter. Actually, she gave me a very accessible method for entering into my own Heart, and for being truly present for my loved one. The result has been deeper, more effectively supportive and truly loving interactions with this family member.

 Dr Nicolas extensive international training and vast experience is matched only by the depth of presence she brings to her sessions.

Lynda Chaikin, Santa Cruz, CA


“On this amazing retreat I experienced a true healing and union mystica – it was fantastic!”

Anna-Lena Karlsdotter, Sweden


“Usually I live in my head, thinking a lot and feeling frequently stressed, subsequently I am doing more and running faster, which is a vicious cycle. It leaves me empty, overwhelmed, exhausted and anxious. Then I try to fill the hole with things or people, which is only a temporary fix, but does not help in the long run. How many times have I tried to change my job and boyfriend, it never helped ultimately. But Nicola helped me to shift in a major way. By allowing myself to fully feel my feelings and going to the core I come out on the other side- I feel alive, vibrant, clear, connected and happy. I feel stronger and at ease. It’s amazing how it works and I am so grateful! “

Liz Connelly, Manager in Food Marketing


“I always look forward to come to these special sessions with Dr. Amadora. Frequently I arrive stressed and tense, but I always leave open in my heart, focused and clear in my mind and relaxed in my body. I find solutions as a leader that I would have never seen before, because I am connected. It makes a crucial difference.”

Sarah Macey, Owner of Eldercare Company


“I went on a retreat with Nicola this past summer that truly transformed my way of life. Her presence and practices helped me connect more deeply with myself and the spiritual, natural world around me. I have been wanting to explore my spirituality more and more, and this retreat helped me begin this process and helped me to solidify my daily meditation practice as an integral and transformative part of my life. I have worked with Nicola individually and in this group setting and her nurturing, genuine, powerful presence helps focus right to the core of what is going on with people so she can support them in their healing from that more vulnerable, truly connected place. I highly recommend participating in any experience you can with her! She has changed my life and I am so grateful.”

Callia Hansen, Social Worker


“The work we have done together continues to reverberate and inform all of my decisions. You helped me find the true north and the simple TRUTH in life and in our experiences, and I certainly still falter on a daily basis – but thanks to you I can usually eventually find calm in every storm. This is no small gift. Thank you so much Nicola.”

Jen, New York


“Nicola is a very diverse and experienced therapist. She has helped me in couples therapy, in dealing with grief and loss, and in being a leader in my career. Working with Nicola is unlike anything I imagined therapy to be. What I am present to when I leave a session with her is how much I contribute to people and life around me. I was introduced to Nicola by my ex-wife for marriage counselling. I only had a few sessions with her and my ex; however, it was in our one-on-one sessions where I started the healing that I had been needing my entire life. That was seven years ago. Since then, she has coached me through the loss of family members, helped me to deal with compulsive behavior and self doubt, and has guided me through anger management. More recently, she has helped me to realize my potential in my career and to focus on the things most important to me. During our sessions, I find that we can go very deep and get very quiet and still, very much like meditation. At other times, when needed, we can stay light and happy and simply celebrate the victories, large and small. All across the spectrum, my experience of these sessions is quite profound.”

Andy Ames, San Fransisco


“I am seeing profound shifts as I am working with you. Amazing, the breath and depth you have. You are a caliber of a true healer. THANK YOU for all that you do!”

Amy Baldwin


“Nicola has this wonderful and unique way of quickly redirecting me past all the worries & distractions of my mind, having me instead focus inward on what’s going on deep within. I end up feeling more connected to my heart, to myself, to what really matters. And what needs feeling, what needs healing, that is what we get to, each and every session. The work is powerful, effecting my life in a real positive way. It is a gift to my heart, this work Nicola provides.”

Ian Wester


“My granddaughter Alex is 11 years old. Last year her schoolmate friend died suddenly and Alex began having problems. She was daily consumed by intense fear. Her parents were frantic because Alex couldn’t sleep, had panic attacks daily, sleep walked every night, upset the whole family with her screaming and crying. They didn’t know what to do to help her. After her first visit with her therapist Nicola Amadora, Alex was able to sleep at night and stopped sleepwalking. Her panic attacks stopped entirely. Alex feared fire, had near constant visions of her house catching fire and her being trapped. After two sessions with Nicola, instead of panicking, Alex began to check whether there was any real danger when she saw smoke or a match being lit. She is able to face fire and evaluate any possible danger and she lost her intense fear of death. Alex was never the cuddly type, but after working with Nicola, she is softer, allows herself to be hugged and touched to feel safe and grounded, and is kinder at home. Her parents are amazed and delighted by the changes they see in her. After only 4 sessions, Alex is more confident, far less fearful, and happy. She wrote to Nicola: “You will never understand how much you have helped me, so so much. Thank you”. Nicola’s incredible ability to heal my granddaughter is nothing short of magic!”

Nancy Cassell, teacher and grandmother


“After only one session I just feel so happy, lighter as a huge burden has lifted from me. I feel more awake, connected. I eat better, meditate regularly and I communicate much better with my husband. Thanks to you!”

Carly Statsky, Nurse, Santa Cruz


“As a member of the Ecological Conference Planning Committee I offer this wholehearted recommendation for Dr. Nicola Amadora. The 1,500 + attendees of the Eco Farm Conference are a diverse mix of farmers, researchers, retailers, marketers and gardeners. Dr. Nicola Amadora has presented workshops at the premier educational Ecology conference with over 1500 participants two times over the past ten years. Her talks have been focused on connecting and communicating with the intelligence of nature. The attendance at the two workshops Nicola gave were standing room only. The audience was enthusiastic, paying rapt attention at her presentations. I can report this because I was present at each workshop. In reviewing the workshop evaluations afterwards I myself read a number of reviews that raved about Nicola‘s workshops. She is simply a great presenter. I am compelled to give my wholehearted recommendation to include Dr. Nicola Amadora for presentations or workshops she may be a candidate for.”

Ken Foster, Owner of TerraNova


“I am listening to your interview with Rick Archer …LOVE IT! You are very down to earth and inspiring. I usually don’t listen to entire interviews but I couldn’t stop with yours…so deep, inspiring, loving, authentic and refreshing. Thank you!”

Pierre Richard, Canada


“I can’t thank you enough for all of your love, guidance and help thus far. Today we touched my abandonment wound that has been playing out in every area of my life, especially in relationships. My body and my mind were fighting so hard to avoid the subject, avoid the pain. I could feel the rock in my stomach sink deeper as we began to discuss and meet it, and I started to sweat all over. I also noticed my mind trying desperately to run from the trauma. You walked me right through it, with such presence, love and skillfulness, in a way that was profoundly healing. My mind was relieved and at peace. I feel connected and freed. Thank you so much!”

Jessi B. Nurse


“I appreciated very much Nicola’s grounded approach and what she shared about the dance between transcendence and immanence and celebrating our sacred bodies.”

Laura Valenti, Spain


“We came to you with a family deranged. Disconnected from my husband and mother was more than I could bear. My husband and I love each other very much and our children are effected by the way we relate. Nicola, you helped us to find back to each other again. You helped us to heal old wounds and bridge the gaps. The ice melted and we came together again, more real, deep and intimate than ever before. We learnt how to communicate in healthy ways, gaining greater understanding and connection. Our love after 18 years has grown leaps and bounds with these sessions. We now are creating wonderful projects together and Grandma visits us too. Nicola, you helped us to heal and bring us together in ways we could not imagine. You went straight to the heart with us, reached each one in a unique way and brought us together. It means the world to us, thank you!”

Jolla and Jossi, Dance Teachers and Parents of two.


“What Grace you have entered my life. My gratitude is boundless for the myriad of ways you show up…for your own bravery, courage and wisdom that has morphed into this beacon of love and light in form. Each session we explore together, I am continually surprised by the unfolding mystery and the depth of new and visceral insights that emerge. You are supporting me to connect to love in my heart, to feel and heal all the way, to embody truth and live awake in this world. I bow to the very masterful guidance you offer as you shepherd me ” home”- a gift beyond words and measure. May all beings be free.”

Robbyn Paxton-McGuire, Designer from Park City, Utah/ British Columbia, Canada


“I have changed since your retreat and training intensive this last weekend. I was ready, but so afraid. In this safe retreat and group, I connected with myself and others in a real way. The biggest thing is that my heart finally has opened, I could not even feel it before. I feel love. And I learnt to turn toward what I have been running from, even pain or conflicts with others- ait is easier now. I have changed, as I am not as frightened to move forth on this path. The teachings and experiences were beyond powerful and profound. I am using the practices every day now to keep me present. I am happier as I know what that kind of love can do – it can transform a life. You have given me faith. Nicola, I did not know you before this retreat but your spirit, your heart, your love and especially your kindness are what makes you so unique. Please do not stop what you are doing. You are truly a blessing.”

Monica Alvarez, Santa Cruz


“Nicola’s gentle yet firm guidance got me to a place I was not able to get to on my own. I came to her in a state of emotional desperation, unable to function in romantic partnerships or see any kind of hope for the end of the suffering that seemed to continue with every new relationship. In dealing with my addictions from the ground up, we worked together to change my perspective completely. I no longer want to seek out relationships and “band aids” to numb the pain. I learned to heal my pain from the inside, by tending to the wounded girl inside, and in a short time I have already felt the emotional and spiritual freedom of doing so. I don’t have to rely on outside sources with the tools Nicola has given me. For this I am forever grateful.”

Samantha Gennuso, LA


“Liebe Nicola, ich möchte mich ganz herzlich für das Retreat bedanken. Es hat wieder so viel in mir bewirkt. Essenzielle Fragen, die ich seit Ewigkeiten in mir trage gelöst, mir die nächsten Schritte für meinen weiteren Weg aufgezeigt, mich mit meinem Innersten verbunden, meine Freude und Glückseligkeit ausgebuddelt, die gerade jeden Tag mehr entfacht wird. Ich bin nun dabei Frieden auf allen Ebenen zu schaffen, in meiner Beziehung zu meinem Partner, mit mir, mit der Welt und bin einfach nur berührt und dankbar. Ich spüre wie ich gerade die Früchte der jahrelangen Arbeit, die ich innerlich gemacht habe, ernten darf. Und wie viel besser ich nun mit meinen Gefühlen, mit meinen Dramen umgehen kann, wie viel besser ich die Wellen reiten kann. Wie ich anfange mein wahrhaftiges Selbst, mein Licht, mein Wesen, die heilige Mütterlichkeit nach außen tragen kann. Ich bin zutiefst dankbar, das kann ich immer nur wiederholen! Und ich bin erstaunt, dass dies gerade alles passiert, wo es im außen so heftig zugeht. Und umso mehr dankbar! Danke, danke, danke, du hast mir die Inspiration, Hilfe un Leitung für all das gegeben und das mit angestoßen!!!”

Herzlichst, Mirjam Schmitzer


“Amazing, you are a miracle worker. We received outstanding results in only a few sessions. And our relationship has grown and deepened in intimacy and my anxiety is gone. Thank you!”

Robin and Paul


“I had the unexpected and unique opportunity to attend Nicola Amadora’s workshop on Leadership and Sacred Activism twice in a period of 2 months.  The first was a full day workshop with (mostly) adults and my 2 children aged 14 and 11.  The second was a 2-hour workshop with (mostly) kids who are budding activists in the world of ocean conservation and the parents of those kids. What stands out for me is that Nicola is able to help groups understand and connect with each other – despite the very different nature of each group.  We were able to learn things about each other – that we had not known over months of working together on projects.  And the sharing happened in an atmosphere of respect and caring. Understanding your team members and their motivation and differences while we all work towards a common goal – whether its activism or a corporate project – only makes us more cohesive as a team. Nicola brings an ability to help the group get to a place of comfort and ease which fosters connection.  This was especially incredible for me to watch as I saw that happen with 2 groups of different ages, experiences and cultural compositions.  I saw veteran activists who had been involved with their causes for more than 2 decades as well as novices (such as myself) be able to share, learn and connect in meaningful ways.   I saw the same interactions happen with the group of kids – as they sat next to adults and kids – be able to share with a sense of ease of comfort. This was particularly important as this ease gave the courage for group members – to share their life experiences that were very different from the group due to cultural and/or socio- economic factors. Personally, it was a moment when I realized I learned more about my team members in those 2 hours than I had over months of working with them. Nicola was able to guide our 2 groups through the various exercises while bringing a sense of humor and compassion. This was an incredibly crucial part of the experience – that we were able to talk and share about very pressing issues without feeling an incredible sense of overwhelm that paralyzed us.  Yet, at the same time we had the safe space to process the emotions that arose – anger, frustration, sadness, and impotence – as we shared our experiences in ocean conservation and human rights violations. I believe that what Nicola brings is extremely valuable in a world where we work faster to accomplish things in shorter periods of time.  This pace to complete tasks takes away the time and effort to connect with each other and Nicola’s exercises offered a window to enable that connection. The simplicity of the exercises made them extremely accessible to all of us but the learnings and connection it enabled was truly invaluable”

T.C. Mother of two and leader of Voices of the Ocean.


“My absent father story and the subsequent abondenment wound healed in our sessions. I feel free. I can feel all my feelings without running away or repressing them. I am so much more capable and available for relationships and in life.”

Jessi Ray, Nurse, Santa Cruz


“My husband and I came to see Nicola for a marriage tune up and to resolve a few issues we were dealing with.  What we have experienced is the deepening and broadening of our communication as a we have learned new pathways to share and listen. Nicola is very professional and doesn’t take sides. She stands the middle ground bringing you together as a couple. Her open heart and compassion for the pain that may be in your heart allows you the safety to express your most personal wounds and find the best route to healing.  We look forward to our sessions with her and the new skills we will learn. Because of our work with Nicola, we are more capable or understanding each others personal worlds and serving our partners emotional needs and that makes everyday together sweeter.”

Rebecca and Hank Dye, Landscape Design Architects.


“This fantastic retreat brought me back home and I am feeling so connected, clear, and GRATEFUL! Thank you for all of your love and care. You are such a blessing in my life”

Amy Baldwin, Educator


“Nicola is fantastic, a master in integrating spirituality and healing core wounds in a real and grounded way. It changed me from the inside out and transformed my life in a profound way.”

George Mikki, Architect and Artist, USA


“I have been in the field of personal development for almost forty years and I honestly want to say that what happened at the Satsang with Nicola Amadora was such a beautiful healing experience I will never forget it. Nicola led the group of fifty people to a deep connection with their inner feminine and masculine. Nicola guided us into authentic connection to each other and we melted in the strength of difference and similarity. Thank you, Nicola, for your humility in the presence of your power and strength. Commendable and awesome. I am feeling humbled. It was awesome and brings hope that the war between the genders across the world can be healed.”

Glynis Judge, Spain


“I suffered my whole life with this sense of worthlessness, anxiety and codependent behavior and within a few sessions with Nicola Amadora I experience amazing results and real life changes.”

Heather Protea, Acupuncturist, Marin


“This woman has touched the hem of God. Follow her to your own exquisite and authentic self with joy and laughter all the way through into the light. She ignites and inspires greatness!”

Yamini Redwill, Author and Coach, Marin


“The Satsang was really wonderful. I was not prepared for the immense impact it had on me. The opening and subsequent release of emotions was easier for me to surrender to than I would have thought possible. It was fascinating how Nicola engages all the diverse people. I was not prepared for the immense impact this satsang and retreat with Nicola had on me. I highly recommend her.”

Jane Jones, Swansea, Wales, UK


“The Women’s Leadership Training was amazing. I feel more embodied, present, empowered and inspired as a woman leader in the world. I gained invaluable skills such as transparent communication, how to deal with challenges constructively and to grow real connection among my team. It helped me to be able to speak my voice and step forth courageously as a leader. I highly recommend these excellent leadership trainings with Nicola Amadora.“

Joana Golio, Company Lead.


“Working with Nicola over time has allowed me to build a reservoir of emotional, psychological and spiritual resources that I can carry with me. She has helped me to begin repairing the ground of my own being, so that in times of stress or crisis I no longer find myself sinking into an abyss of helplessness. Nicola has been one of a few pivotal figures that have been able to offer me entrance back into my own life”

Maggie Hipmann, Madison, USA


“You have deeply touched my heart and awakened such a quiet..yet joyful.. love within me.  I thank you.”

Ceill Keloog, California


“The work I have done with Nicola over the past three years has been some of the most meaningful work of my life. She has a gift of finding and seeing where people really are. I am so grateful for her loving, careful attention as she led me along the path of self discovery and self acceptance. My anxieties have subsided, I can freely engage in the world and feel present and connected. I have the skills to establish connection with all my relationships, at work and at home. That is what I wanted and I received so much more. Nicola helped me to discover my own life’s purpose and put it into action, to gain crucial skills and to grow into the kind of leader I always wanted to be. I am very grateful.”

Bobby Scarenewman, Manager San Francisco


“Thank you, Nicola for sharing your joy, depth, wisdom, care and your love. And thank you for your gift to bring me into a deeper connection with my own heart. I experience Nicola’s presence as a light that literally enlightens the heart. A light that shines on All. It unveiled a love in me that I had forgotten, and it shone light on the shadow and pain that caused so many problems in my life because I couldn’t find the way to meet it wholeheartedly. She gave me with her loving presence the opportunity to meet it and I’m so grateful for that! A huge liberation, a second chance in life is what I feel now. Her guidance flows from her own direct life experiences and that makes her for me trustworthy. Her transmission is powerful and she is loving and genuine. I highly recommend her as leader, spiritual teacher and trainer. It’s a blessing to meet her! “

Kim Roswitha, Founder of Wisdom with Horses, Spain


“I did coaching and mindfulness training with Nicola Amadora. My boss and colleagues at work told me how remarkable and obvious the change is. Before I would stress out easily, now I don’t. I can navigate my emotions freely, instead of suppressing them or being taken over. I learned to communicate far better and now my relationships are far more satisfying.”

Elisa Sims, Half Moon Bay, CA


“Every time I attend a teaching, retreat, or individual session with Nicola Amadora, I walk out feeling like I got exactly what I needed- many times without even knowing what I needed when I began. Nicola has the uncanny ability and intuition to quickly get to what is going on at the core of someone and then simply, beautifully and powerfully guides through the transformation that needs to happen. She is incredibly attuned and attentive to each person’s individual needs and the needs and direction of the group as a whole. Every retreat with her, I leave having gotten even more than I had hoped for at the start. I received so many tools, experiences and ways to apply them with my clients. It is already making a difference. And I have grown so much through this training. Please give yourself the best gift- give yourself what you need- and sign up for a retreat, talk, teaching, individual session, or whatever she is offering- my heart feels so joyful knowing the deep love, connectedness, and transformation you will experience! There are many spiritual teachers and helpers out there, and, quite honestly, a lot feels like B.S. to me. It is unfortunately rare to find a teacher, leader and healer who truly walks the talk and practices the teachings and wisdom that they share with others day in and day out. Nicola is one of these rare and invaluable teachers.”

Kaliea Hansen, Social Worker, San Francsico

“This was the most powerful retreat I ever attended. Nicola’s facilitation was masterful, she held the container with such skill and love, fierceness, embodied wisdom and compassion. It was astounding for me over and over to witness, feel and participate in.”

R.Paxton, Salt Lake City


“You will find Nicola Amadora in the place where heaven and earth meet. With great intuitive skill, Nicola was able to give us invaluable training at the same time as a deep, personal experience of transformation and hold all of this with her wonderful, balanced being which is both spiritual and human.  We laughed a great deal too!”

Sarah Hamilton, Sufi Teacher and Psychotherapist


“Like a fine tapestry, Nicola weaves together many different threads. The most important for me was gaining deep experiential and theoretical knowledge of a spiritual path, and how to integrate this into life.  I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to lead others into a knowledge of themselves. My time with her was a joyful and heart opening experience.”

Kim Paumier, Retreat Leader


“Before I knew of Nicola’s credentials and her extensive experience, I was drawn to her powerful and loving presence. I understood from our first conversation that she was a true professional who maintains the highest standard of integrity in her work. In our healing work together, Nicola has a way of meeting me exactly where I am ready to transform and stewarding me through the difficult emotions that arise in the process. She holds a safe and sacred place for me to discover and heal past trauma. Together we go directly to the core of the issues and I experience how old knots unravel with ease. Nicola is loving, honest, courageous, fierce and wise all at the same time. She effectively models the qualities that she is dedicated to transmitting. She draws from a rich array of first-hand experiences, skills, research and tools to apply just the right therapy for me in any given moment. Working with her has really made such a powerful and lasting positive impact on my life and I know the benefits will continue to unfold for years to come.”

Lucia Comnes, Rome, Italy


“This retreat called me since I first saw the offering. I was bold and answered the calling. I am grateful beyond words that I took the leap with faith. This week together has confirmed my deepest longing, empowered my being and singing my soul home. I am in love with life. Nicola held a container that I needed to feel safe to let the feminine unleash in me. I felt so deeply embraced by Nicola, the women, and Her. It was an experience of a life time and it is forever alive in me and my walk in the world. I can help people so much more and feel so guided and connected. Thank you, Nicola. Through your hand I found my place and home!”

Maura Furness, CA


“Nicola embodies the famous phrase that love is stronger than fear. Her example, every moment of the day in this weeklong retreat- even under extremely challenging circumstances – has proven to me the possibility and the promise of such conviction. It is contagious! I am inspired! She carries such a vibrant torch that you can’t help but catch on fire. Standing beside her I burn with true desire to live from a place of fierce compassion and love in action. Nicola’s commitment, dedication and selflessness are palpable and humbling. It has been an honor to walk beside her in nature and the inner terrain of our true nature. Nicola carries the map in her heart and is a blessed guide.Thank you Nicola. You are a treasured teacher and soul companion in this life for me.”

Melissa Mahar, Oregon


“What a beautiful and powerful retreat. It was very nourishing for my soul. I was able to drop into my heart with ease thanks to many meditation segments throughout the day. The partner intimacy exercises helped us have an open heart, actively listen, and witness what is happening now in ourselves or the other person with compassion. We were able to go into nature and tune into the field with the same quality of heart and received much guidance from it. From that same grounded place we greeted Magic the horse. Magic was very calm and loving to all of us strangers. This was also healing for me. The practices allowed me to come home and feel safe to be more vulnerable, be seen fully by my life partner. It was a wonderful deepening in our couple’s intimacy and transformational for my life.”

Alicia Dunin, Oakland


“I remain so extremely grateful to you for the support you’ve been for me, the ways in which you helped me connect to my heart and my love for myself, and the skills you taught me for navigating my darkest places and my emotional life. You’ve have been and continue to be an incredible teacher for me. How lucky I am to have connected with you!”

Molly Green, California


During these last 10 months that I’ve trained with Nicola, many of the scattered, splintered, contradictory parts of my life have started to powerfully come together in a truer, more aligned, more whole, and freer expression of “me”. Nicola has a unique ability to attune to these parts that I’ve haven’t really known how to navigate until now. Her generous guidance and on-point precision have helped me to tap into the juice of my essence, and root in it, and keep rooting in it — something previously foreign to me, since I was so afraid of myself and the powerful forces I felt inside of me. I experience this work with Nicola as having a cumulative effect as if laying a foundation, stone by stone by stone. The immense support of our work together has enables me to keep saying YES to my sacred path, and every next step it is asking of me. How rare it is to be with a human being who understands the depth of both my wounds and my purpose, and who is there to help me sharpen the Wisdom that MUST come with the Love that I want to give to the world, to all my relationships, and to myself. I feel supremely blessed to receive these transmissions from Nicola, especially during the turbulence, intensity, uncertainty, and the call to transformation of these last 3 months. With love and gratitude.”

Pamela Yap, Acupuncturist, New York


“Your great heart and deep wisdom brings me into a truly loving connection with life. You helped me to abide in truth amidst the impermanence in the world.”

Michael Hall, CA


“The retreat was extraordinary. It was fabulous for me and I so appreciate your advice about my daughter and the opportunity to be in your presence, to experience Magic, the beautiful forest trees and stream. You’re amazing!”

Yamini Redewill, Author, CA


“Nicola is a compassionate and skilled companion guide. She leads with heart, discerns with wisdom, and creates a space of profound empowerment. If you are ready to live your soul’s calling, and if you are looking to get unstuck or let loose of what is holding you back, this retreat is for you. This retreat far surpassed my expectations. The community of women, the leadership of Nicola, the power of the caves, the depth of the sharing – all this came together in synchronicity to elicit life-altering insights and courage! I arrived in France ready to ‘Let what wants to happen, happen’ and what wanted to happen was a miracle of love. It’s been weeks since my return, and the transformation is lasting. I have access to the Divine Feminine in ways I only dreamed of in the past. If you feel Mary Magdalene and the Feminine calling you, by all means open yourself to this opportunity.”

Joy Taylor, Author of Inspired and Business Coach


“You are such a fantastic teacher and I received so much from you. What you taught me was also so concrete and I could apply it in my work. It turned my situation around and enabled me to communicate and relate in a far better way before.”

Kat Nedreswaki


“Thank you, Nicola, for leading the way on this beautiful retreat. Your approach to spirituality feels so alive and true. Infinitely vulnerable and infinitely strong at the same time.”

With love and gratitude, Gordon from Sweden.


“I came on this retreat to open more deeply to the divine feminine and to find clarity about my path. I was also exhausted by the burdens and busyness of my life. I was seeking solace and renewal. What I found on this retreat and Nicola’s devotional, graceful, enlivened presence was a bountiful treasure-trove of love, incredible connection to the life force of the feminine. Guided by your embodiment of truth and love, I was able to safely explore and heal the darkest recesses of my soul and body and find a way to a miraculous sense of abundance, joy, grace and love that I feel changed from the inside out. I am returning back to the UK with a deep sense of renewal, transformation and gratitude for the gifts I have received from you Nicola and this extraordinary group of women, who brimmed with authentic, loving presence, orchestrated by Her through you. My deepest gratitude and love. I feel blessed.”

M.M. Serena Joy, Psychotherapist, England


“There are no words beautiful enough that can describe your influence in my life. I am eternally grateful for your loving guidance.”

Miroslav Maklenov, Canada


“Dr. Amadora really helped me and my wife with her teaching. We’ve been together for 11 years and were dealing with stress and communication issues this past month due to covid anxiety and miscommunication.  We listened to this episode together Saturday night and both cried and agreed about everything that was said. For three days in a row we had amazing sex and feel closer than ever.  Thank you and Dr Amadora for making this episode on Igniting true Connection.  I found it at just the time when I needed it and it probably saved us from separation.”

Sincerely, Mr and Mrs M.


“Nicola is incredibly direct and highly intuitive. During the retreat she offered pointers with profound sensitivity and clarity, which created such a powerful presence, where anything became possible for all of us.”

Leonie, Yoga teacher in Spain


“I appreciate your presence, holding the space to welcome and allow everything to come to the light.”

Stella, Spain


This retreat was just beautiful, full of deep connection with each other, nature, spirit, and ourselves. Nicola created a very safe container for people to let go into greater depth, and she was finely attuned to each person’s process. Through guided meditations and practices, she led the group into such deep presence and resonance. It was profound. Nicola embodies an incredible combination of profound love and powerful energy that is both catalytic and highly inspirational. By the end of the retreat, I felt more fully connected and also lit up with a powerful call to my next level of purposeful work in the world. I could also sense that each person in the group received something very special. I so appreciate and respect Nicola and I am very grateful.”

Sherri Lassila, Women’s Leader and Executive coach, Palo Alto, California


“I deeply honor the work with Nicola. The field she created in the group and the playful exercises felt like a very safe vessel to dive deeply into truth, our feelings and meet each other honestly, lovingly and curiously. My heart opened and through curiosity I discovered a new way, so real and alive, for relating with others. With Nicola this discovery was really juicy.”

Maria, Germany


“Liebe Nicola, ich möchte dir Danke sagen für dein Wirken es wirkt immer noch. Der Weg des Femininen/ das Enlifement ist ein Weg den ich erstmalig seit diesem Retreat als Heilweg/Heimweg tief in mir spüren kann. Ich bin dir sehr dankbar!”

Felice Pfeiffer, Leipzig


“Nicola is a woman with a huge heart and the wisdom to carry people forward on their spiritual path. Her teachings are deep and meaningful.  I participated in her spiritual group, which was a safe space with people who were so supportive and loving. This made it easy for me to blossom.  If you are looking for grounded spiritual work, with someone effective that you can trust Nicola’s guidance and teachings.”

Paula Lenz Kerr, Executive Coach, Idaho


“Nicola holds a sacred yet relatable space here for us, to grow and deepen our spiritual journey and embodied practice, both together as a bonded sangha and also individually in our hearts. Thank you for your teachings, Nicola”

Erin Moore, MA, HHC, California


“Your teachings are powerful and they touch me to the core. Thank you, Nicola!”

Katie Chase, Halfmoon Bay, USA


“The SHE RISES retreat with Nicola was a very special experience. Nicola is a warm, but also fierce advocate of love. I experienced that without even realizing, she leads to knowledge and insights that are life-altering. I truly recommend this retreat to every woman who’s on her way of finding and deepening her own path and role in life.”

Lisa Doehring, Germany


“Es ist so wundervoll zu sehen und zu erleben wie weit du auf deinem Weg gekommen bist und mit welcher Klarheit, Hingabe und Liebe die du uns mitgeteilt hast. Deine Weisheiten hoeren sich nicht wie Lehrreden an, sondern die Wahrheit spricht durch dich. Das Retreat war total magisch! Danke Nicola!”

Translated into english:

“It is so wonderful to see and experience where you abide and the clarity, devotion and love that you have shared with us. Your wisdom and teachings do not sound like empty words and lectures, but rather the truth is speaking through you! The retreat was totally magical. Thank you, Nicola.”

Theresa Quast, Berlin, Germany


“Thank you so much Nicola for your love, generosity and dedication on the path of true love. You taught and guided so amazing and created a container where I could totally be myself and feel loved. This week has given me a new birth- enlivenment and the capacity to feel, stand and live from truth. I am so deeply grateful for your very real transmission of Mary Magdalene. This retreat was such a great gift and life changer for me. I feel in my heart that I am a torch bearer of her!”

Lina Swenson, Sweden


“The retreat with Nicola brought incredible healing, powerful experiences, and new knowledge for me that I could implement in my life. It still nurtures me.”

Lehnert Sophie Germany


“It is beautiful to experience how Nicola guides to access the inspiration and life force available to each of us. She radiates that very presence and responds from a deep well of compassion that flows from her very being and is inside each of us, which she directs us to connect to again and again. She is so connected to the radiant power of stillness and presence that to encounter her is to plug into the heart of aliveness, presence, and compassion and to drop deeply into the love that holds us and infuses all of our lives.”

Anna Mcgovern, England


“Das Retreat fing für mich harmlos und harmonisch an, angenehm eingebettet in deine Übungen, Geschichten und Meditationen.Bald wurde klar, dass hinter dem Sichtbaren tiefe Prozesse angetriggert wurden. Ich habe den Kontakt zu meinem inneren Kind wiedergefunden und bin auch mit meinem tiefen Herzschmerz in Berührung gekommen, um ihn ganz zu heilen….“

Kerstin K., Germany


“For all who come after me, know that you will experience a depth at the Mary Magdalene retreat that is impossible to recreate elsewhere. I have walked through truly magical forests. The land here is saturated with the flavor of Mary. The birds sing her songs, the wind carries her love to me. In the cave I experienced a transmission that changed this life forever. Mary is alive. Her love and teachings permeated my heart as I kept opening ever deeper. Nicola is a mystic, ecstatic and at the same time grounded, who embodies the teachings. She created a safe environment, where I could relax into and open in ways I never have and experience real and profound love…Before I came to the retreat, I not experienced Mary Magdalene’s presence or the feminine, so a lot has happened in this week. Nicola presents her message as not exclusive but one that includes all the paths of love and the way of the feminine. Humongous appreciation.”

Robyn Paxton, Seattle


“Wow, it was amazing. The retreat was like a glimpse into paradise, and I am so grateful. Der heavens opened and all that is not true fell away. How it really should be. It caused a major shift in me. All is different now and it feels so good.”

Marlene Wolf, Germany


“Nicola, habe vielen lieben Dank. Ich spüre wirklich, dass was du lehrst sehr tief geht und es hat mir etwas lang gesuchtes gegeben. Kristine Lass, Germany

Was kann sich sagen zu der Arbeit dieser einzigartigen Frau? Von allen Therapeuten, Coaches und Seminarleitern mit denen ich über die letzten Jahre gearbeitet habe, ist Nicola Amadora diejenige, die mich am direktesten, am liebevollsten zu mir zurück nach Hause bringt. Und auf dem Weg nach Hause mich so präzise und fein leitet und all die verletzten, vernachlässigten Anteile meiner Persönlichkeit in Anerkennung und Liebe umarmt. Nicola’s Arbeit ist sehr direkt, ohne Härte oder Wertung. Sie schafft einen Raum, indem ich mich wirklich gesehen und gefühlt fühle, gewürdigt und sicher. Sie ist klar im Führen, ohne dabei dominant oder besonders sein zu müssen. Ihre wirklich gelebte  Menschlichkeit berührt mich tief und lässt mich staunend erleben, was Erwachen wirklich bedeutet.”

Claudia Neubert, Coach, Frauenleiterin, Leipzig


English Translation: “What can I say about the work with this exceptional woman? Of all the therapists, coaches, and teachers with whom I have ever worked, Nicola Amadora is the one who guided me home in the most direct and loving way. She led me so refined and precise and embraced with honor and love the hurt and the lost parts of my personality. In her presence, I am seen and felt, cherished, and safe. She is clear and strong in her guidance without dominance or pretence. Her lived humanity touches me deeply and I am amazed to experience what awakening really is.” 

Claudia Neubert, Coach, Women’s Leader, Leipzig


“Ich konnte den Frauenkreis von Nicola gut nehmen. Ihre bildhafte Sprache hat für mich einen völlig neuen Zugang zur weiblichen Kraft geschaffen und in mir hat es während der letzten Woche stark gearbeitet ohne dass ich das immer gleich im Frauenkreis selbst bewusst gemerkt habe. Da ist auch viel zwischen den Sitzungen passiert. Ich bin sicher beeindruckt von Nicolas Präsenz und ich spüre so viel Wärme und fühle mich sehr angenommen in ihren Kreisen. Danke!”

Anna Marks


“I experienced a total transformation with a relationship issue I had carried for years. In one session Nicola took me to the core and it shifted. Like magic. My relationship is changed and I am too. Thank you!”

Nickee S. Psychotherapist


“Die Kraft deiner Präsenz und die Strahlkraft deines FrauSeins ist für mich in jeder Sitzung deutlich spürbar und eine große Inspiration. Es fühlt sich so an als lernt mein System dadurch in der Tiefe was es bedeutet sich sicher zu fühlen, mich in mir zu verankern und in den Bauch & Gebärraum wirklich anzukommen, Lebendigkeit in mir zuzulassen und die Kraft des Weiblichen zu erforschen. Diesen kostbaren Raum, den du dabei online eröffnest und hälst ist ein wahres Geschenk. Danke dir von Herzen dafür!”

Elena Koch, Ayurveda Massage- und Körpertherepeutin, Deutschland


“Wurzeln schlagen in der Wahrheit. Diesen Satt hast du beim Retreat gesaet und ich habe es aufgesaugt wie mein Wasser fuer mein Leben und meine Nahrung, meine Heilung. Auf jeden Fall trage ich die Zeit als so wertvolle Wahrheit in mir.Dadurch konnte ich anfangen den Baum zu wurzeln, mehr und noch mehr. Auch wenn das wirklich beängstigend ist, habe ich eine Vision von der Wahrheit. Und wie wichtig es ist, dass wir zusammen und alle dieser Wahrheit den Boden geben. Nur so leben wir. Liebe Nicola ich danke dir von Herzen.”

Julia Wedekind, Leipzig


“Ich fließe gerade über vor Fülle und Dankbarkeit. Und ich möchte gern konkreten Dank und damit auch klare Empfehlung aussprechen. In dem online Frauen Kurs mit Nicola Amadora durfte ich eine menschliche und spirituelle Tiefe erfahren, die wirklich ein sehr seltenes Juwel in dieser Welt ist. Mit solcher Weisheit, Feuer und Erdung ist sie mit den Frauen da. Mich sehend, alle so sehr sehend. Ich erlebte über den Winter und Frühling im letzten Jahr ein Ankommen in mir und der Fähigkeit, überhaupt Verbundenheit zu einer Gruppe von Menschen zu empfinden ohne innere Abspaltung. Danke Nicola!”

Katharina Guhlmann, Leipzig


“Ich fand den Onlinekurs super. Ich war gespannt wie es sein würde, solche emotionale Themen und auch die Meditationen online in einer Gruppe zu erleben und war sehr positiv überrascht, wie gut man sich auch online verbinden kann und wie tief die Themen wirken. Ich durfte durch diesen Kurs erfahren, welche Wege es gibt zur weiblichen Kraft zu finden. Dabei halfen die Meditationen, das Teaching und die Sharing Sessions sehr. Ich spüre, dass sehr viel in Bewegung kommt und ein Prozess angestoßen ist. Es kommen viele Themen und Gefühle auf und der Inhalt der Teachings und die Meditationen zeigen mir einen Weg, wie ich liebevoll, mutig und neugierig damit umgehen kann.”

Mirjam Schmötzer, Deutschland


“Ich habe durch den Kurs gemerkt was mein wahrer Wert ist und ein tiefes Muster aufgebrochen und angeschaut. Ich kann Liebe auf mehreren Ebenen besser zulassen. Ich hatte immer das Gefühl ich muss erst was tun, beweisen, kämpfen und leiden und dann wenn ich nicht mehr kann dann bin ich es wert zu empfangen. zu sein. Ich habe verstanden, dass allein durch mein sein ich es wert bin Liebe zu empfangen. Bei den Übungen bin ich sofort ich eine Haltung gegangen wer greift mich an?? Wenn eine andere Frau mir einfach Liebe geschenkt hat… Mein ganzes System hat geschrien aber ich habe doch noch gar nicht gelitten, die Reihenfolge stimmt nicht. Ich kann es jetzt alles viel mehr genießen, mich, andere Menschen und mein Leben!! Danke von Herzen!!”

Carolin Eickhoff, Trainerin für positive Ernährung & ganzheitliche Veränderung,Deutschland


“Gestern endete unser Kurs ‘She Rises’. So viel durfte sich zeigen, geboren werden, seinen Platz finden. Es hat sich so viel bewegt, deutlich zu spüren in mir und auch in den anderen Frauen. Da war so viel Lebendigkeit, Tiefe und Befreiung dadrin, dass so bereichernd war und wichtiges in mir erweckt und verwandelt hat. Ich wertschätze dich Nicola für diese wertvollen Kurs! Danke für deine Hingabe und deine Liebe.”

Marlene Wolf, Deutschland


“Ich bin sehr dankbar, dass ich an diesem Frauen Kurs teilnehmen konnte. Deine Worte und deine Präsenz inspirieren mich und entfachen ein Feuer tiefer zu tauchen. Deine Präsenz hat etwas Magisches und Heilsames. Ich danke dir dafür! Herzlichst.”

Claudia Lutz, Germany


“The retreat with Nicola Amadora was absolutely incredible, wonderful, and life-changing!”

Angelique Ohlin, Sweden


“Für mich waren in diesen Wochen die Donnerstage immer Tage, wo ich wusste, ich kann mich abends fallenlassen und werde berührt und gelöst aus ihnen herausgehen. Neben den vielen Erkenntnissen über meine Weiblichkeit, meine Kraft und was da noch alles im Dunklen ist und sein darf, hat Nicola Amadora mir eine Sprache gezeigt, in der ich einen besseren Zugang zu meinen Gefühlen finde. Und sie hat mir die Kraft gezeigt, die es bedeutet, sich gegenseitig bedingungslos anzunehmen – über einfache Worte und auch wenn man sich vorher nicht kennt und nur über einen eigentlich entfremdenden Bildschirm verbunden ist. Danke”

Margarete, Deutschland


“Ich möchte euch als Gruppe und Dir Nicola Amadora hiermit nochmal meinen tiefsten Dank aussprechen. Der She Rises online Frauenkurs hat mich sehr lange ganz tief begleitet und meine Weibliche Essenz mehr und mehr wachgeküsst. Dieses Gefühl begleitet mich noch immer, doch ich merke, dass ich mich noch viel zu oft im Tun verliere anstatt einfach nur Da zu Sein. Dafür nehme ich mir bewusst Auszeiten, in denen ich bewusst ins spüren und fühlen komme. Danke für die Inspirationen, die wertvollen Lehren und Praktiken, das Halten des Raumes und die bedingungslose Liebe, die geflossen ist.”

Nicole Lamla, Leipzig


“Zum Zeitpunkt des online Frauenkreis mit Nicola bin ich gerade im 7. Monat schwanger und fühle mich unausweichlich mit meiner weiblichen Aufgabe in dieser Welt konfrontiert und spüre, dass es bis zur Geburt des Kindes unbedingt noch Stärkung und Unterstützung meiner Verbindung zu dieser Ur-Kraft braucht. Ich habe mit Nicola und den anderen Frauen über 5 Wochen eine Tiefe und eine Nähe erfahren, die ich mir vorher bei einem Online-Kurs nicht hätte vorstellen können. Was ich für mich mitnehme ist so etwas wie eine Antwort auf eine Frage, die ich schon als kleines Mädchen an das Leben gestellt habe. Es ist vor allem Sicherheit. Eine Sicherheit, mit der ich in jede Tiefe des Lebens hinabsteigen kann und dort genau in der Verletzlichkeit viel Lebendigkeit finde. So begegne ich Leid, Schmerz und Angst in mir auf eine neue liebevolle Weise und erlebe, wie sie den Tanz des Lebens ausmachen, ohne die tragende, liebende, erschaffende Kraft in der Tiefe zu unterdrücken. Mir selbst so viel Sicherheit zu schaffen um mich diesem Tanz, diesem Fließen wirklich hingeben zu können, damit die Kraft sich befreien kann und durch mich hindurch das Leben gebärt – das ist ein großes Geschenk, dass ich mit Nicolas Hilfe erlebe. Und für mich die beste Geburtsvorbereitung.”

Lilli Sonnengrün, Deutschland


“She Rises war für mich der erste Onlinekurs in dieser Form und ich hätte niemals gedacht, dass eine derart tiefe emotionale Arbeit auf diesem Weg möglich ist. Nicola hat es mit ihrer einfühlsamen und erfahrenen Art geschafft, einen sicheren Raum für all die Frauen zu kreieren in dem tiefe Prozesse und echte Heilung möglich wurden. Lieber Dank.”

Alwine Böhme, Heilpraktikerin, Deutschland


“After the session, I felt completely different. As if something really profound had shifted. It feels like I have gotten in contact again with a part of myself that I had lost what seems like a long time ago. So intimate with myself.  I cried really deep joy and gratitude that evening. Today I finally could do what I wanted without falling into old patterns. It feels like I am closer to myself. Such a fantastic turning.”

Sophie Onderstal, Netherlands


“Der She Rises – Weibliche Kraft leben” Online Frauenkurs war eine wunderbare Erfahrung für mich. Nicola begleitet die Gruppe empathisch und einfühlsam, und gezeitigt inspirierend und motivierend. Sowohl privat als auch beruflich für meine Frauenkreisarbeit und meine Trauma-therapeutische Praxis, konnte ich eine Menge mitnehmen, neu entdecken und integrieren. Viel Inspiration und Liebe fließt in Nicolas Arbeit. Auch die Einzelcoachings bei ihr sind eine lohnende Investition. Danke Nicola, für Deine Sein und Dein So-Sein!“

Alexandra Wilmsmann-Hiller, Psychotherapeutin, Deutschland


“Nicola took me through a pilgrimage of a lifetime- a wide embrace of our humanity and divinity. Embodied, bold, centered, loving, clear, tender and inexhaustibly empowering. Thank you, Nicola, for rooting me in my life purpose. This retreat was far beyond of what I could imagine and surpassed all what I expected. It was fantastic. Thank you.”

Pamela Yap. Acupuncturist, New York

I loved Nicola’s wisdom, insight, generosity, love and unique way of teaching. Being outside, in the Druid Circle and outside the cave for sharing was organic and beautiful. I loved her stories, poetry, quotes and all of our time in nature and the magical places. Nicola held a highly conscious, beautiful, love filled and safe container. I felt that I could bring anything into the circle or to her directly. The women who stayed were extraordinary. I loved being an elder in the group but felt the same (age) as everyone else. I felt grateful that my wisdom and insight was welcomed. There was so much support, kindness and fun. I loved the dancing, singing and our laughter! The secret sister process was special. How blessed I was I that mine carried my backpack up the mountain each day!

Maya Wieder, Founder of Dream University


“This retreat gave me so much, it was amazing and turned my life in every way. It granted me clarity and commitment. I have been wandering through various spiritual terrains for many years, but now I am grounded in a way that truly feels like home. Nicola’s teaching and facilitation were extraordinary. Her wisdom, embodied truths, awareness and expertise are conveyed in all aspects of the retreat. I was constantly learning and in immersion and was deeply nourished by the community and sisterhood that emerged during the retreat. I loved every aspect of the experience. It was profound.”

Caitlin Harrison, UK


“In this retreat I received a deeper connection to myself and a sense of embodying true love. Nicola’s wisdom in teaching the deep feminine way is profound. I felt really held in a loving space. I can really recommend this retreat as it is a journey home to our soul essence.”

Nicole Lamla, Germany


“I received a deeper understanding and connection to Her and to the path of Love. I also understand the role of the priestess in a real way, of authenticity. The clarity of mission and life purpose also became clearer with gifts bestowed. Nicola has a teaching style which works well for me too. I feel there has been an expansion in my consciousness and true understanding.”

Lesa Michel, USA


“This retreat was a once in a lifetime rite of passage that my soul had been longing for. Like an anchor into Her love, my devotion is confirmed in this commitment I made at the cave. I feel extremely privileged to have been initiated in the egg cave. Nicola Amadora has once again led us with her powerful container into the Deep Feminine’s Mysteries. I trust Nicola with my eyes closed thanks to her integrity and wisdom. I loved receiving the activation in the cave, as well as the many profound satsangs at the house.”

Aya Dunin, USA


“My soul settled into myself into the embodiment of Love. Rooted, initiated, belonging. Nicola’s teaching was authentic, intuitive, empathic and awesome. She walked the way and teaches from experience. I loved it!”

Gisela Eilinger, Germany


“Nicola is steeped in Mary Magdalene both from the historical lineage and her deep embodiment of the practices and teachings in her living breathing presence. She is the real deal! Nicola is literally as gentle as a dove and as fierce as a lioness. Her dedication, and vibrant pathway to continue the red thread of Mary Magdalene’s sisterhood is exquisite and inspiring. I’ve received a deep remembering in my cells of my unique expression of her, through my beauty, heart and roaring breath. I have a renewed commitment to be of service to the divine feminine through the red thread of Mary Magdalene. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you.”

Debbie Beauchamp, UK


After the session, I felt completely different. Something really profound had shifted. I have gotten in contact again with a part of myself that I had lost what seems like a long time ago. So intimate with myself.  I cried for deep joy and gratitude that evening. Today I finally could do what I wanted without falling into old patterns. I am closer to myself. Such a  fantastic healing.  

Sophie Onderstal, Netherlands


Nicola is pure love! With her deep, clear, and highly skilled guidance my husband and I have a renewed connection (after 30 years of marriage) we didn’t know was possible! It is rewarding to leave behind many years of toxic behaviors, face our triggers, and move forward as a healthier, happier and more fulfilled couple. Nicola’s loving and deep approach allowed us to see and bring out the best of ourselves and therefore the best of each other. Thank you Nicola from the bottom of our hearts! We are just back from a second honeymoon. Really was special and the foundation of that was our work with you!”   

Patrice and Greg Petroff, California


My gratitude for your retreats, satsangs, and meditations is deep. Each time it is such a joy and depth there. When you start to speak I feel secure and in the right competent surroundings to pause the mind and dive into another realm of consciousness.  There is a strong heart resonance and pulsing energy. You create a container for the denied unconscious hidden parts, patterns, and programs to come up, to be seen, worked on, and integrated. Also, the other members support the container for this precious and important work. Even after long decades of inner work an authentic guide is needed because I cannot do it alone. I do not see the blind spots. The group is also supportive to mirror parts of myself that need attention, conscious awareness, and healing. Herewith I express my deep gratitude for your compassionate, wise and so competent work and your beautiful presence and lovingness. It is to bring the divine into humanness and not escape from being human. Excited to see you soon in person at the Magdalene retreat in Southfrance, which I know will be live transforming. 

Gisela Eilinger, Germany

This spiritual leader program is a journey that was starting for me with the decision to be part of it. I hadn’t worked with Nicola before and it took a while to trust, because the type of training and the content were completely different what I knew before.It is so beautiful that leading a group works without being pushy or telling motivating content. Nicola opens a space that welcomes vulnerability. It’s a gift for me to be part of our group. Working before in a masculine, unhealthy way had made me insensitive and my body became sick. This kind of energy collided with the wide and receiving energy of the feminine. And so I was separated from my creativity and my life power was lost. We are knowledge giants but implementation dwarfs searching for the next key to enlightenment. I realized that it didn’t work that way for me. I knew deep inside of me that I had to change something after years over years of mindset work. It was time to dig deeper. I could write a book with all the adventures I experienced here. I broke the shells and opened my arms for life. Nicola’s spiritual training is about getting deeply in touch and falling in love with a power and a way that belongs to us and which was hidden for a long time. Her profound wisdom, skill, and experience, and leading women to uncover theirs with humor and tenderness, is unique! The feminine way was my missing piece! For me as a leader and a loving mum of two beautiful children (one of them – my girl -was born during the training), this education is incredibly valuable.

~ Isabella Ligeti, Business manager and mother, Germany


Nicola teaches and meets people in a way that touches all the layers of one‘s being. The mind and the emotions, the context of the environment/society we live in, as well as the deep layer of the soul. In this transforming lives training, I got to understand and directly experience with my whole being what deep healing is about. It is as fascinating as life itself. And it helps me find the place inside me, where my own personal medicine can flow to be of benefit for those who come to me for help. I also cherish the resource of kindness and love for my personal life and the tremendous skills I learned. I am deeply thankful for having participated.

Dr. med. Lilli Sonnengrün, Physician and Osteopath, Germany



The Transforming Lives Training is a profound education for working with people. Nicola brings an exquisite refinement to the quality and style in which she transmits her wisdom. It goes so deep, much deeper than my mind can comprehend, and I sensed that the teachings landed in places I didn’t even know were in me. I truly feel transformed, personally and professionally, by this important work. Thank you for your labor of love, Nicola!

~Marlene Wolf, Women’s circle leader, Germany



As a past therapy client of Dr Nicola Amadora, I was drawn to attend her Transforming Lives training. Receiving her sessions has been so transformative, and it inspired me to become a practitioner myself. I have studied Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy since. Dr Nicola Amadora is a way shower of Holistic Healing, all layers of the being are addressed in her session in a safe manner. In this training, she has gifted me precise tools to support my clients in these times of spiritual awakening and great unraveling. In her cauldron, you will find some cutting-edge techniques: somatic therapy skills, trauma healing, spiritual awakening navigation, divine union principles, discernment between trauma activation and spiritual awakening, and attachment wound healing, and so much more. Thanks to the training I am honored to be of service as a Depth Transformation Coach.

~Aya Dunin, Healer, USA


“Es ist unglaublich was bei mir jetzt schon passiert. Ich kann mich direkt mit der weiblichen Urkraft verbinden. Ich spüre sie durch und durch. Außerdem hat sich der Vater meiner Kinder gemeldet und kommt seit Monaten das erste Mal zu uns. Unsere Tochter hat Geburtstag. Dies war im Februar zum Geburtstag unseres Sohnes noch nicht möglich. Ich bin fest davon überzeugt, dass dies die Auswirkung der tiefen Vergebung ist. Ich bin so dankbar für deine Arbeit. Ich spüre die Kraft in jeder Zelle meines Seins🙏🏽 danke dass du  so etwas Großartiges gegeben hast..”

Anna H., Germany 



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