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Dr. Nicola Amadora

leads a real to the bone love revolution with her refreshingly raw and embodied approach to spirituality. With an illustrious career spanning over 30 years, she’s helped tens of thousands of people worldwide align with the pulse of life as a renowned Spiritual Teacher, Psychologist and Hakomi Therapist, Feminine Leader, Author, and Speaker.

Her ‘Living Connection’ and ‘Deep Feminine’ work, as well as her books ‘Nothing but Love’ and ‘Love Unleashed,’ break boundaries and inspire profound transformation for the great turning in people’s lives and our world. Rooted in fierce, tender love, her global work is fueled by a passion to be a powerful presence for awakening, connection, and sacred action. 


How Nicola Works:

In all her retreats, trainings, sessions and events Nicola supports people in an empowering, integrated, and holistic way. She guides with a non-dual, feminine, trauma-sensitive, and relational approach, addressing suffering as a call for real love. Nicola combines her mystical transmission and grounded presence with expert skills for trauma healing and spiritual awakening. With solid professional education, decades of experience leading people globally, her own awakening and healing, and walking the spiritual path in daily life since her early teens, Nicola unites depth psychology and embodied spirituality in her offerings to unleash love’s power in a world on the edge.


Her official Credentials:

Nicola Amadora, Ph.D. holds University degrees in Transpersonal and Counseling Psychology (JFK and IPS), Social Work (FHS), and is a certified Hakomi and Trauma Therapist (Hakomi Institute). She is a cert. Dharma Leader (Vipassana Center, Spirit Rock), Mindfulness Teacher (Mindfulness Program Jon Kabat Zinn), Cert. Meditation Teacher (Yogananda Center), Universal Peacedance Leader (Sufi Order), Diplom Horseriding Therapist (Swize Equine Therapy Center), Rev. Interfaith Minister (New York Seminary), Family Constellation and Gestalt Therapy Facilitator, cert. PAIRS and Intimacy Teacher, Mediator (JFK University), Spiritual and Energy Healer (UK NHS), Parent Leader (Parentleadership Institute), Non-Violent Communication& Conflict Resolution Teacher (NVC Center), Permaculture and Ecology, Women’s Spirituality (University for Creation Spirituality) Women’s Wisdom & Empowerment Training, Leadership and Relationship Trainer, Peacemaking between women and men (International Education)

Her Story

Faced with extreme hardship and suffering, Nicola followed a deep yearning for the truth already as a teenager. Her holy and heart-breaking journey, filled with a wide breadth of great challenges and beauty, took her through a ruthless fire into the core of life and her own being. Here she found the gold that keeps changing her from inside out. Nowadays she lives and shares this gift, with both feet on the ground.

Nicola grew up in Europe, lived with different cultures around the world, and worked at the Findhorn Community as an educator for seven years. She received in-depth training from spiritual teachers such as Mother Theresa, The Dalai Lama, The Indigenous People, Adyashanti, Thich Nhat Hahn, Lama Zoppa, Pir Vilayat Khan, and Ammachi.

While having been extensively immersed in the world’s major sacred traditions and all things human, Nicola really is a modern-day mystic who walks the ancient way of love in ordinary life.

Her own intense journey of awakening, healing, and embodiment took her beyond concepts deep into the core of the human and universal heart and the realization of what is beyond all duality. From here an integrated, sophisticated, utterly alive, and embodied way emerged to guide people home into their true nature and to inspire engagement for transformation in the world.

Since 1986, she has worked with adults and children and taught groups in England, Sweden, Spain, France, Germany and America. Trained in different therapeutic modalities, she has been working as a somatic psychotherapist. She has practiced meditation intensively for 30 years and was asked to teach. One answer to her calling was that Nicola founded a 501.3 non-profit organization and spiritual/educational center in California. Here she facilitated regular family retreats, couples’ workshops, professional trainings, women’s and meditation retreats, leadership & relationship training, ecology awareness seminars, interfaith worship services, and community festivals. She always has been actively involved in the movement for social justice and the care of our earth.

In recent years Nicola travels extensively around the world with her ‘living connection’ and ‘deep feminine’ work and service. She is a frequent speaker at SAND and other conferences, leads satsangs, spiritual retreat intensives, and teaches professional trainings for leaders, healers, and change-makers for the great turning internationally.

Nicola is the author of “Nothing but Love” and her forthcoming book: “Love Unleashed – How to rise in a World on the Edge” and raised a beautiful daughter in California. She enjoys dancing under the stars, writing with a cup of tea, riding horses in the wild, plunging into the depth of the sea, and loves life in all its colors.

My greatest journey, passion, learning, and the gift of my life is the presence of love’s power.

I am honored to serve as a bridge between the worlds, an anchor in the storm, a fire to ignite yours, a heart to embrace all, a catalyst for change, and a lighthouse to guide you home!

I support people to awaken, heal, embody and learn skillful means for living, relating and leading. So together we bring forth the great turning for a new dawn in your life and our world!

“How rare it is to be with a human being who understands the depth of both my human wounds and my soul fire.
I feel supremely blessed to experience the profound transformation I received. Deep gratitude to you Nicola.”

Pamela Yap, Acupuncturist, New York

“It is rare to find a teacher, leader and healer who truly walks the talk day in and day out.
Nicola is one of these invaluable teachers. I received more than words can tell.”

Kaliea Hansen, Social worker, San Francsico

“Nicola embodies an incredible combination of profound love and powerful energy that is both catalytic and highly inspirational.”

Sherrie Lassila, Executive Coach

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