Join a real to the bone Love Revolution! For the Great Turning in your Life and a World on the Edge.

Dr. Nicola Amadora

I am honored to have supported tens of thousands of people worldwide as a renowned Spiritual Teacher, Psychologist, Feminine Leader, Activist, Author, and Speaker. People who are looking for the ‘Real’ feel drawn. To embody presence, connection, and wholeheartedness in the midst of all we encounter and to make a difference here.

For 30 years I’ve been offering professional training, spiritual retreats, programs, psycho/trauma therapy, mentoring, books and public talks. Serving seasoned wine with depth, integrity, and humor. My work is built on a bedrock of fierce, tender love for all beings, with a passion to be a powerful force for the turning of lives and our troubled, beautiful world. Welcome dear one, I am glad you found your way here!

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Savor deeply. Connect intimately. A spiritual guidebook for the great turning of our time.

Have you ever wondered what can turn your life or our world around? What helps you to thrive in these tumultous times? And what will stop us from repeating insane history to live love ‘real to the bone’ instead?

Discover what an anaconda snake, a mountain lion, holy saints, a Tibetan monk who worshipped ants, a woman from a laundry mat, and others who left a mark, got to do with that. And how this deep path of embodied spirituality helps us to rise in a world on the edge to live the greatest love story ever told.

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“Written by a modern-day mystic, who’s walked the path of liberation through extreme ups and downs, this is an exceptional and essential read about how to turn around the tide in our lives and this shaken world by unleashing embodied love.”

Marci Shimoff, #1 New York bestselling author ‘Happy for no Reason’

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The Living Connection Work

Spiritual Retreats

Yes, here we go deep into the Sacred, the Real. And always welcome what’s human. Whether we meet in a retreat center, in the wilderness, or at your home, it’s a precious gift to reveal truth and embody who you are.


Programs & Courses

The home study courses, and live online group programs are an easy way to experience the rich teachings and practices. Leading you into greater connection to yourself, others, and life.


Professional Training

The trainings I offer are profound. Causing lasting transformation for yourself and those you serve. You gain expert skills as a healer, facilitator, or spiritual leader and grow solid capacities to fulfill your calling here on earth.


Deep Feminine Wisdom School

“Nicola has an amazing gift with people from all walks of life and her understanding of both humanity and the spiritual is profound.” Tamara.L.

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A Life of True Compassion
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“Nicola is a genius teacher, who walks her talk.” Callea H.


Mary Magdalene - Way of the Sacred Feminine - Nicola Amadora
Online Courses

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You’ll find inspiring books, deep meditations and teachings, and wonderful home study courses to support you and your loved one’s on this journey of awakening, healing, and walking bravely the way of love in real life here on earth.


Dedicated to personal, professional and global transformation.


Wise Leaders. Healthy Relationships. Empowered Women. Ecological & Social Action. Awake, Connected and Loving People in our World.


Awareness and Mindfulness. An Open Heart and Compassion. Emotional Intelligence and Resilience. Embodiment and Somatic Experiencing. Psychological, personal, and collective Trauma Healing. Spiritual Awakening, nondual Wisdom, and Alignment. Nature Connection. Social and Relational Resonance Skills. Authentic Communication and Conflict Resolution. Conscious Leadership Abilities.

The deep Feminine Way & The Living Connection Work.


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