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As we step into a retreat, leaving the usual busyness and distractions behind, a calling from deep within is answered. It is a precious, sacred time to turn our attention toward what matters most and offer loving presence the prime seat in the house. In a safe environment, with a supportive group and the guidance of Nicola Amadora, a seasoned spiritual teacher, you receive the priceless opportunity to:

~ Come home into the truth of who you are, taking your seat to live as That ~


~ Connect intimately with the juicy Source of all Life ~


~ Steep in the field of love and fill up with enriching nourishment ~


~ Unravel layers of personal and collective suffering & befriend your humanness ~


~ Engage in profound spiritual practices and resonance relating ~


~ Rest into Stillness and take refuge in that what never can be destroyed ~


~ Discern delusion, experience liberation, and unleash your true self ~


~ Grow your capacity to live awake, embodied and engaged, able to make a difference in this beautiful, troubled world ~

Some retreats are for all genders, others are solely for women, who are called to uncover and walk the deep feminine way. You find a buried rich lineage, spiritual teachings, and practices that turn the patriarchal spiritual approaches upside down and lead you home.

All retreats offer deep transmission, a wholesome, embodied, feminine and refined nondual orientation emerging from over 30 years of practice and teaching. Read more Here about the unique spiritual approach Nicola offers, which is based on ancient wisdom traditions and contemporary psychological integration.

Depending on the particular theme, retreats include some or all of the following aspects: Silence, potent meditations, holistic inquiry, grounded and enlivening spiritual practices, embodied nondual and heart wisdom teachings, somatic and psychological integration, emotional healing, collective trauma healing, alone and together time, resonance relating, ceremony, nature and a whole lot of real love.

Spiritual Retreats, Group Meetings, Satsang & Sangha are offered worldwide in-person and online.


Join a retreat for a session, a day, a weekend intensive, or a deep immersion retreat!

Ongoing Online Teachings and Spiritual Groups: 

Mary Magdalene Group – presently closed one-year group.

Field of Love Sangha – Satsang and meditation six-month group.
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Enjoy reading Reviews from different retreats below.



Real People’s Voices who have participated in Retreats:

“The retreat was fantastic. Unbelievable, the transformation that emerged in the whole group and myself. The structure was whole and safe. It was so profound, honest and truly life affirming.” ~ Annelot Borleff, Holland

“Nicola, your transmission is real, your teachings embodied and your skill is incredible. I can tell because I have been a long time on the spiritual path and with many different teachers. I love how you unite divine and human in such a simple, true way. This retreat was anything like I ever experienced before. I feel on fire, shaken awake, profoundly connected, and actually can walk this love in my life. I am grateful in more ways than I can tell.” ~Lorraine A.,CA

“I felt how caught up I was in my own bubble. I am opening to a domain where everything is welcomed and love is the only currency. Liberation!” Colin, London

“The Retreat: ‘Truly Connected-Make a Difference’ was such a transformative experience! I felt so supported and able to express who I really am- free from judgment and expectations. Nicola is truly inspiring. I look forward to growing further with these amazing retreats”.~ Lauren Barnum, Los Angeles

“Nicola’s earthly experience and connection to The Divine Mother and Father is vast. She is deeply connected to spirit, but so much fun too. I found she can gently sense and pierce the very place we need to individually be met for our healing and transformation. I have been on a path of gathering wisdom teachings and practices over many years from lots of different directions. in Nicola I found an affirmation of my path from someone who is a female ‘master’ and who integrates many of these directions I have found over many years in her comprehensive offering.” ~Kathy Adams, Facilitator, England

Alles ist jetzt anders, and it feels good. The retreat was like a glimpse into paradise, and I am so grateful. Der Himmel hat sich geöffnet und alles Unwahrhaftige ist weggefallen. Genau so wie es sein muss. Ever since the retreat I feel so much more connected and held. This is so important and I never really felt it in such a solid and real way. ~ Marlene Wolf, Deutschland

“The great Turning was such a beautiful retreat! It was special to feel vulnerable and really seen in a safe environment.” Troy

“Dear Nicola, Thank you for showing me the love and richness in human relations. Being as one, guiding, welcoming, holding, supporting, sharing, dancing, celebrating each other. Man and woman, healing and truly connecting. So beautiful.” ~ Natascha Van den Ban, Holland

“Nicola is a genuis teacher. I love how her teachings flow from deep compassion, knowing and is real. She embodies spirituality and is fully human. She takes a whole group of diverse people into authentic connection and love.The reteat affected so many of us in a deep and real way and it brought me home.” ~Kristin Crowly, MFT intern, Berkeley

“I just wanted to thank you for an incredible experience at the Green Gulch retreat. It was truly transformative for me. I spent much of the day reflecting and writing about a recent breakup that was extremely painful and has left me in a very dark place for the past ten months. I experienced a lot of healing that day during the retreat, thanks to your guidance. During the meditations I felt a seed of compassion was watered in me, rather than resentment and anger, and I think that was really key to the process. For the past few weeks I have felt very joyful and free from the heavy weight of grief that I was under. I feel lifted out of the darkness I was in, and ready to move on with my life. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for helping me to heal and transform.” Annalise from Marin

“What a beautiful retreat, joyous and opening. I left by the way of magic carpet. So thankful.” Hendrick Paul, Marin

“I feel deeply touched by Nicola’s love and guidance. I now have the tools to connect to my wounds through loving presence. That feels incredibly supportive.Thank you Nicola for your embrace!”~ Anke Spriestersbach, Germany

It is rare to find teachers who are able to integrate so much and be able to support others into an felt experience of release and resolution.In an exploration she did with each person, I experienced her attunement and skillful guidance to move to a new perspective and have a transformation.She goes beyond left brain understanding to an embodied journey through barriers and into a new opening and experience.Nicola is a gifted teacher and guide who was able to take a group of people who were strangers into a safe, deep, undefended and healing connection with themselves and the other group members.She fluidly integrated what was arising in the group with experiential explorations,poetry and meditations.Instead of participants having a passive and conceptual experience it was immediate and integrating of body, mind, spirit and psyche. She is highly skilled and embodies what she teaches. It is rare and truly inspiring ~Trisha Rowe, LCSW,Cert. AEDP Therapist, Oakland, CA

Nicola, you are such a gifted teacher, and it was a privilege to be with you on the retreat. Everyone was at home and welcomed in whatever condition they were in. Your guided meditations were inspired and show your deep integration of very profound spiritual teachings. I am so fortunate to have been present and look forward to learning more from you in the future. Keep up your very important work. You have a gift of transmitting very complicated teachings to a receptive audience in an integratabtle, accessible, and very warm manner. Very sincere thanks.” ~ Fayne, Oakland

You are a great and genuine teacher Nicola. And from the moment I started working with you there have been so many shifts in my experience. I feel renewed, I feel strength and peace. The personal session and meditation group has been profound and powerful. You are a true blessing Nicola! ~ Lou Ann Mc Bride, Louisanna

“The retreat was truly enlightening, to be able to to reconnect with myself, each other, nature, the divine. The energy and authenticity was inspiring!” ~ Katie Byram, Martinez

“I felt guided to explore my depths, far beyond the waves of everyday emotions. You are lovingly powerful and so refined. Thank you for this beautiful retreat.” ~ Autrea, Holland

“The Training Power of Connection was inspiring, heart opening. I learnt valuable skills and I experience more love for the places in me that are disconnected, “the refugee’ who is looking for presence and acceptance. I feel more grounded, balanced and loved now. Nicola’s facilitation was excellent, highly skilled and intuitive. We all came away with simple tools for every day life, and feeling far more connected to ourselves, each other and the Divine- in a real way. Thank you so much!”~ Sieglinde Schneider, Nurse Director, San Francisco

“Dear Nicola, what you teach resonate deeply. They fit into the way I look at the world. Going into that world and “walking my talk”, that’s where it feels unsafe for me. Thank you for guiding me through to a new way. Your guidance is in loving presence, safe and sincere. Thank you for being there.” ~ Miriam, Amsterdam, Holland

“Liebe Nicola, ich danke Dir für diese sehr wunderbare Erfahtung im Retreat mit dir. Deine Arbeit ist so einfach, so klar und so tief. Ich bin sehr tiet beruhrt und ich durfte meine wirkliche kraft meine Stärke erfahren, Herzlichen Dank!” ~ Britta Burmehl, Germany

“The class on ‘Heart of Relating’ was incredibly uplifting. It inspired me and gave me practical insight on how to stay connected to my happiness in relationships.”~ Karina Alvarez, Berkeley

“The conscious relating practice and how you guided the meditation was off the charts. It affected me and the entire group profoundly. Thank you!” Mirabai Wurkowliz, Mill Valley

“Opening and closing, letting emotions come as they are and staying present. No more running from fear. Instead I welcome it with curiosity. I learnt to listen to the answers from my heart and skills to live from that depply connected place inside. I am filled with gratitude for you Nicola as I leave this retreat. Thank you!” Jesse

“I am so inspired by your teachings. You lead with such grace and wisdom, demonstrating compassion and fearless courage. The retreat was wonderful. I am so excited to learn more from you.” ~ Anna, Devon, England

“I learned so much and received so many gifts from this retreat. I learnt about the power of real love, and how to embrace difficulties that life presents to us. It was real deep and beautiful. Thank you Nicola!” Jesus Soto, Los Angeles

“If you ever get the chance to work with Nicola Amadora I passionately recommend you jump at it with enthusiasm.Her vibrant caring, good sense of humor, diverse skills and strong, clear wisdom are profound gifts to us humans in these times. After training with Nicola, I feel renewed and reset into a deepened connection with myself, with my co-workers and with Nature itself.” ~ Scott klingemaier, Department Manager at Harbin

“I wanted to thank you for your wisdom, warm heart, and grounded way you lead with the retreat, truly creating an honest, authentic space for our group to unfold into. I’ve since been sitting with and working with some of the pieces that were brought up that day, particularly the practices of honoring my edge, dropping into the belly, and speaking with nature on a more consistent basis. I was truly touched by your powerful story and strength of faith in it.” ~ Lauren Allegra Elio, Los Angeles

The five-day Shasta Retreat: “Into the Sacred” was incredible. Being in nature, meditating, deeply connecting with Self and each other was fulfilling and a life changer. Nicola, you are an amazing teacher. How you lead this big group into the Sacred in such a profound, safe and real way, was truly remarkable. Transformational for every one of us. You are a master at this.” Dr. Tonya Fleck, Naturopathic Doctor

“I have been on many retreats over the years and have my own practice. This retreat made a real difference for me, it was so worth it. The spiritual practice for relating on a very deep level touched me profoundly.” Wendy Wallbridge, Women Leader Coach, Marin

“I have felt more in this retreat than in the last five years. I feel open and alive. Thank you Nicola!”~ Onno de Vreede, Holland

“Nicola you are great teacher. Genuine. The Satsang was amazing. And my personal session with you was life changing.”  Lou Ann McBride, New Jersey

“Wow. My heart is stretched wide open, and once again your wisdom, authenticity has moved me in a very deep way. I cannot express the gratitude I have for you, Nicola. I am honored to be learning the tools for true love warriorship form you and I am committed to follow this profound path. i am filled with such joy,and leave this retreat truly connected.” Breann, Nurse, CA

“Thank you, Nicola for sharing your joy, depth, wisdom, care and your love during the retreat and beyond it. And thank you for your gift to bring me into a deeper connection with my own heart. I experience Nicola’s presence as a light that literally enlightens the heart. A light that shines on All. It unveiled a love in me that I had forgotten, and it shone light on the shadow and pain that caused so many problems in my life because I couldn’t find the way to meet it wholeheartedly. She gave me with her loving presence the opportunity to meet it and I’m so grateful for that! A huge liberation, a second chance in life is what I feel now. Her guidance flows from her own direct life experiences and that makes her for me trustworthy. Her transmission is powerful and she is loving and genuine. I highly recommend her as leader, spiritual teacher and trainer. It’s a blessing to meet her! “ ~ Kim Roswitha, Founder of Wisdom with Horses, Spain

” The Shasta Retreat was incredible, I still remember it after a year vividly, it was so powerful and life changing. I will never forget this!” Callia Hansen, Boston

“Nicola embodies the famous phrase that love is stronger than fear. Her example, every moment of the day in this weeklong retreat- even under extremely challenging circumstances – has proven to me the possibility and the promise of such conviction. It is contagious! I am inspired! She carries such a vibrant torch that you can’t help but catch on fire. Standing beside her I burn with true desire to live from a place of fierce compassion and love in action. Nicola’s commitment, dedication and selflessness are palpable and humbling. It has been an honor to walk beside her in nature and the inner terrain of our true nature. Nicola carries the map in her heart and is a blessed guide.Thank you Nicola. You are a treasured teacher and soul companion in this life for me.” ~ Melissa Mahar, Oregon

“This retreat was just beautiful, full of deep connection with each other, nature, spirit, and ourselves. Nicola created a very safe container for people to let go into greater depth, and she was finely attuned to each person’s process. Through guided meditations and practices, she led the group into deep presence and resonance.

Nicola embodies an incredible combination of profound love and powerful energy that is both catalytic and highly inspirational. By the end of the retreat I felt more fully connected and also lit up with a powerful call to my next level of purposeful work in the world. I could also sense that each person in the group received something very special. I so appreciate and respect Nicola and I am very grateful.” ~ Sherri Lassila, Women’s Leader and Executive coach

“Nicola is incredibly direct and highly intuitive. During the retreat she offered pointers with profound sensitivity and clarity, which created such a powerful presence, where anything became possible for all of us.” ~ Leonie, Yogateacher in Spain

“I deeply honor the work with Nicola. The field she created in the group and the playful exercises felt like a very safe vessel to dive deeply into truth, our feelings and meet each other honestly, lovingly and curiously. My heart opened and through curiosity I discovered a new way, so real and alive, for relating with others. With Nicola this discovery was really juicy.” ~ Maria, Germany

“Es ist so wundervoll zu sehen und zu erleben wie weit du auf deinem Weg gekommen bist und mit welcher Klarheit, Hingabe und Liebe die du uns mitgeteilt hast. Deine Weisheiten hoeren sich nicht wie Lehrreden an, sondern die Wahrheit spricht durch dich. Das retreat was so magic and transformative. Ganz tief und wundervoll.” ~Theresa Quast, Berlin

Translated into english:

“It is so wonderful to see and experience where you abide and the clarity, devotion and love that you have shared with us. Your wisdom and teachings do not sound like empty words and lectures, but rather the truth is speaking through you! The retreat was so magic and transformational. Very deep and wonderful. Thank you Nicola.” ~ Theresa Quast, Berlin, Germany

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