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Your Royal Worth

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Your Royal Worth

Remember for just one minute of the day, it would be best to look upon yourself as God does, for She knows your royal nature” Hafiz

We all feel disconnected from our royal nature, to a greater or lesser degree. It feels vulnerable to admit and face directly this sense of worthlessness inside.

Most people have this agonizing pit inside but rarely do they speak it out loud. We pretend that we don’t experience unworthiness, the shroud of shame covers our ache. What’s wrong with me that I feel this lack of self-worth that plays out in my life? We may go on a self-improvement rampage, yet this nasty stinger remains. Self-improvement is ok, but it doesn’t heal the pain of disconnect. This deep human wound needs to be tended to with care and help. You cannot skip over it nor transcend it with some spiritual mambo jumbo, or else you will always feel tied forever to the worthless chain.

Instead, walk this way and discover:

By following the pain and feeling it all the way into the pit, you find a liberating piece of truth.

You see that in the sense of worthlessness and disconnect, is a healthy longing to feel whole. A calling, if you heed it, that leads you right back to our innate royal nature, where worth is not even a question. Not a worth you affirm or achieve by good and right deeds, for it cannot be made.

For, this diamond is already shining at the bottom of the pit, below the pile of stuff we heaped upon it.

Our humanness seems imperfect, feels flawed, broken maybe. If I fix it I will feel worthy is the hope and relentless drive of mind…But more misery piles up inside if you walk the worn-out road.

Your worth is not diminished by your mistakes and handicaps, nor can it be increased by doing one more important thing. It is already here. Always shining through the pile of conditioning and human wounds. Linger for a while with that. What do you experience? Truth enlivens…take a sip.

Here are simple practices to touch the worthy gem:

~ “What would it feel like if I knew I am worthy?” Or, “how would it feel if I walk at this moment as if I am worthy?” Use this as an open inquiry, which means to discover curiously moment to moment anew.

~ Turn to the one in you who feels unworthy. Do not try to change that one, or else you make things only worse. Tend and treat that one like a loving mother, a father who sees and knows the worth in the worthless one. For this best listen to the meditation attached below.

~ Remember, that most people grapple with the sense of unworthiness. As you become more tenderized toward that in yourself, allow compassion to flow into your relationship dance.

And c’moi, ride in the royal coach from time to time:)

With Love.








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