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Heart Intelligence

Recently I talked with a friend, who had called me up in tears. “Why do some people behave so nasty?” she asked after she had told me her heart breaking story. Haven’t you asked the same question sometimes? Why do we ruin our environment, why do some commit acts of crime, why do we betray…There is a long list of why’s in the universe and the answer remains the same. Of course I don’t want to simplify and generalize as I know too many facets of the human psyche to claim it’s just this one thing.

But, when I dive to a far deeper level, I have seen this over and over again:

When the heart is closed at the core, then love is limited and intelligence too. When the heart is open all the way you experience love, truth is felt and alive, you are in touch with others, you think in ways that are actually brilliant. Why? Because this very life that moves the ocean is flowing freely and unencumbered through you. To the degree you are open is the degree you truly know and truly live. And nobody needs to tell you then that certain actions cause harm and suffering, because you can feel in your heart what is benevolent and what is not. In the spiritual and so human heart is an innate intelligence breathing in your chest that is far greater than our little minds can ever comprehend.

But to the degree we shut down, often because we don’t want to experience pain and want to be safe emotionally, we become unkind to others, we get numb and don’t care, we cut ourselves off from what is even common sense. Honestly, how smart is it to pollute a river and then sell bottled water, then throw the bottles in the ocean and then the plastic ends up in your body and ruins your health? How intelligent is it when we shout at our partner and the world in the hopes we will be heard? It’s like our brains don’t work right anymore. We become rather stupid in the real sense.

So instead I suggest, labor a little and open up all the way to live that intelligence and love beating in your very own heart right now. You won’t regret, but you will feel life guiding you every step- through the inevitable pains and glorious joys- into what forever remains at peace, even when all else falls apart.




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