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Love in a time such as this

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Love in a time such as this

You know this. For such a time as this, we have been born. We are facing unprecedented challenges, foretold by ancient prophecies and anticipated by those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Many of us had a foreboding sense a long time ago of what is unfolding now. We have been preparing throughout our whole lives, walked through hell and back, to be able to show up. To stand in the eye of this mighty hurricane, so we can be a refuge and a lighthouse, to guide, awaken, heal and blaze a trail through the darkest hours of human history. To help in the great turning!

Together, not alone.

Climate change and the pandemic make it even more clear how interconnected we are. Every act has an effect. For better or worse. None of us is exempt, what befalls the river, the trees, the people, is affecting each one of us. And for sure, we will die one way or another. Basic truths of life. Despite this knowing, fear arises. It is so human when uncertainty shakes us and when we have driven our mere survival on this earth to the utmost edge.

What helps?

Spiritual practice, nature, friends, healthy food, and a good dose of love. Everyday. But, please do not tell others or yourself not to panic. It only makes it worse. We don’t need to act from fear or build a shrine to it but can grow resilience by feeling and meeting it. Resisting what is, denial, or checking out never helps. And c’moi, don’t follow the panicked mind around?

Rather, go the simple and direct way home:

Acknowledge the situation whether in the world or you, the feeling, the fear. Let the body shake, allow it to move, dance, sing, touch the constriction with your breath, and embrace the one who is scarred with kindness. Whether it is your friend, a neighbor, or the kid inside of you. Offer presence, breath, and most of all the hand of love.

I mean a love that doesn’t shy away from the tough places, a love that has space for fear and joy, a love that reaches into the pit, and meets you right where you are and what is going on in our world. Here, freedom is found, not from anything, but being free to show up and respond in the midst of turmoil, to act fresh from the source, wisdom or you might say the power of love’s presence. What is possible when we root and unite here and bridge the gap of isolation between each other?

This is how we blaze a new trail, this is how we give a hand for the great turning when the waves are pounding relentlessly and we have reached the edge.

You are needed now love. Bring on what you got. You are not alone, we truly are together in this. Let’s raise our torches and sail this crazy, beautiful human ship bravely right through the eye of the hurricane!


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