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Mary Magdalene Retreat

Pilgrimage into the Heart of Life



An ancient lineage of beloved Mary Magdalene is alive today in the heart of France, Aix en Provence, where she is known to have taught the path of true love. Just by entering the grotto in the mountains where she lived, you feel her sweet fragrance and strong embrace. And further along the mountain crest is the secret cave, named as the place of rebirth, hidden from the public eye, where her transmission and presence is as powerful, as if you are standing right next to her. Here her original teachings are revealed to the one who is open and prepared to receive a profound initiation into the feminine in the dark chamber of the womb. The forest surrounding the area is intensely alive with seen and unseen beings, you feel the magic and peace just by walking through.

This living sanctuary is ideal for awakening of the feminine, to merge with the powerful, primal force of life, the shakti, and to surrender into true love all the way, so we can rise in a world which needs us now – embodied and in full.




The retreat is held close to the grotto in the soft rolling hills and a classic medieval french town, with a magnificent cathedral. It is for a select, small group of women, who are deeply, solidly immersed on the spiritual path, who are willing to meet whatever arises-the tears and the joy-and are ready to be taken by Her. We will meditate in the cave and other sanctified, spiritually charged places. Together we will dive into experiencing and practicing core teachings of the feminine and the path of sacred union. The retreat provides a safe vessel so you can connect in your unique and authentic way and surrender. Let Her take you home.




Date: 21st – 28th Sept. 2019 

Time: The Pilgrimage begins on Saturday at 4pm. Please arrive between 2pm -4pm. The Retreat ends after lunch at 2pm. For those who fly in from the USA we highly recommend you arrive a day earlier.

Location: We will be in the area of Saintes- Maximine- de Baume. The nearest international airport is Marseille, France and it takes approx.45 min to drive to Saint Maximines de Baume, which is close to Aix en Provence. You will be connected to other participants for a car rental share. Flights are inexpensive within Europe and cost of flight from the USA to Europe are approx. $600 round trip in low season.




Lodging and Cost: We will stay in a beautiful french villa with swimming pool in an idyllic french country side. The cost for the entire retreat tuition, lodging and organic self serve breakfast and lavish vegetarian french dinners for 7 nights is:

Early Bird 1790 Euro – Sign Up before April 1st 2019 with a deposit of 500 Euro. This is also offered to SAND and Awakening Women participants. The regular cost is 1970 Euro for the retreat. Payment plans are possible.


Retreat Guidance: led by Nicola Amadora and assisted by Marlies Cocheret de la Moriniere.


Please note this is not a public retreat, it will be held small with a select group of women. Please write to us if you are interested, and tell us more about your own path. This special retreat will fill up.

If you feel HER calling you or have questions, please contact: or

For a taste join the online course The Way of the Sacred Feminine



What Women say who have attended:



” I attended this retreat without knowing Nicola, I was guided to come to the Mary Magdalene Pilgrimage with her. It surpassed all my expectations. The housing, the food, the teachings, the guidance, the nature and sacred places…My life is transformed, its incredible. I feel so grateful.” ~ Connie Viveros, CA, Coach

“I am still amazed about the creation and walking the path before us Nicola, so that we as a group of women with such unique and different expressions, were able to be there for the purpose to awaken our divine feminine, heal and open our hearts.The container created energetically and physically allowed me to relax and feel safe to open and be vulnerable, which I could not have done alone and dared to in daily life or elsewhere.The villas, food, housing and structure reflected perfectly the loving, nourishing and caring attitude throughout the retreat. Nicola created and held a sacred space wherever we where in such a loving and intuitive way. She tuned in constantly and directed the energies for the benefit of all. I felt I could be here with what is here now, accept, integrate, feel and be. Not having to change what is here now. The loving field made it easy to explore the most vulnerable and hidden parts of me to be recognised, lovingly accepted and integrated.There is immense gratitude for having this possibility, experience of real love, trust and sisterhood and togetherness which changed my life forever. It feels like a rebirth into the real feminine and learning to be love in action and live it.” ~ Gisela Eilinger, Germany


“Nicola facilitated this women’s retreat from a place deep in the heart. This infused her teaching with a vulnerability that made the journey so deep and real, and many, including myself, were able to transform in beautiful and meaningful ways. ways, which none of us had anticipated. She grew a safe space that allowed for this transformation to organically occur, and it helped us to be true to ourselves. It made us all more real, embodied and connected to our essence. Thank you Nicola. ~ Rene Murata, Executive Coach and Business Owner, Italy

“The Magdalene Rising Retreat with Nicola Amadora was a supreme opportunity to dive deeply into the soul of the sacred feminine, to return to her womb, to be reborn in the fire of holy love. It was epic! Nicola held an exquisite container for deep healing, awakening and embodiment. I loved the structure of being in nature, meditating in the grotto, the druid circles…the beautiful teachings and the profound relating practice. Truly it was an initiation into the deeper mysteries of life and the feminine. I carry this tremendous blessing into my life and work, which will benefit many. Thank you with all my heart.” ~ Ashanna Solaris, Workshop Leader, CA

“How can I thank you Nicola and write down what happened as you guided me through this process of rebirthing. Opening up so fully and letting it/her take me all the way was profound. It changed my life and I will be forever grateful for that in my heart and soul. Thank you for your love and strength, for your beauty, authenticity and vulnerability in the way you taught this incredible weeklong retreat in France. It was more than I could ever imagine.” ~ Annelot Borleff, Holland 

“No words can express my gratitude for this outstanding retreat that changed my life. I have attended many retreats, but this was truly exceptional. I am forever grateful in my heart for this profound journey home.” ~ Salvadora, Community Leader, Spain

“I cannot remember feeling in need of anything during the retreat – expect for more dark chocolate, and even that came along…
All the women were caring and lovely.
 Marlies and Nicola held a loving and safe space. I felt totally safe the whole time – from the first day. I opened deeply and I am so glad I came!” ~ Janaki Ananda, England

“It was a wonderful retreat. The housing was lovely. The food was amazing, the teaching and guidance was beautiful. I am very grateful that I came and feel HER more strongly in my life and work.”~ Prenilla Lillarose, Coach for Women