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The Way of the Sacred Feminine

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As revealed and lived by Mary Magdalene

Since the beginning of time there have been women who dared to be beacons in our world and to live the flame of truth in their hearts, even when it has been life threatening to do so.

Mary Magdalene, a great mystic and woman of flesh and blood, has been one of those courageous, awakened teachers, leaders and healers, who ignites people all over the world today and shows us the way.

SHE is inviting you to connect and unleash this fierce, tender love so important for our own lives and these troubled times right now!

+ Do you yearn to taste, live and embody the Sacred Feminine ever deeper and fuller in your own life and make a difference in this world?

+ Do you want to get to know Mary Magdalene, receive her gifts and experience her teachings so relevant for each of us in this time?

I warmly invite you to The Way of the Sacred Feminine

Women all around the world are touched and called by Her and ask:

  • Who is Mary Magdalene really?
  • What was her life like?
  • What are the ancient teachings of the feminine lineage, which offer us sustenance, guidance, inspiration and a way to awaken?
  • How do you deal with the challenges and shadows on this path of real love?
  • How do you connect deeply, fully with the sacred feminine, beyond the concepts, and live it embodied and unabashed in our world, no matter what?

This and more will be revealed in The Way of the Sacred Feminine

If you hear her call purchase this self-paced online Course today.

Meet Nicola Amadora, PhD.

and share in her inspiring connection with Mary Magdalene. Nicola’s remarkable journey led to the sacred caves of Southern France, where she was initiated into these ancient teachings and practices, which illumine the unique path for the feminine.

Nicola is a non-dual spiritual teacher, leading retreats and trainings for 30 years internationally, and works as a Hakomi Therapist, Conscious Relationship and Women’s Leadership Educator.

She is passionate to usher women into the depth and beauty of the sacred feminine, and she has walked the path since she was a teenager herself. Nicola is known to guide with profound love and presence, humor, elegance and heart.

Travel with us on the Path of Mary Magdalene – the Bearer of the Flame

  • Hear about the often misunderstood, hidden archetypal message of Mary Magdalene- more relevant today than ever before.
  • Engage in a feminine approach to spirituality that embraces human and divine in a grounded, enliving and liberating way.
  • Directly experience the transmission of the feminine to guide you home, ignite your flame, and fill your chalice to the brim.
  • Immerse yourself in the four main pillars of HER teaching and the practices for daily life.
  • Discover a new way of relating to experience true connection and community.
  • Connect with other sisters on this path. We are awaiting you!
  • Enter the path of radical embrace to heal core wounds, to meet deep sorrows and thrilling joys in life with courage and grace.
  • Let her way offer you the juice and strength to shine your flame, to show up for real as you are and make a difference in our world.

We will dive deep, rise high and steep in Her with…

Four Teaching Sessions

1 hour each with recorded in-depth Teachings, Practices, Meditations based on the Four Pillars and Themes of the Mary Magdalene.

Guided Meditations

Four recorded Meditations for awakening and embodying the Sacred Feminine.

Four Deep Practices and Inspiration

For each theme so we can live Way of the Sacred Feminine in this World.

The Themes that this Course covers:

1. The Power of Life

2. The Beloved

3. Sacred Union

4. Lover of the World


8 audio recordings and 4 pdf’s. Four 1 hour recorded teachings for each theme, which includes experience, guided practice and meditation. Plus four longer guided and recorded meditations to steep more deeply in the feminine. Additionally you you receive practices and inspiration ( 4 pdf’s) that cover theses important themes.

Once you have taken this course you have the opportunity to attend a special retreat in France where Mary Magdalene lived and taught. This retreat is for women who are steeped deeply on the path of the feminine. Read more here:

Regardless of your spiritual orientation or connection to Mary Magdalene, Nicola will lead you to experience directly the sacred feminine revealed as YOU. She offers practical ways for the path of the feminine and how to live embodied in the world and in relationships- from our power, beauty and a heart broken open. Nicola offers a real and intimate connection with this incredible holy woman, who gives us important—and relevant— answers and a powerful way to rise amidst what is happening within ourselves, among each other and in our world today!

The Way of the Sacred Feminine

Four in depth Teachings
Recorded Meditations
Practices and Inspiration

What Women Are Saying…

“With natural grace and ease she guides a whole group of women to step into the sacred feminine in a way that is grounded, real, and empowering. Her leadership and group facilitation skills are excellent. She makes it safe and easy for women to let go of old patterns, to open and experience the sacred, to deeply connect to themselves and with each other.

Nicola Amadora embodies what she teaches. She creates powerful transformation and a feast for the heart. She truly works magic and your life will be forever changed.”

Marci Schimoff, New York Times Bestselling Author of Happy for no Reason

I am still amazed about the creation Nicola provided…

“We as a group of women with such unique and different expressions, were able to awaken our divine feminine, to heal and open our hearts. Nicola held a sacred space in such a loving and intuitive way. She tuned in constantly and directed the energies for the benefit of all. I felt I could be here with what is here now, accept, integrate, feel and be. Not having to change what is here now. The loving energy-field made it easy to explore the most vulnerable and hidden parts of me to be recognized lovingly accepted and integrated. I have immense gratitude for having this possibility, experience of real love, trust, and sisterhood and togetherness, which changed my life forever. It feels like a rebirth into the real feminine and learning to be love in action and live it in our world.”

Gisela Eilinger, Germany

Nicola is a genius teacher…

“I love how her teachings flow from deep compassion, true knowing and she is real. Nicola embodies spirituality and is fully human. A rare find.”

Kristin Crowley, Counselor, Berkeley

Nicola is more than an amazing guide…

“She gives her all, her talents, her life-force, and heart as she guided us. The gifts and wisdom that she so selflessly offers and embodies are the pure magic that I’ve been searching for myself and to support the collective and empower the world. Through Nicola’s gifted facilitation and intuitive wisdom, I have come more fully into my power and connected deeply with Mary Magdalene. I feel stronger, more clear and brave—as if I can do anything—within this new connection. The experiences of this sacred journey have been woven into every aspect of my life. It was truly life changing and I am grateful. If you feel called it will be a great gift to yourself and the world.”

Connie Viveros, Coach, California

My heart is full of gratitude…

“… and immense recognition to Nicola for the willingness to embody Her and the love that has been expressed in the days we shared. This retreat has been one of the most precious gifts that I have received in this life; now I’m fully enjoying to be part of this adventure of being human.”

Salvadora Martinez, Community Leader, Spain

Thank you for your love and strength…

“… and for your beauty, authenticity and vulnerability in the way you taught this incredible weeklong retreat in France. It was more than I could ever imagine.”

Annelot Borleff, Holland

Nicola held an exquisite container for deep healing, awakening and embodiment…

“Truly it was an initiation into the deeper mysteries of life and the feminine. I carry this tremendous blessing into my life and work, which will benefit many. Thank you with all my heart.”

Ashanna Solaris, Workshop Leader, CA

Nicola facilitated the Mary Magdalene retreat from a place deep in the heart…

“This infused her teaching with a vulnerability that made the journey so deep and real, and many, including myself, were able to transform in beautiful and meaningful ways. Ways, which none of us had anticipated. Nicola creates a safe space that allows transformation to organically occur, and it helped us to be true to ourselves. It made us all more real, embodied and connected to our essence. Thank you, Nicola.”

Rene Murata, Executive Coach and Business Owner, Italy

Nicola walks her talk…

“She teaches with such depth and it touches my heart profoundly. She is an exceptional spiritual teacher, who makes the teachings easily applicable for daily life. She is real and inspiring.”

Betsy Blessing, SC

It is rare to find teachers who are able to integrate so much…

“… and be able to support others into a real and felt experience of connection. Instead of participants having a passive and conceptual experience it was immediate and integrating of body, emotion, mind, and spirit. Nicola is a highly gifted teacher and therapist on the journey home!”

Patricia Rowe, Psychotherapist, Oakland

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