Cancellation Policy

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For all Retreats and Trainings led by Dr. Nicola Amadora the following cancellation policy applies:

The deposit is usually non refundable.

The amount paid for a retreat or training is refundable up to three weeks before the event, minus the deposit, unless stated otherwise. After that period no refund is offered.

In case of unforeseen disasters such as fires, floods and other occurrences that threaten a safe environment for the retreat or training Dr. N. Amadora is not liable. All attempts are made to relocate the retreat or training, if that is possible then no refund is given. If the training or retreat must be cancelled due to such extreme occurrence half of the payment is refunded.

If Dr. Nicola Amadora must cancel the event for any other reasons a refund minus admin fee is offered or the tuition can be applied to another event in the future.

Please note that pilgrimages such as the Mary Magdalene journey have a different cancellation policy due to the level of organization and cost involved. The full payment is due three months before the journey and no refunds can be given in case of a cancelation less than three months notice. To cover yourself please take out a travel insurance.

For private Session the following cancellation policy applies:

24 hour notice must be given or else the full cost of session is charged. In an emergency exceptions might be made at the discretion of Dr. Nicola Amadora.

Thank you for your understanding and respecting this commonly used cancellation policy.