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Online Course

with Nicola Amadora PhD
and Nancy Swisher MA, MFA

The time has come for our true voice to be spoken and heard.

In the decades we have worked with women, we’ve found that most of us experience fear to be fully visible in the world. It makes sense, because for thousands of years women’s voices have been silenced. It was dangerous to bring forth what is within us. We all carry this imprint.

We have become experts at hiding. Do you hold back your wisdom and truth? Do you play small? Have you become hardened in order to succeed? Do you often doubt yourself?

This course is for you, if you are ready to take a leap to open deeper into who you are and dare to speak your soul into the world.

Why? Because your voice matters! For your life, your relationships and the turning of the tide in our world.

Receive a hand to step through your threshold. We welcome you.

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If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you, what is
within you will destroy you.
-Gnostic Text

Mary Magdalene

  • Do you stay hidden because you are afraid to stand out?
  • Do you hold back from speaking what you really want to say?
  • Do you often say, “I’m sorry”? or “I don’t know” ?
  • Do you use elaborate explanations or dramatize in order to be heard?
  • Have you been shamed for speaking up?
Let us give you a hand

In this 7-week program you have the opportunity to grow:

  • Greater confidence and trust in yourself
  • Courage to speak from your deep truth
  • Conscious communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Ways to heal the wounded feminine
  • Strength to overcome the fear of being visible
  • A safe space to be valued, heard, and seen


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What does our course entail?

Each week we invoke one goddess to help you connect with specific qualities and abilities to bring forth your voice of the feminine:

Week #1 Mary Magdalene: “Revealing what is hidden”mm

Mary Magdalene represents the feminine embodied in the world and she carries the energy of creation. We are accessing the feminine power within us and open ourselves to juiciness and aliveness. Learn to have faith in what is not yet visible. Embody the voice of love within you.

Week #2 Sophia: “Connecting with your inner wisdom”


Sophia is the archetype of spiritual wisdom that arises intuitively. Listen, honor and follow the voice of deep knowing. Gain skill to differentiate between the voice of your soul and the voices of society, the mind, emotions and body.

Week #3 Durga: “Welcome to the party~ meet your demons”


“Durga is able to meet any demon, she is the protectress and always victorious. What holds you back? What are your obstacles? Gain the ability to meet your deepest fears and discover the power within. Learn to embrace your challenges and rise to meet them. We practice the high art of transforming with our demons. “Where you stumble therein lies your treasure” Joseph Campbell

Week #4 Black Madonna: “Embracing vulnerability”

Black Madonna1

The Black Madonna helps us to receive and nurture the little ones, the tender places in us. Connect to your sacred wound, a gateway to your soul. Practice taking care of your hurts and vulnerabilities. Find radical acceptance of self so you can show up in the world with authenticity and love. Give strength with your voice for those who are vulnerable in society like children, elderly, animals…

Week #5 Tara: “Overcoming limitation and developing fierce compassion”


Tara is powerful in her compassion as she leads us from the snares of illusion and old patterns into natural freedom and peace. Reside in your center and take compassionate action. Speak up for your values and what matters most to you. Release the need for external approval to feel safe. Break through old story lines. Take new action in the world.

Week#6 Joan of Arc: “Lighting the fires”

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc guides us to be true to ourselves, to be inspired by a higher call and offers us courage to act upon it- no matter what. We connect with our inspiration and move forward with our gifts to take over the world :). Bring your message forth with courage. Believe in yourself unapologetically. Stand for and with each other.

This course is for you, if

–You are ready to make a leap and dare to speak your soul into the world.

–You want to make a greater difference while being true to your own self.

–You need more communication skills.

–You sometimes feel frightened, when you speak what arises from deep inside.

–You want to free yourself from control strategies to be able to speak authentically.

–You want to experience the happiness and satisfaction of living from your natural Self in work and relationships.

We look forward to welcoming you into this special course!

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Here’s what you’ll receive, when you choose to join our program:

  • 7 live and interactive 90-minute Sessions with Nicola and Nancy.
  • Don’t worry if you miss a class, you receive all 7 recorded MP3’s to download
  • Sessions for your personal use.
  • Powerful exercises and practices for each class that you can apply and continue to use in your life.
  • Extensive preliminary and follow up written course material (pdf version).
  • Private Facebook Group for support and further discussion beyond the calls. Nancy and Nicola will be participating.
  • Pairing with a “Voice of the Feminine” Buddy for one to one conversations and support.

BONUS: Free 30-minute coaching with either Nancy or Nicola for the first 10 people who register! These sessions will be scheduled to occur during the course itself for you highest benefit.

Click on this link to see a video about what we have cooked up for you

Course Dates:

Listen to the live recorded PREVIEW CALL to get a taste of the course and us, to find out if this course is for you. Click here: Recording  The course starts on Thursday, October 15th, then October 22, 29, Nov.5, 12, 19 and Dec 3d. If you miss a session the recording will be sent to you.


12 noon PT/USA, 2:00 pm CT/USA, 8 pm UK, 9pm Germany

You can attend this call via the web or by Skype or a local phone number. If you miss a call, the recording will be sent to you. Once you register, you will receive all the call-in information for the course. Please check your countries seasonal time change and adapt it our course time.

Investment: $297

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If you have questions you need to ask before you register please email us at or

Cancellation Policy: If you are not satisfied with this course after the first week of attending, you can receive a full refund. We must be notified of this in writing prior to the October 8th call.


Your Guides for this Journey are:


Nicola Amadora PhD. has been working with women of all ages for 30 years. She is a Psychologist, Hakomi Therapist, Spiritual Teacher, Leadership and Relationship Educator. She has facilitated numerous groups worldwide, led a holistic educational center and raised a precious daughter. She is the founder of “Leading like a Woman” professional Trainings, “Feminine Wisdom” Retreats, and “Rising Tide” a mentoring program for young Women. With passion, humor and love, Nicola ushers women into the beauty of their essence and empowers each to bring forth their gift to make a difference in our world. To learn more about Nicola go to:

Nancy Green Forward
Nancy Swisher, MA, MFA is a Spiritual Mentor, Transformational Coach, Artist, and Writer. She has worked in the field of personal and spiritual growth for over twenty years, first specializing in working with women healing childhood trauma. Trained in Inner Bonding, Energy Psychology, and the teachings of New Thought, Nancy listens deeply and brings her Presence to everything she does. Her book, Stepping Out of the Past: Memoir of a Practical Mystic, will be published later this year. Nancy works on Skype with women from all over the world and teaches in England each year. To learn more about her, go to:

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