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How do we relate to ourselves and others? What does it mean to relate from our inherent nature – from presence, wisdom, compassion and kindness – with one another?

In a culture where quantity and speed is valued, quality and real connection, which many yearn for, can get lost. So much suffering is created through the ways relate. And there is also so much happiness and love that is shared. We are always in relationship – with life, ourselves, others…Who are we relating to? What are we relating from? What would it be like to really hear, see and simply meet each other as we are? As we enter into being present, real and open we are able to connect with others and all our relationships benefit.

What happens, when we nourish and pay attention to what is most natural in the heart, where we are all interconnected? What helps us, when we meet challenges and difficulties in our relationships? How do we set healthy boundaries and be true to ourselvess, whilst staying connected? What have you stored in your heart that is longing to come forth in the way you relate? As our heart opens, we experience our aliveness and vulnerability, beyond control and defenses. Often there is fear of being hurt, as well as many pains about relationships that might surface. This needs to be met and healed. We can embrace our vulnerability as a gift, for it is here where great love lives and is arising from.
We can learn essential skills for relating, such as mindful and non-violent communication, which are truly beneficial at home, work and in life.

hawaii-double-fallsOn this ship of relating with heart, there are powerful ways that lead into natural ease, acceptance, transparency, authenticity, connection, understanding, greater intimacy, presence and real love in all of our relationships. You are welcomed on board – just as you are.

Responding from Real Love to all of life means nothing less but to open our hearts, to uncover the love within us and to be present so we can embrace what is here. When we are connected in our body and let love move us, our world is affected in a powerful way. In a supportive environment you are invited to discover the jewel that is you, to meet your blocks toward receiving and giving of love, and to allow transformation to emerge organically. This profound retreat provides you with skills and direct experiences, which can enable you to live more fully and freely from love in this world.


This indepth training offers leaders, coworkers, families and partners to:

~Expand your capacity in relating skillfully~Understand the male and female relating dance.~Build and experience authentic connection with others.~Resolve difficulties with mindfulness and conflict resolution skills. ~Communicate with transparency and heart.


provide an extraordinary opportunity to awaken and to live real love together. In a safe setting we engage in a soulful and practical way with: vulnerability and power, healthy boundaries and integrity, sexuality and connection, embracing the darkest and most luminous in each other, how to turn battlefields into gardens and to nourish your relationships. We enhance intimacy and understanding through non-violent communication, conflict resolution and the language of affection. Loving relationships are possible when we are present, accept each other and dare, without defenses, to truly meet in love. It is a path of the heart.

is the foundation for true relating. This retreat offers you to open and deepen into being fully here now and being connected to all that is. The main door is silence and connecting to the Source. Once entered, a new way of being in ourselves, in the world and in relationship emerges. The retreat includes meditation, teachings, relating practices.

This retreat is an invitation for couples and singles to: connect to Love present within you, deepen your availability to fully receive, grow in your capacity to authentically give, experience greater wellbeing in your relationships and life, benefit all by living your gift. Meditation, direct experience, practical skills, sharing and teaching support us at this retreat to be at home and intimate within love’s nature.



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