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The Patriarchy is crumbling. She is rising. From the deep, dark, the forgotten and oppressed. Her voice is whispering in the dark of night when control has slipped through your fingers…you are hearing what you might have denied, pushed aside in broad daylight. Oh, it feels so unnerving, unfamiliar, and yet deeply known what is awaiting behind the veils. Yes, women are afraid of Her too. When fierce power emerges from the belly below; it can be overwhelming. Power was dangerous, they burned her at the stake for centuries. It’s in your cells and bones.

And yet, before you turn back to the familiar and seemingly safe, let her look at you. With such a tender, loving embrace she takes you, melting your resistance into non-existence. She sure has her own way. And she is waking in you, now, when the world needs the Feminine to survive and thrive. You find her in the deep. Let her rise. She is liberating, enlivening, birthing a whole new world through you, me, all of us. It is time!

On Retreat we dive into the Feminine, to merge with our aliveness, and let her rise up from deep within. Together we are birthing forth a radical new way to live Her in our bodies and on this earth.

In a safely held and sacred space, we enter the Holy Fire of our Soul. We connect with the real, the messy and beautiful, allowing our wounds to gently heal, to experience that we are profoundly held beyond any concept the mind can tell, to merge with this life-giving and restoring juice, and to gather the courage to step boldly into power and break the chains of lies. In an authentic way, we connect to meet soul to soul, human to human, and as women, we walk the path of true immanence, where the She is felt and visible in everyday life.

We open the door to deep feminine wisdom teachings and learn practices that help you to feel and connect all the way, to experience, to embody, and to live as Her, expressed as utterly and uniquely You.

On retreat, you are supported in this important awakening, birthing, and embodiment in an organic, empowering and wholesome way. When you leave the retreat you will walk in a different way in this world, remembering the sacred with every step you take, making your home in truth, being held in love, and following what your soul is calling you to create.

Nicola Amadora has offered in-person and online “Deep Feminine Rising” Retreats and Courses worldwide. She has been guiding women for three decades in a deep, real and sacred way. The themes may differ, but each retreat serves the same deep feminine heart. All retreats provide refined meditation, embodiment, relational practices, ceremony, and profound teachings that unite the feminine soul and our human womanhood.

You are warmly welcomed into the circle.

Join for a beautiful and unforgettable retreat. See upcoming retreats here.

Purchase a recorded or live online course.

Get a taste of Her here. Or, Invite Nicola to your area or women’s group.

Do you want to teach and lead women? Contact us for the training/mentoring program that will soon be available.

Experience the deep feminine way of Enlivenment

Ride the waves of feelings into liberation.

Connect with your innate wisdom and relax self doubt into trust.

Move from oppression into the power of the feminine.

Embrace your vulnerability, your sensuality and be at ease within your own body.

Speak your soul voice, dance wild and stand up

Receive support from women who are really here with you.

Deepen in the art of giving and receiving love in relationships.

Stay connected and true to yourself in the midst of relating.

Connect intimately with the Source and ride courageously the waves of change.

Embody who you truly are, as a woman, and offer your gift in benefit for all beings!

Reviews from Women

“The event was outstanding and pitch-perfect. Nicola’s leadership and group facilitation skills are excellent. With natural grace and ease she guided a whole group of women to step into the sacred feminine in a way that was grounded, real, and empowering.

She made it safe and easy for women to let go of old patterns, to open and experience the sacred, to deeply connect to themselves and with each other. Nicola Amadora embodies what she teaches, she truly works magic and creates a feast for the heart. Thank you so much for this gift!”

Marci Schimoff, Author of ‘Happy for no Reason’.

“To be with Nicola Amadora is life-changing in itself as she is a true spiritual teacher. There are not many walking upon this earth. To be with her in Mary Magdalene land, especially in her caves, is difficult to write about as it is an experience far beyond words.

This is the real thing, real love, the stuff many of us are looking for. And Nicola is an amazing conduit for this force, walking her talk every step of the way.

If you feel called to do this, then don’t hesitate. Just know that nothing will be the same afterward…”

Nina Yderberg, MD, Sweden

“I came to the women’s retreat at the end of my rope, feeling hopeless and was done with teachings or any other healing modality, because nothing would help. I left the retreat totally transformed. I found healing, a new sense of purpose, and a willingness to keep going and be of service to the world. She gave me faith when I needed it most.”

Joanna Arenstein, Sebastapol

“What can I say about the work with this exceptional woman? Of all the therapists, coaches, and teachers with whom I have ever worked, Nicola Amadora is the one who guided me home in the most direct and loving way.

She led me so refined and precise and embraced with honor and love the hurt and the lost parts of my personality. In her presence, I am seen and felt, cherished, and safe. She is clear and strong in her guidance without dominance or pretense.

Her lived humanity touches me deeply and I am amazed to experience what awakening really is.”

Claudia Neubert, Coach, Women’s Leader, Leipzig

“Nicola is a treasure and a wise woman. She speaks and leads with her heart with a gentleness and divine strength that could only come from many years of practicing compassion and diving into the deep uncomfortable places that are so difficult for many of us to go.

What I appreciate so much about her is that she doesn’t deal with only the symptoms of a chaotic world, but really worked with us on getting down to the core of our pains, hidden in our most tender places. The tools that I have learned on this retreat will never be forgotten, nor any of the people that traveled down this path with me. Writing about it now reminds me of that connectedness, and I feel a great deal of warmth and presence within my whole body, which is exactly how I want to live my life.

To anyone considering whether to join Nicola on a retreat, in therapy or even just a walk down the street, say YES! Your whole self will love you for it.”

Kelli Radwanski, Artist, Los Angeles

“Nicola embodies the famous phrase that love is stronger than fear. Her example, every moment of the day in this weeklong retreat- even under extremely challenging circumstances – has proven to me the possibility and the promise of such conviction. It is contagious! I am inspired!

She carries such a vibrant torch that you can’t help but catch on fire. Standing beside her I burn with true desire to live from a place of fierce compassion and love in action. Nicola’s commitment, dedication and selflessness are palpable and humbling.

It has been an honor to walk beside her in nature and the inner terrain of our true nature. Nicola carries the map in her heart and is a blessed guide.

Thank you, Nicola. You are a treasured teacher and soul companion in this life for me.”

Melissa Mahar, Oregon

“My experience of this wonderful retreat is that I came in contact with my deeper feminine side and Maria Magdalena.

Nicola is such a competent and real teacher with profound knowledge and great power. I highly recommend her with love.”

Ulla Johansson, Healer, Sweden

“Ich fließe gerade über vor Fülle und Dankbarkeit. Und ich möchte gern konkreten Dank und damit auch klare Empfehlung aussprechen.

In dem online Frauen Kurs mit Nicola Amadora durfte ich eine menschliche und spirituelle Tiefe erfahren, die wirklich ein sehr seltenes Juwel in dieser Welt ist. Mit solcher Weisheit, Feuer und Erdung ist sie mit den Frauen da. Mich sehend, alle so sehr sehend.

Ich erlebte über den Winter und Frühling im letzten Jahr ein Ankommen in mir und der Fähigkeit, überhaupt Verbundenheit zu einer Gruppe von Menschen zu empfinden ohne innere Abspaltung. Danke Nicola!”

Katharina Guhlmann, Germany

“Durch die Art, wie Frauen mit einander sein können – liebevoll, herzlich, zart – veränderte sich auch die Art, wie ich zu mir war. Meine Beziehungen veränderten sich. Auch meine Freundschaften

Spannend war auch die Erfahrung, dass es in Frauenkreisen zu Spannungen kommen kann. Sehr alte Themen werden berührt, die sich über Jahrhunderte geformt haben und nicht von heute auf morgen zu lösen sind. Damit da sein zu dürfen und in den Kontakt zu gehen, war heilsam. Nichts wurde weg gemacht. Nichts künstlich hinzugefügt.

In einem sehr besonderen Frauenkurs, der dann über lange Zeit online statt fand hatte ich ein magisches Erlebnis. Es fühlte sich an, als würde der Rest meiner Seele in den unteren Teil meines Körpers inkarnieren. Ich fühlte mich den Frauen und meinem Frauenkörper so nah. Ich war voller Freude, dieses Erlebnis mit den Frauen teilen zu können. So sicher, so behütet. Danke Nicola!”

Anna Marks, Germany

“The ‘She Rises’ Retreat was a vivid experience of the magic of the deep feminine Way. Nicola gives so much love to her group. Besides her wisdom, she is a beautiful transmission of the teachings of true love of Mary Magdalena, the rebel who brought a revolution!”

Inarra Aryane Griffyn, Spiritual Business Coach, Sweden

“The retreat was inspiring, fresh, deep, heartfelt, and full of hope for me. I came with my daughter, and it meant a lot for me. Thank you, Nicola,”

Dee Eastmann, Los Angeles

“I wanted to thank you for your wisdom, warm heart, and grounded way you lead with the retreat, truly creating an honest, authentic space for our group to unfold into.

I’ve since been sitting with and working with some of the pieces that were brought up that day, particularly the practices of honoring my edge, dropping into the belly, and speaking with nature on a more consistent basis.

I was truly touched by your powerful story and strength of faith in it.”

Lauren Allegra Elio, Los Angeles

“The retreat was like a glimpse into paradise, and I am so grateful. Heaven and earth opened and what is untrue fell away for me.

Ever since the retreat I feel so much more connected and held. This is so important, and I never really felt it in such a solid and real way.”

Marlene Wolf, Germany

“The retreat was truly enlightening, to be able to reconnect with myself, each other, nature, the divine. The energy and authenticity were inspiring!”

Katie Byram, Martinez

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Dr. Nicola Amadora has worked extensively with women from all walks of life for 30 years.

Retreats and courses are held at various locations and online, usually by invitation.

For updates, please check the calendar or contact us.

Presence and Connection with Horses and Women

This is a special event in nature with horses and women to:

open your heart and experience the joy of truly connecting

experience the magic of being present

step through fear — into safety and trust

shift from old patterns into what is real and alive

heal wounds through relating with horses and women

understand the language of nature through your senses

receive reflection and acceptance from the horse

discover new ways of being and relating

learn collaboration and leadership skills

practice mindful relating skills

grow in natural self confidence and be empowered

engage from your center and authenticity

allow love to carry you and fill you with wonder!

This course can also be held for special groups. Advanced booking is necessary. Not available during the winter. Riding is optional (both advanced and beginning riders welcomed). This is a playful, natural way of learning and it is a unique life- time experience!


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