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Enjoy these guided meditations, practices and teachings from live sessions and events. More recordings of public talks are available upon request. Please visit Media for beautiful guided meditations in nature on video. Some meditations are available on Insight Timer. These meditations are offered free of charge to support people. We appreciate, if you help us to continue our work of service, by purchasing a Meditation CD or individual high-quality recording to download at Shop. Thank you!!

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Simple, guided meditations for daily use. The meditations are rooted in ancient east west tradition, with wings for living in the modern world. Up to 10 minutes

Meditation: Present and Connected
Dropping deeper -Being Held
Are you beginning to meditate or need a simple way? Here is a 5 min guided mindfulness practice to use as your foundation:
Mindfulness Meditation for Everyday
7 Minute Meditation
Special Meditation: “You are Loved”
SOS Breath: Helps to calm and feel grounded. Very helpful when you experience anxiety, shock or difficulty.
Meditation: In Love with Life
Divine Mother Meditation
Focus on Mission Meditation




These 3-10 min recordings contain the essential ingredients for matters we encounter in ourselves and life.
 “How do you feel and know your worth?”
“How do you connect with another?”
“How to approach internal issues”
“Get off  Freak Train”
“How to differentiate between Dissacociation and Connectedness”:
“Meeting dark places and how to navigate the ship”
Checking in or checking out?
Keys to find your Purpose:
What to do when Anxiety has gotten the better of you?
Practical  Instruction: “How to dance with the fire of Anger”
Feelings- Friend or Foe? Relating to Emotions in a healthy Way
“Slowing down frantic mind”
Practical Instruction: “How to deal with Anxiety”
Heart Practices:
“How to come back home when you lost your way?”
Practical Instruction: Yes or No? Making Choices




The recordings are from live talks on stage or from Nicola’s teaching for groups.
“Heart of Relating I”
Healing the Gap: Integration of the Feminine and Masculine – Live Satsang in Spanish and English Language
Live Dharma Talk: ‘The Guesthouse”
Live Dharma Talk: “Letting Go Into Life”
Live Satsang: “Happiness”
Relationship Talk: “Love for real- after the honey moon phase”
Live talk and Meditation: “Trust”
 Inspiration Talk: “Controlling or living Life?’
Feelings- Friend or Foe? Relating to Emotions in a healthy Way
Live Talk: “Wisdom of an open heart”
“Opening into Grace”. Live Talk and Meditation
Satsang Live: Friendly or dangerous?
“Mary Magdalene: Revealing what is hidden”. Excerpt from online course: Voice of the Feminine
Poetry: Love No Matter What



Interview on Podcast:
How to grow deep Connection and have juicy Sex
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