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Mary Magdalene Priestess Path

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Mary Magdalene Priestess Path

Initiation and Immersion in the Rose Lineage

You are on Her path, have tasted the wine, and feasted at the table with us. The way of love is real and alive for you. Magdalena and the birthing cave have enlivened and taken you into a depth not known before.

Your soul and Mary may call you closer. To enter the inner circle.


It is a great honor to become a grail bearer, to be a Priestess in this sacred rose lineage.


A lineage steeped in mystery, depth, and wonder. Such a calling is not to be taken lightly, as it comes with a task for each and a commitment to walk this path. To continue to train and be of service to her. Whilst the priestess’s path is both challenging and glorious, you will receive guidance, support, and love, walking intimately with other sisters who are devoted to her.

These offerings are for women who are advanced on the spiritual path and are called to be priestesses – or already are – in the ancient rose lineage and walking the deep feminine way with Mary Magdalene.


* The Priestess’s initiation retreat and union journey in her cave (in France) *
*The Priestess Training and Initiation (live online)* 
* The Priestess immersion and further Training*


Find out more about each offering below.

Mary Magdalene Priestess Initiation Retreat in France

This profound initiation and retreat in the womb cave of Mary Magdalene in France takes you to the root of Her and your being. It is not one of the usual priestess new age events. It is deep, real, and serves as a resurrection of the ancient feminine lineage with ancient practices for living the way of love and as a priestess, so you embody being a torchbearer in this world and if called to guide others too.

This is a powerful, intense five-day initiation into the lineage of HER, with hidden teachings and transmission in the cave in France.. It is for only 12 women, who are walking her way and have attended a previous Magdalene retreat in France ( if you have not, but are called, please inquire with Nicola) and have done the immersion course online. I offer this retreat once a year.

“Only from the Truth, I tell you, there is a Great Tree within you that does not change, Summer or Winter, and its leaves do not fall. Whosoever listens to my words and ascends to its Crown will not taste Death, but know the Truth of Eternal Life.” (Gospel of the Beloved Companion)

Magdalene Priestess Training and Initation (live online)

You received a profound gift and transmission when you were with us in her cave. Remember? She called you, and you answered and experienced the feminine power, sisterhood, and such love… Oh her way is so deep, and true. We felt it in our bones and hearts when walking the trail in the magical forest.

Now you may feel called and ready to come even closer into her, to become a priestess in the rich, ancient. rose lineage that goes back to the beginning of time and was buried far too long. The Magdalene Priestesses are the inner circle to resurrect the lineage, to behold and embody the sacred, and to fulfill an active role as a beloved priestess together with the community. The priestess’s path is a soul calling to be her grail bearer. The training is not new agey, but deep and real and will grow you!

We already have a strong Magdalene Priestess Community of sincere and devoted women who are her grail-bearers in a world that needs us now. This beautiful group continues to study, train, and meet with each other as priestess sisters, and they get the opportunity to take a role in events too.

Being a Magdalene Priestess is an honor and a calling from your being and HER. This is why I offer this training only for those devoted to walking this holy path and serving her as the inner circle priestesses.

We dive into these themes and more:

~  The sacred role and tasks of a Priestess

~ The deeper revelations of the Magdalene Lineage

~ The hidden mysteries, practices, and gnostic teachings of Her

~ How to dance between the veils and the other world

~ Igniting your fire in the heart nous

~ Cultivating a richer, clearer way of seeing, hearing, sensing, and knowing

~Walking the path of love ever more fully and daring to step forth

~ Tending to your relationship with Magdalene and the community

~ Unraveling your unique mission and taking your seat as a priestess of the inner circle

How it works

You must have attended the Magdalene Retreat, and best have done the immersion course, as this serves as an important foundation to walk this blessed priestess path.

We meet first for five session times, biweekly, for 90 minutes live online

Then we gather for the deeper priestess retreat initiation for about 3-4 hours live online. I will hold it for you in the Magdalene Chapel in France and at a sacred place in nature, which is called “Mother of the World”. This is where the Cathar priests and priestesses used to gather for initiations in the Magdalene lineage. You will see everything and experience the energy by being there live online. Some of our senior priestesses will join us to hold the container and welcome you into the circle.

During the training you receive:

Meditation, transmission and activation, essence priestess practices, relating and movement, deep teachings from the red thread, study of the gospel, sharing, retreat, and initiation ritual ceremony are part of this rich priestess training.

Sign Up: Send a message: I am in. After we receive your yes, you’ll get the details for the upcoming training.

Mary Magdalene is taking the world by storm. It’s our revolution, finally! And priestesses are needed to light the way. You?

Magdalene Priestess Immersion and further Training

She rocked your world and you are rooted strong in her, even when things get shaken. You received a tremendous gift and activation when you were initiated in the womb cave of her Rose lineage. With that honoring comes a sacred responsibility.  Throughout time, all priestesses continued to train in her path, inside and outside. Without receiving further training and mentoring, the blessing can dissipate and one’s calling and the task might not be fulfilled.

I offer this special deepening training program always by request from the priestess group.

Nicola Amadora is a spiritual teacher, psychologist, and seasoned women’s leader. She teaches the Deep Feminine and Mary Magdalene Way and guides retreats worldwide. Nicola has been ushering women into the path of the embodied feminine for 30 years. She has been guiding thousands of women to awaken, heal, embody the feminine and live the holy in the streets of this world. Mary Magdalene called her a long time ago and she trained many arduous years, before she was asked to teach her way and train those who are called into her fold. She will guide you – gentle as a dove and fierce as a lioness- to the holy grail inside your being, and to live this blessed wine embodied and for real in this world.

See more about Mary Magdalene here.

If you have not been to a Magdalena Retreat, I highly recommend it. It is – as many say – incredible! This provides the foundation of her way and teachings and offers you an unforgettable experience and transmission. The priestess’s path builds and grows from that.

Go here for Mary Magdalena – the Sacred Feminine. This home study course includes the main four pillars of the way of love and her lineage. After you listen to these four primary sessions, then listen to the immersion. Best if you also use the practices at home and in your life. This path is rich and full of wonder.

If you like to travel further into the mysteries, steep in the Mary Magdalene Immersion which is a beautiful and deep home study course. Learn to walk through the veils, cultivate the rose virtues and walk every day with a prayer on your lips.

What Women say:

“I attended this retreat without knowing Nicola, I was guided to come to the Mary Magdalene Pilgrimage with her. It surpassed all my expectations. The housing, the food, the teachings, the guidance, nature, and sacred places…My life is transformed, it’s incredible. I feel so grateful.”
Connie Viveros, CA, Coach

“There are no words to express how this profound journey is. Something deep within was unlocked and healed in me, and I will carry that forth into the world forever. Nicola is an amazing guide and teacher and she held us with such great love.”
Erin Moreno, Healer

“To be with Nicola Amadora is life-changing in itself as she is a true spiritual teacher. There are not many walking upon this earth. To be with her in Mary Magdalene land, especially in her caves, is difficult to write about as it is an experience far beyond words. This is the real thing, real love, the stuff many of us are looking for. And Nicola is an amazing conduit for this force, walking her talk every step of the way. If you feel called to do this then don’t hesitate. Just know that nothing will be the same afterward…”
Nina Yderberg, MD, Sweden

“I am still amazed about the creation and walking the path before us Nicola, so that we as a group of women with such unique and different expressions, were able to be there for the purpose to awaken our divine feminine, heal and open our hearts. The container created energetically and physically allowed me to relax and feel safe to open and be vulnerable, which I could not have done alone and dared to in daily life or elsewhere. The villas, food, housing and structure reflected perfectly the loving, nourishing, and caring attitude throughout the retreat. Nicola created and held a sacred space wherever we were in such a loving and intuitive way. She tuned in constantly and directed the energies for the benefit of all. I felt I could be here with what is here now, accept, integrate, feel, and be. Not having to change what is here now. The loving field made it easy to explore the most vulnerable and hidden parts of me to be recognized, lovingly accepted and integrated. There is immense gratitude for having this possibility, the experience of real love, trust and sisterhood and togetherness which changed my life forever. It feels like a rebirth into the real feminine and learning to be love in action and live it.”
Gisela Eilinger, Germany

“This retreat was a homecoming to myself. I feel a deep and real connection with the divine feminine that I never felt before. I feel a wholeness that I didn’t even know was missing. Nicola does an amazing job at guiding the group but does it in a way that feels also very personal. She holds space for everyone to get exactly what they need in a very organic way. The retreat has a beautiful structure and Nicola is constantly tuning in to adjust the process-based people’s needs. It is very authentic and truly the embodiment of love.”
Alejandra Ortiz, USA

“Nicola took me through a pilgrimage of a lifetime- a wide embrace of our humanity and divinity. Embodied, bold, centered, loving, clear, tender, and inexhaustibly empowering. Thank you, Nicola, for rooting me in my life purpose. This retreat was far beyond of what I could imagine and surpassed all what I expected. It was fantastic. Thank you.”
Pamela Yap. Acupuncturist, New York

“No words can express my gratitude for this outstanding retreat that changed my life. I have attended many retreats, but this was truly exceptional. I am forever grateful in my heart for this profound journey home.”
Salvadora, Community Leader, Spain

“This retreat is so profound. Thank you dear Nicola, for guiding and holding me through my fear and into my true purpose. This Retreat was a real shift into a new life. Thank you so much for guiding me home!”
Alwine Böhme, Germany

“I cannot remember feeling in need of anything during the retreat – expect for more dark chocolate, and even that came along…All the women were caring and lovely. Nicola held a loving and safe space. I felt totally safe the whole time – from the first day. I opened deeply and I am so glad I came!”
Janaki Ananda, England

“My heart is so full with the love I have for you, the divine feminine teachings, and our continuing journey together spreading true love to all beings and our beloved mother earth. I am honored and in awe to learn from you. Thank you for walking the walk, your integrity, and being a true teacher on this path. You are a hidden gem in a mass amount of surface teachers. I am filled with grace that I have found my home with Magdalena and with you.” ~ Shannon Elliott, USA

“Nicola facilitated this women’s retreat from a place deep in the heart. This infused her teaching with a vulnerability that made the journey so deep and real, and many, including myself, were able to transform in beautiful and meaningful ways. ways, which none of us had anticipated. She grew a safe space that allowed for this transformation to organically occur, and it helped us to be true to ourselves. It made us all more real, embodied and connected to our essence. Thank you Nicola.” Rene Murata, Executive Coach, Italy

“This was the most powerful retreat I ever attended. Nicola’s facilitation was masterful, she held the container with such skill and love, fierceness, embodied wisdom and compassion. It was astounding for me over and over to witness, feel and participate in. For all who come after me, know that you will experience a depth at the Mary Magdalene retreat that is impossible to recreate elsewhere. I have walked through truly magical forests. The land here is saturated with the flavor of Mary. The birds sing her songs, the wind carries her love to me. In the cave I experienced a transmission that changed this life forever. Mary is alive. Her love and teachings permeated my heart as I kept opening ever deeper. Nicola is a mystic, ecstatic and at the same time grounded, who embodies the teachings. She created a safe environment, where I could relax into and open in ways I never have and experience real and profound love…Before I came to the retreat I had not experienced Mary Magdalene’s presence, so a lot has happened in this week. Nicola presents her message as not exclusive but one that includes all the paths of love and the way of the feminine. Humongous appreciation.”
Robyn Paxton, Seattle

“The Magdalene Retreat with Nicola Amadora was a supreme opportunity to dive deeply into the soul of the sacred feminine, to return to her womb, to be reborn in the fire of holy love. It was epic! Nicola held an exquisite container for deep healing, awakening and embodiment. I loved the structure of being in nature, meditating in the grotto, the druid circles…the beautiful teachings and the profound relating practice. Truly it was an initiation into the deeper mysteries of life and the feminine. I carry this tremendous blessing into my life and work, which will benefit many. Thank you with all my heart.”
Ashanna Solaris, Workshop Leader, CA

“It was a wonderful retreat. The housing was lovely. The food was amazing, the teaching and guidance was beautiful. I am very grateful that I came and feel HER more strongly in my life and work.”
Prenilla Lillarose, Coach for Women

“If you are ready to live your soul’s calling, and if you are looking to get unstuck or let loose of what is holding you back, this retreat is for you. It far surpassed my expectations. The community of women, the leadership of Nicola, the power of the caves, the depth of the sharing – all this came together in synchronicity to elicit life-altering insights and courage! I arrived in France ready to ‘Let what wants to happen, happen’ and what wanted to happen was a miracle of love. It’s been weeks since my return, and the transformation is lasting. I have access to the Divine Feminine in ways I only dreamed of in the past. Nicola is an exquisite companion guide for anyone yearning to step into their authentic feminine power. She embodies and shows the way of love in real life. If you feel Mary Magdalene calling you, by all means open yourself to this opportunity.”
Joy Taylor, author of Inspired and Business Coach

“This retreat called me since I first saw the offering. I was bold and answered the calling. I am grateful beyond words that I took the leap with faith. This week together communing with Magdalena has confirmed my deepest longing, empowered my being and singing my soul home. I am in love with life. Nicola held a container that I needed to feel safe to let the feminine unleash in me. I felt so deeply embraced by Nicola, the women, and Her. It was an experience of a lifetime, and it is forever alive in me and my walk in the world. I can help people so much more and feel so guided and connected. Thank you Nicola. Through your hand I found my place and home!”
Maura Furness, Social worker, CA

“Nicola is like Mary Magdalene incarnate- she lives and embodies great love. Through this retreat I could feel so much, open so deeply and root in the love I am as well. This retreat was truly wonderful, in every way.”
Mary Rafftey, CEO, USA

“How can I thank you Nicola and write down what happened as you guided me through this process of rebirthing. Opening up so fully and letting it/her take me all the way was profound. It changed my life and I will be forever grateful for that in my heart and soul. Thank you for your love and strength, for your beauty, authenticity and vulnerability in the way you taught this incredible weeklong retreat in France. It was more than I could ever imagine.”
Annelot Borleff, Holland

“Thank you so much Nicola for your love, generosity and dedication on the path of true love. You taught and guided so amazing and created a container where I could totally be myself and feel loved. This week has given me a new birth- enlivenment and the capacity to feel, stand and live from truth. I am so deeply grateful for your very real transmission of Mary Magdalene. This retreat was such a great gift and life changer for me. I feel in my heart that I am a torch bearer of her!”
Lina Swenson, Sweden

“This pilgrimage for me was the most daring experience of my life. During this week I have birthed a new path with my beloved friend Mary. Such a profound, deep sharing of love and commitment has come for me through being immersed in the sacred feminine and this outstanding retreat. This was incredible, lifechanging and it continues on in my life. I am so grateful”.
Patti Paxton-Ebert, Canada

“I came on this retreat to open more deeply to the divine feminine and to find clarity about my path. I was also exhausted by the burdens and busyness of my life. I was seeking solace and renewal. What I found on this retreat and Nicola’s devotional, graceful, enlivened presence was a bountiful treasure-trove of love, an incredible connection to the life force of the feminine. Guided by your embodiment of truth and love, I was able to safely explore and heal the darkest recesses of my soul and body and find a way to a miraculous sense of abundance, joy, grace, and love that I feel changed from the inside out. I am returning back to the UK with a deep sense of renewal, transformation, and gratitude for the gifts I have received from you Nicola and this extraordinary group of women, who brimmed with authentic, loving presence, orchestrated by Her through you. My deepest gratitude and love. I feel blessed.”
Serena Joy, Psychotherapist, England

I was so honored to have joined the beautiful and wise Mary Magdalene retreat in Sainte-Baume. The surroundings were breathtaking, the villas lovely and the food wonderful. Nicola is a force of nature to be reckoned with… and my experience was enormously transformative. I am truly blessed to have taken part in this retreat. Pauline, London, UK

“Nicola is so deeply graced by Her, Mary Magdalene. She embodies the feminine and the teaching of this path. Only by looking into her eyes brings already a transmission. This profoundly beautiful pilgrimage helped me to open my heart and let Her enter. It opened me to the innermost sanctum of my being. This retreat was truly life-changing. Thank you Nicola.”
Annelot, Holland

“Nicola’s teaching is the finest, purest distillation of true love. In the Mary Magdalene retreat I felt held and nourished in my most wounded parts, touched by the ancient wisdoms of humanity which Nicola so lovingly and graciously brings to this world. I am forever grateful.”
Marlene Wolf, Germany

“The Mary Magdalene retreat with Nicola is profound and all-encompassing. It’s an initiation into Mary’s path of love. Nicola brings this path and to be an embodied woman gently and powerfully by embracing all of life personally and collectively. This is what this time needs in order to heal.” ~ Kathy Adams, U.K.

This retreat was so much more than I expected! My heart was kissed open by Her song. I developed a deeper understanding of my path. Nicola has a wonderful way of leading us safely back to our Hearts and into our bodies. This was a true Initiation that has impacted my life greatly. ~Alicia Dunin, USA

“This is such a beautiful retreat. Everything was perfect; the accommodation, the delicious food and the land we walked on which felt ancient and magical. Nicola created a very safe and loving space for us all to be vulnerable and to feel held. I went to the retreat not having sung for over 6 years. Nicola helped me to unlock my voice and now I’m singing again! I feel truly enlivened after this retreat. Thank you so much Nicola for your compassion and love, and to all the other wonderful ladies who shared and supported me on my journey.”
Emily Sharp, UK

“With Nicola’s wise and loving guidance, I have been able to walk through my fears and come home to this ancient lineage of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua. I have been longing for this for many years and I feel so very grateful for all that I have received from this sacred retreat.”
Janey Selbey, UK

“Nicola’s retreat changed my life. Completely. In ways that are hard to put into words. I found the deepest parts of myself. I discovered aspects of myself that were hidden and painful to witness, but it helped to free my soul. I didn’t even realize I was living so far from the truth. But I now feel a groundedness, a peace, a clarity in my body and soul that I haven’t felt – maybe ever in this lifetime. I see my future. I see my life. And there is so much love, presence. So much light. I found a sisterhood, a group of women living their truth, with hearts made of gold. They’re now family and women I can depend on, to help hold me and speak my truth. I found my womenhood, my divine feminine, my path, my inner child. And I found myself. She was gone, hiding. But She is here and she isn’t leaving. Nicola, from the depths of my heart, thank you. Thank you for helping to save my life.”
Rachel Sims,

Precious Voices from the Priestess Initiation:

“In the midst of a time of upheaval and chaos in the world, I found the profound grace of the Magdalena Priestess Training. Words cannot ever fully describe how your generous, heart-centered guidance and knowledge facilitated my initiation into a lineage rooted in the womb of Creation. Nicola embodies Mary’s teachings with humble authority and allowed me to stand authentically on a path I know was encoded in my soul. I have fully entered into the Mystery of Her path and will forever be indebted to you for guiding me home. My deep gratitude.” Maggie March, UK


“I’m still in awe at the work that we did here, from the opening ceremony at the villa until now, it’s been exquisite and life-changing. I’ve had a longing to be consumed by her, to be fully taken by her and accept her fully within my body. All of that was fulfilled and SO MUCH MORE. We resurrected Her lineage, we enlivened Her in a way that is beyond this world, beyond time and space. It went beyond what the mind can comprehend. And in doing that, we re-established Her church within the forest as Her priestesses. She is resurrected in us and the celebration has not just been sweet in our human experience but the spirit world has also rejoiced at the sanctity of this resurrection. It truly is an honor to have received the call and to have walked the path this past week with our beloved sisters and wonderful teacher, Nicola. Here, we all have witnessed the initiation to the way of love and this is completely the next level. It is an absolute honor.“ Alejandra Ortiz, USA


“The practices and processes offered in this retreat answered for me the ancient call of True Love, rooted in the earth, in the body. It is one that has unveiled my deepest longing, my greatest courage, and the rawest part of me that I could not have touched on my own. Nicola has walked us up the mountain and down to the underworld, and helped us dance among the roses and thorns, restoring us to this mighty calling as life-givers and way showers. She opened us up to the magic that we were really here to weave, not on our own, but together…the magic of Embodied Love.” Pamela Yap, U.S.

“The practices and processes offered in this retreat answered for me the ancient call of True Love, rooted in the earth, in the body. Nicola has walked us up the mountain and down to the underworld, and helped us dance among the roses and thorns, restoring us as life-givers and way-showers. She opened us up to the magic that we were really here to weave, not on our own, but together…the power of Embodied Love….” Read more reviews from women who have attended further below.

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