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Mary Magdalene

~ Walking Her Way ~

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“What is hidden I reveal unto you”


“I am the first and I am the last
I am She who is honored and she is scorned
I am the whore and the holy woman
I am the wife and the virgin
I am the bride and the bridegroom
I am She, the Lord.” (Gnostic Magdalene Gospel)

Mary Magdalene is calling her women. Maybe you? She appears in mysterious ways, for some at night in a dream, for others at broad daylight waking an irresistible urge from deep inside…For centuries she was degraded, dismissed, and cast out. But suddenly women turn to her from everywhere, flocking into her fold.


Who is she, really? Why is she coming to center stage in our world now? And what is she revealing that is so important for us to see and hear?

Her story, what she lived, and her teachings show us the way.


Leading you into the embodied feminine and the way of love.


Not the airy-fairy kind of spirituality, but a radical spiritual path that unites human and divine, that leaves nothing and no one out. She ignites the soul fire and teaches us how to live love for real, in our bodies, in the streets of this world. Her gift is profoundly mystical and oh-so practical too.


With her we descend into the dark, the deep to reveal who we are. To become utterly vulnerable and bravely meet what we have been avoiding all our life. To liberate our soul voice and root power, to experience such sensuality that you shiver and quiver in sheer delight…

It is in the cave of the heart, the nous, that we uncover and resurrect the holy grail so many are searching for. We unite human and divine and marry the Beloved in our soul.

And then we offer the living giving wine and the sacred fruit to a world so thirsty and hungry for her.


The time has returned. She is here – In full. Reaching her hand to you.

If you follow her beckoning, I promise you that you’re in for the ‘truth’ ride of your life. And you will be amazed.

You are warmly welcomed into Her fold.

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Revelation one: The incredible Mary Magdalene Retreat

Revelation two: Priestess Initiation & Training


Home Study Course

Step One: Sacred Feminine Path with Mary Magdalene

Step Two: Mary Magdalene Immersion


Spiritual Leader Education in the embodied, feminine Way (live online)

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Read:  The Journey into the Cave

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Nicola Amadora

has offered in-person and online “Mary Magdalene” Retreats and Courses worldwide. She is a spiritual teacher, psychologist, and seasoned women’s leader. She has taught the Deep Feminine and Mary Magdalene Way for decades.

Nicola has been ushering women into the path of the embodied feminine, guiding thousands of women to awaken, heal, embody the feminine, and live the holy in the streets of this world.

Mary Magdalene called her by surprise a long time ago and never let her go. Nicola trained for many arduous years before being asked to lead women on this ancient Rose path and train those called into her fold.

She will guide you to the holy grail inside, to a union between human and divine, and to pour this blessed wine of true love embodied and for real in this world. Gentle as a dove, and fierce as a lioness, Nicola takes you home and walks by your side as a spiritual friend, teacher, and seasoned guide.

Reviews from Women

“I received the living flame of my own heart’s love. This emerged from a container that was safe in its core being, filled with the power of love and the sublime force of light. Nicola’s depth and integrity, wisdom, and offering was a complete circle attending with mastery of the mystery teaching and of course that of Mary Magdalene in essence completely. I asked to embody love and I was taken fully. This mystery is an unheard-of Mary Magdalene initiation and bonding of sisters in love that is rare in our world today. It is what the feminine needs most and our world. Not to be missed!”
Bonnie Mansdorf, USA

“This has been a life-changing and life-affirming retreat for me. I now know my path and have found my home. I can trust in what I am guided to bring into the world and where I am to play. Nicola creates a wonderful sisterhood, exudes deep love, is a wonderful techer, and creates a magical experience for all those who dare to travel. I cannot pick out any one highlight as there were so many that happened each day. The location is breath-taking, the food sublime, and the deep daily connection profound.”
Sandra Pinnington, Transformational Coach, UK

“Immense gratitude for Nicola and her team for creating such a safe and beautiful container for all of us to share so very deeply. The message of Mary Magdalene has been woven with such love and tender consideration to each individual on their unique journey – I feel so blessed to have been included in the pure magic Nicola has created. Thank you!”
Kei Gratton, USA

“Nicola’s Mary Magdalene Retreat is rooted in integrity and authenticity and has the depth you would expect from Nicola given her diversity and expertise in spiritual practices and psychology. This retreat is a rare gem and unique in the uncovering of truth and transmissions, felt within the heart, body, and mind. Nicola embodies all of her wisdom, allowing her participants a journey only their souls can navigate. If you have been called to attend this retreat, do not hesitate as the wisdom and experiences you have the opportunity to receive are unique. Much gratitude Nicola for your life’s work and your life experiences that have enabled you to provide such a life-changing retreat. Forever grateful.”
Sandra Del Papa, Australia

“If you have longed for an opening to the Divine, the Divine feminine, you have come to the right place. If you have longed to find a deep and ancient path to True Love and Union, you have come to the right place. If you have longed for a teacher who directly experiences the Divine Feminine and who has the ability to bring you Home, you have come to the right place. Nicola Amadora is an authentic, inspired teacher who embodies the Divine Feminine and whose loving spirit empowers and aligns our deepest longings. This retreat surpassed any/all expectations. The Divine was present at every moment. To look into the eyes of love was a gift for the heart. If you come with a willingness to be open to Grace, you shall surely experience it! Jai Ma! Mary Magdalene lives here!”
Mary Thomas Weiss, USA

“I received a deep connection to the Home I have always longed for but could never find. It is here within the depths of my heart and that is what I will take with me and treasure forever. I have been deeply touched and forever changed. Nicola is an extraordinary teacher. She brings the message of Mary Magdalene to life in a way that is relatable, real, and accessible. She is incredibly giving of her time, attention, and her whole being in a way that is both moving and inspiring. She skilfully worked with each of us and met us exactly where we are while moving the whole group in the direction of Truth. I loved so many things about this retreat. I loved the connection with these sacred sisters. I loved the time in nature and in the cave. I loved the beautiful meals that were so lovingly prepared and abundant. I loved that we stayed in such comfort and were really looked after and supported.I loved dancing together.I loved not knowing what was coming – that unknown allows for an openness and surrender to allow things to reveal themselves.I loved story time with Nicola.”
Nisha Rao, USA

“Nicola and her team provide a supportive, safe space to explore yourself within and the Divine Feminine. Her authentic teachings helped me reach depths in my heart that have been hidden away for years. And to be supported by a community of like-minded women was a blessing.”
Stacie Saunders, USA

“It’s hard to put words to this in-depth and magical week. It’s a deep journey, in which I felt so held, loved, and accepted. I had no expectations, was open to it and it blew my mind. Nicola is the real deal. Her teachings, wisdom, and guidance are profound. I connected with lost pieces of myself while being held by Mary Magdalene. The energy, transmissions… just wow. I feel changed, reborn. I feel home, finally. If you feel the call, the inner call, to on this journey, go! You will remember.”
Brenda Balvers, Netherlands

“This retreat cracked my heart wide open. I felt the veils drop away to meet myself in new layers with such a loving and supportive group. Nicola’s energy and teachings are profound. She has a way of storytelling that is so engaging and finds a way to touch you so deeply on all levels of the being. I loved the liberation and permission in held love for full expression, release and to finally come home to that which has been calling. Thank you so much Nicola for your sacredness and for bringing life and joy back home.”
Francesca Raffa, UK

“The retreat exceeded all expectations that I had. I felt so safe and held from day one by the other women and Nicola’s gift of holding space. I will cherish this week for the rest of my life, my heart feels so open and full of love, joy, and unity. Nicola has a special way of teaching where she shares just enough with you each day so that you have time and space to digest her pearls of wisdom but at the same time always have you hanging on for more. I loved the embodiment of the teachings on this retreat – it’s one thing to receive a teaching by word of mouth or by reading a book – it’s an entirely different thing to experience it firsthand. I am so grateful for this week – I would recommend Nicola and the retreat to anyone who receives the call. I can’t imagine a better way to connect with Mary Magdalene.”
Danielle Murnane, Australia

“I would like to thank you. Something inside me is different. Something in me has healed. Something inside me has transformed. I’m not the same person I was before we were together. I want to describe it and find that I have no words. It has become quiet inside me. I have arrived at home within myself in my body, I tangibly inhabit my body. I have no idea how it happened. Now I am grateful for the house I live in, grateful for the wonderful roof over my head, grateful for my place to sleep where I feel safe, and grateful for the place where I live and my home. But I really feel at home in my body. My soul has moved into my body. And that feels good and powerful. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of all of us and for walking together. It allows me to walk upright, to face everyday life with its demands, and to see it with the eyes of love. Thank you, Mary Magdalene, and thank you, Nicola!”
Heidi Stamm, Germany

“I attended this retreat without knowing Nicola, I was guided to come to the Mary Magdalene Pilgrimage with her. It surpassed all my expectations. The housing, the food, the teachings, the guidance, nature, and sacred places…My life is transformed, it’s incredible. I feel so grateful.”
Connie Viveros, CA, Coach


“There are no words to express how this profound journey is. Something deep within was unlocked and healed in me, and I will carry that forth into the world forever. Nicola is an amazing guide and teacher, and she held us with such great love.”
Erin Moreno, Healer


“To be with Nicola Amadora is life-changing in itself as she is a true spiritual teacher. There are not many walking upon this earth. To be with her in Mary Magdalene land, especially in her caves, is difficult to write about as it is an experience far beyond words. This is the real thing, real love, the stuff many of us are looking for. And Nicola is an amazing conduit for this force, walking her talk every step of the way. If you feel called to do this, then don’t hesitate. Just know that nothing will be the same afterward…”
Nina Yderberg, MD, Sweden


“I am still amazed about the creation and walking the path before us Nicola, so that we as a group of women with such unique and different expressions, were able to be there for the purpose to awaken our divine feminine, heal and open our hearts. The container created energetically and physically allowed me to relax and feel safe to open and be vulnerable, which I could not have done alone and dared to in daily life or elsewhere. The villas, food, housing and structure reflected perfectly the loving, nourishing, and caring attitude throughout the retreat. Nicola created and held a sacred space wherever we were in such a loving and intuitive way. She tuned in constantly and directed the energies for the benefit of all. I felt I could be here with what is here now, accept, integrate, feel, and be. Not having to change what is here now. The loving field made it easy to explore the most vulnerable and hidden parts of me to be recognized, lovingly accepted and integrated. There is immense gratitude for having this possibility, the experience of real love, trust and sisterhood and togetherness which changed my life forever. It feels like a rebirth into the real feminine and learning to be love in action and live it.”
Gisela Eilinger, Germany


“This retreat was a homecoming to myself. I feel a deep and real connection with the divine feminine that I never felt before. I feel a wholeness that I didn’t even know was missing. Nicola does an amazing job at guiding the group but does it in a way that feels also very personal. She holds space for everyone to get exactly what they need in a very organic way. The retreat has a beautiful structure and Nicola is constantly tuning in to adjust the process-based people’s needs. It is very authentic and truly the embodiment of love.”
Alejandra Ortiz, USA


“Nicola took me through a pilgrimage of a lifetime- a wide embrace of our humanity and divinity. Embodied, bold, centered, loving, clear, tender, and inexhaustibly empowering. Thank you, Nicola, for rooting me in my life purpose. This retreat was far beyond of what I could imagine and surpassed all what I expected. It was fantastic. Thank you.”
Pamela Yap. Acupuncturist, New York

“No words can express my gratitude for this outstanding retreat that changed my life. I have attended many retreats, but this was truly exceptional. I am forever grateful in my heart for this profound journey home.”
Salvadora, Community Leader, Spain


“This retreat is so profound. Thank you, dear Nicola, for guiding and holding me through my fear and into my true purpose. This Retreat was a real shift into a new life. Thank you so much for guiding me home!”
Alwine Böhme, Germany


“I cannot remember feeling in need of anything during the retreat – except for more dark chocolate, and even that came along…All the women were caring and lovely. Nicola held a loving and safe space. I felt totally safe the whole time – from the first day. I opened deeply and I am so glad I came!”
Janaki Ananda, England


“My heart is so full with the love I have for you, the divine feminine teachings, and our continuing journey together spreading true love to all beings and our beloved mother earth. I am honored and in awe to learn from you. Thank you for walking the walk, your integrity, and being a true teacher on this path. You are a hidden gem in a mass amount of surface teachers. I am filled with grace that I have found my home with Magdalena and with you.”
Shannon Elliott, USA


“Nicola facilitated this women’s retreat from a place deep in the heart. This infused her teaching with a vulnerability that made the journey so deep and real, and many, including myself, were able to transform in beautiful and meaningful ways. ways, which none of us had anticipated. She grew a safe space that allowed for this transformation to organically occur, and it helped us to be true to ourselves. It made us all more real, embodied, and connected to our essence. Thank you, Nicola.”
Rene Murata, Executive Coach, Italy


“This was the most powerful retreat I ever attended. Nicola’s facilitation was masterful, she held the container with such skill and love, fierceness, embodied wisdom and compassion. It was astounding for me over and over to witness, feel and participate in. For all who come after me, know that you will experience a depth at the Mary Magdalene retreat that is impossible to recreate elsewhere. I have walked through truly magical forests. The land here is saturated with the flavor of Mary. The birds sing her songs, the wind carries her love to me. In the cave, I experienced a transmission that changed my life forever. Mary is alive. Her love and teachings permeated my heart as I kept opening ever deeper. Nicola is a mystic, ecstatic, and at the same time grounded, who embodies the teachings. She created a safe environment, where I could relax and open in ways I never have and experience real and profound love…Before I came to the retreat I had not experienced Mary Magdalene’s presence, so a lot has happened in this week. Nicola presents her message as not exclusive but one that includes all the paths of love and the way of the feminine. Humongous appreciation.”
Robyn Paxton, Seattle


“The Magdalene Retreat with Nicola Amadora was a supreme opportunity to dive deeply into the soul of the sacred feminine, to return to her womb, to be reborn in the fire of holy love. It was epic! Nicola held an exquisite container for deep healing, awakening, and embodiment. I loved the structure of being in nature, meditating in the grotto, the druid circles…the beautiful teachings, and the profound relating practice. Truly it was an initiation into the deeper mysteries of life and the feminine. I carry this tremendous blessing into my life and work, which will benefit many. Thank you with all my heart.”
Ashanna Solaris, Workshop Leader, CA


“It was a wonderful retreat. The housing was lovely. The food was amazing, and the teaching and guidance was beautiful. I am very grateful that I came and feel HER more strongly in my life and work.”
Prenilla Lillarose, Coach for Women


“If you are ready to live your soul’s calling, and if you are looking to get unstuck or let loose of what is holding you back, this retreat is for you. It far surpassed my expectations. The community of women, the leadership of Nicola, the power of the caves, the depth of the sharing – all this came together in synchronicity to elicit life-altering insights and courage! I arrived in France ready to ‘Let what wants to happen, happen’ and what wanted to happen was a miracle of love. It’s been weeks since my return, and the transformation is lasting. I have access to the Divine Feminine in ways I only dreamed of in the past. Nicola is an exquisite companion guide for anyone yearning to step into their authentic feminine power. She embodies and shows the way of love in real life. If you feel Mary Magdalene calling you, by all means, open yourself to this opportunity.”
Joy Taylor, author of Inspired and Business Coach


“This retreat called me since I first saw the offering. I was bold and answered the calling. I am grateful beyond words that I took the leap with faith. This week together communing with Magdalena has confirmed my deepest longing, empowered my being and sang my soul home. I am in love with life. Nicola held a container that I needed to feel safe to let the feminine unleash in me. I felt so deeply embraced by Nicola, the women, and Her. It was an experience of a lifetime, and it is forever alive in me and my walk in the world. I can help people so much more and feel so guided and connected. Thank you, Nicola. Through your hand, I found my place and home!”
Maura Furness, Social Worker, CA


“Nicola is like Mary Magdalene incarnate- she lives and embodies great love. Through this retreat, I could feel so much, open so deeply and root in the love I am as well. This retreat was truly wonderful, in every way.”
Mary Rafftey, CEO, USA


“How can I thank you Nicola and write down what happened as you guided me through this process of rebirthing? Opening up so fully and letting it/her take me all the way was profound. It changed my life and I will be forever grateful for that in my heart and soul. Thank you for your love and strength, for your beauty, authenticity, and vulnerability in the way you taught this incredible weeklong retreat in France. It was more than I could ever imagine.”
Annelot Borleff, Holland


“Thank you so much Nicola for your love, generosity and dedication on the path of true love. You taught and guided so amazingly and created a container where I could totally be myself and feel loved. This week has given me a new birth- enlivenment and the capacity to feel, stand and live from the truth. I am so deeply grateful for your very real transmission of Mary Magdalene. This retreat was such a great gift and a life changer for me. I feel in my heart that I am a torchbearer of her!”
Lina Swenson, Sweden


“This pilgrimage for me was the most daring experience of my life. During this week I have birthed a new path with my beloved friend Mary. Such a profound, deep sharing of love and commitment has come for me through being immersed in the sacred feminine and this outstanding retreat. This was incredible, life-changing and it continues on in my life. I am so grateful”.
Patti Paxton-Ebert, Canada


“I came on this retreat to open more deeply to the divine feminine and to find clarity about my path. I was also exhausted by the burdens and busyness of my life. I was seeking solace and renewal. What I found on this retreat and Nicola’s devotional, graceful, enlivened presence was a bountiful treasure trove of love, an incredible connection to the life force of the feminine. Guided by your embodiment of truth and love, I was able to safely explore and heal the darkest recesses of my soul and body and find a way to a miraculous sense of abundance, joy, grace, and love that I feel changed from the inside out. I am returning back to the UK with a deep sense of renewal, transformation, and gratitude for the gifts I have received from you Nicola and this extraordinary group of women, who brimmed with authentic, loving presence, orchestrated by Her through you. My deepest gratitude and love. I feel blessed.”
Serena Joy, Psychotherapist, England


I was so honored to have joined the beautiful and wise Mary Magdalene retreat in Sainte-Baume. The surroundings were breathtaking, the villas lovely and the food wonderful. Nicola is a force of nature to be reckoned with… and my experience was enormously transformative. I am truly blessed to have taken part in this retreat.”
Pauline, London, UK


“Nicola is so deeply graced by Her, Mary Magdalene. She embodies the feminine and the teaching of this path. Only by looking into her eyes brings already a transmission. This profoundly beautiful pilgrimage helped me to open my heart and let Her enter. It opened me to the innermost sanctum of my being. This retreat was truly life-changing. Thank you, Nicola.”
Annelot, Holland


“Nicola’s teaching is the finest, purest distillation of true love. In the Mary Magdalene retreat, I felt held and nourished in my most wounded parts, touched by the ancient wisdoms of humanity which Nicola so lovingly and graciously brings to this world. I am forever grateful.”
Marlene Wolf, Germany


“The Mary Magdalene retreat with Nicola is profound and all-encompassing. It’s an initiation into Mary’s path of love. Nicola brings this path and to be an embodied woman gently and powerfully by embracing all of life personally and collectively. This is what this time needs in order to heal.”
Kathy Adams, U.K.


“This retreat was so much more than I expected! My heart was kissed open by Her song. I developed a deeper understanding of my path. Nicola has a wonderful way of leading us safely back to our Hearts and into our bodies. This was a true Initiation that has impacted my life greatly.”
Alicia Dunin, USA


“This is such a beautiful retreat. Everything was perfect; the accommodation, the delicious food and the land we walked on which felt ancient and magical. Nicola created a very safe and loving space for us all to be vulnerable and to feel held. I went to the retreat not having sung for over 6 years. Nicola helped me to unlock my voice and now I’m singing again! I feel truly enlivened after this retreat. Thank you so much Nicola for your compassion and love, and to all the other wonderful ladies who shared and supported me on my journey.”
Emily Sharp, UK


“With Nicola’s wise and loving guidance, I have been able to walk through my fears and come home to this ancient lineage of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua. I have been longing for this for many years and I feel so very grateful for all that I have received from this sacred retreat.”
Janey Selbey, UK


“Nicola’s retreat changed my life. Completely. In ways that are hard to put into words. I found the deepest parts of myself. I discovered aspects of myself that were hidden and painful to witness, but it helped to free my soul. I didn’t even realize I was living so far from the truth. But I now feel a groundedness, a peace, a clarity in my body and soul that I haven’t felt – maybe ever in this lifetime. I see my future. I see my life. And there is so much love, and presence. So much light. I found a sisterhood, a group of women living their truth, with hearts made of gold. They’re now family and women I can depend on, to help hold me and speak my truth. I found my womanhood, my divine feminine, my path, my inner child. And I found myself. She was gone, hiding. But She is here and she isn’t leaving. Nicola, from the depths of my heart, thank you. Thank you for helping to save my life.”
Rachel Sims,

I loved Nicola’s wisdom, insight, generosity, love and unique way of teaching. Being outside, in the Druid Circle and outside the cave for sharing was organic and beautiful. I loved her stories, poetry, quotes, and all of our time in nature and magical places. Nicola held a highly conscious, beautiful, love-filled and safe container. I felt that I could bring anything into the circle or to her directly. The women who stayed were extraordinary. I loved being an elder in the group but felt the same (age) as everyone else. I felt grateful that my wisdom and insight were welcomed. There was so much support, kindness, and fun. I loved the dancing, singing, and our laughter! The secret sister process was special. How blessed I was that she carried my backpack up the mountain each day!
Maya Wieder, Founder of Dream University


“This retreat gave me so much; it was amazing and turned my life in every way. It granted me clarity and commitment. I have been wandering through various spiritual terrains for many years, but now I am grounded in a way that truly feels like home. Nicola’s teaching and facilitation were extraordinary. Her wisdom, embodied truths, awareness and expertise are conveyed in all aspects of the retreat. I was constantly learning and in immersion and was deeply nourished by the community and sisterhood that emerged during the retreat. I loved every aspect of the experience. It was profound.”
Caitlin Harrison, UK


“In this retreat, I received a deeper connection to myself and a sense of embodying true love. Nicola’s wisdom in teaching the deep feminine way is profound. I felt really held in a loving space. I can really recommend this retreat as it is a journey home to our soul essence.”
Nicole Lamla, Germany


“I received a deeper understanding and connection to Her and to the path of Love. I also understand the role of the priestess in a real way, of authenticity. The clarity of mission and life purpose also became clearer with gifts bestowed. Nicola has a teaching style which works well for me too. I feel there has been an expansion in my consciousness and true understanding.”
Lesa Michel, USA


“This retreat was a once-in-a-lifetime rite of passage that my soul had been longing for. Like an anchor into Her love, my devotion is confirmed in this commitment I made at the cave. I feel extremely privileged to have been initiated in the egg cave. Nicola Amadora has once again led us with her powerful container into the Deep Feminine’s Mysteries. I trust Nicola with my eyes closed thanks to her integrity and wisdom. I loved receiving the activation in the cave, as well as the many profound satsangs at the house.”
Aya Dunin, USA


“My soul settled into myself into the embodiment of Love. Rooted, initiated, belonging. Nicola’s teaching was authentic, intuitive, empathic and awesome. She walked the way and teaches from experience. I loved it!”
Gisela Eilinger, Germany


“Nicola is steeped in Mary Magdalene both from the historical lineage and her deep embodiment of the practices and teachings in her living breathing presence. She is the real deal! Nicola is literally as gentle as a dove and as fierce as a lioness. Her dedication, and vibrant pathway to continue the red thread of Mary Magdalene’s sisterhood is exquisite and inspiring. I’ve received a deep remembering in my cells of my unique expression of her, through my beauty, heart, and roaring breath. I have a renewed commitment to be of service to the divine feminine through the red thread of Mary Magdalene. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you.”
Debbie Beauchamp, UK

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Dr. Nicola Amadora has worked extensively with women from all walks of life for 30 years.

Retreats and courses are held at various locations and online, usually by invitation.

For updates, please check the calendar or contact us.


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