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Living Your True Nature

In a world on the edge, we need an integrated spiritual approach. To awaken to who we truly are, to heal, and embody genuine love even when hell breaks loose. So we are able to walk aligned with source, engage wisely, and courageously to make a difference in our world.

Nicola teaches and guides people with profound presence and love, deep wisdom, humor, and authenticity. She has been on the path for forty years, trained in the major world spiritual traditions and east/west psychology, and she experienced profound awakening herself.

Nicola provides a distinctly nondual, deeply feminine, and relational way, which embraces our humanness in all its glory and challenge.

For three decades Nicola Amadora offers Satsang, Private Sessions, Meditations, Trainings and Spiritual Retreats internationally. See Events or invite her Here. For private sessions Contact her.

“Who am I? What is my purpose? What is this life for? What is real and eternal? What is left, when all else falls? What ends suffering and leads to happiness? What is true love?” These are ancient questions at the bottom of the heart of humankind, the one all come to ask at some point. Many spiritual traditions provide beneficial roadmaps home and the journey for each is unique at the same time. Wise guidance, supportive community, and consistent spiritual practice can open the way through the maze of endless delusions. In the end, truth is simply found in everyone’s heart.


AWAKENING: The Ascend and Integration

Some experience genuine awakenings every day, for others it happens at once- sudden and powerful, for some, it is a gradual discovery and a more ordinary journey. To realize or glimpse what is true (God, enlightenment, love, compassion, true nature…There are many names for what is ultimately beyond words) is tremendous grace and a gift in life. Like a shaft of light pours through the rocks of the ages. Or great love strikes and brings you to your knees, an insight comes to you that you have long searched for, or you have dug long and hard and finally fall into who you truly are. Excruciating pain turns into boundless compassion. You are simply present with another, a sunrise awakens in you deep reverence for the sacredness in all of life…

EMBODIMENT: The Descend and Integration

With an awakening, a remembering, or a pearl of wisdom comes the invitation to embody what has been uncovered. To live it moment by moment, here right where you are, through your body in everyday life. That is where the rubber meets the road so to speak. Or where truth stays not merely conceptual but becomes living water flowing through your body and everything is touched. This is where love is made real and lead turns to gold. This also means to be willing to kiss the dirt and face your shadow, to heal wounds, to learn to be centered in your body, and align your life to walk with integrity.

ENGAGEMENT: Living in the World and making a Difference

True Spirituality implies to be of service, to engage from our nature in the market place of the world. Our actions are the fruits, where realization is actualized. It means to walk in a new way, where we engage with others, at work, and in ordinary life with awareness and lovingness. We practice expanding our heart in action to include the wellbeing of others and yourself as well, to be mindful in communications, to discover your calling and make a difference, daring to root in truth and living from loving presence – in this world right where and as you are right now…. Real, alive, and connected!

Offer your breath and unconditional regard toward what you are experiencing right now. Your vulnerability is your gateway home into your nature. It is your greatest gift, connecting you with all of creation.

Reviews from real people

This is what I received with Nicola: “When everything is stripped away, the cloak of expectation from around you, the foundation of untruth from beneath you. And you stand naked. Only you and the sunlight, love and truth. And with a first breath your soul is free.” Susan Barclay

“This woman has touched the hem of God. Follow her to your own exquisite and authentic self with joy and laughter all the way through into the light. She ignites and inspires greatness! “ ~Yamini Redwill, Author and Coach, Marin

“Nicola’s earthly experience and connection to The Divine Mother and Father is vast. She is deeply connected to spirit, but so much fun too. I found she can gently sense and pierce the very place we need to individually be met for our healing and transformation. I have been on a path of gathering wisdom teachings and practices over many years from lots of different directions. in Nicola I found an affirmation of my path from someone who is a female ‘master’ and who integrates many of these directions I have found over many years in her comprehensive offering.” ~Kathy Adams, Facilitator, England

“Like a soul ninja, Nicola has the incredible gift to reach through suffering to the very heart and truth of a person. She guides into freedom so our light can shine forth. Working with her is an exceptional blessing that opened my heart and transformed my life in a real way”. Star Hanson

“Nicola is an amazing person and her work is life changing. She has the ability to cut through the surface and get to the source, the core of your being. She holds a presence of compassion that opens the heart at a very deep level. She has surpassed all expectations, and led by her gifted intuition, she has taken me into some very fertile ground. Working with her is a blessing and I give her the highest recommendation.” ~ Leonard Leinow, Woodacre

“I have attended satsangs lead by Nicola with incredible heart, perception, inspiration, and humor. I was moved to see Nicola for individual sessions – best thing I have done for my personal growth and well being for years. She has helped guide me on my spiritual path, break through emotional blocks, and open my heart to trust and love again.” ~ Michael Reppy, Mill Valley, Marin County

“Reflecting on the word ‘retreat’ in the context of the shared transformative experience I just had with other beautiful humans for a whole week, I am wondering what it really means. It was a retreat from fear into love. A retreat from the world of consensus reality with all its fascinations and masks into the true home of the heart. A retreat from loneliness into connection, the type of connection where you know in your cells that we are one. A retreat from global overwhelm, apathy, and feelings of impotence into an empowered, embodied commitment to love in action. To bring our fierce love to everything and everyone we touch. Nicola embodies the famous phrase: Love is stronger than fear. Her example every moment of every day- under very challenging circumstances- has proven to me both the possibility and the promise of such a conviction. It is contagious! She carries such a vibrant torch that you cannot help but catch on fire- burning with the true desire to live from a place of fierce compassion and love in action. Her commitment, dedication, and selflessness are palpable and humbling. It has been an honor to walk beside her in nature- and the inner terrain of our true nature. Nicola carries the map in her heart and is a blessed guide.” ~ Melissa Mahar, San Jose, California

“Thank you, Nicola for sharing your joy, depth, wisdom, care and your love during the retreat and beyond it. And thank you for your gift to bring me into a deeper connection with my own heart. I experience Nicola’s presence as a light that literally enlightens the heart. A light that shines on All. It unveiled a love in me that I had forgotten, and it shone light on the shadow and pain that caused so many problems in my life because I couldn’t find the way to meet it wholeheartedly. She gave me with her loving presence the opportunity to meet it and I’m so grateful for that! A huge liberation, a second chance in life is what I feel now. Her guidance flows from her own direct life experiences and that makes her for me trustworthy. Her transmission is powerful and she is loving and genuine. I highly recommend her as leader, spiritual teacher and trainer. It’s a blessing to meet her! “ ~ Kim Roswitha, Founder of Wisdom with Horses, Spain

“The retreat and satsang on ‘Igniting True Connection’ was wonderful. People in the group experienced profound transformations and I was able to bring this alive, loving connectedness into the world.” Brett, organizer and founder of Nonduality Integrated London

“This retreat was just the medicine I needed for my life. You are a very gifted and gracious teacher. Thank you so much.” ~ Sherri Kimbel, Forest Knolls,California

“The retreat was truly enlightening for me. I was able to connect deeply with myself, nature and the whole group. The energy and authenticity was inspiring.” ~ Katie Byram, Martinez, California

I just wanted to thank you for an incredible experience at the retreat. It was truly transformative for me. I spent much of the day reflecting and writing about a recent breakup that was extremely painful and has left me in a very dark place for the past ten months. I experienced a lot of healing that day during the retreat, thanks to your guidance. During the meditations I felt a seed of compassion was watered in me, rather than resentment and anger, and I think that was really key to the healing process. For the past few weeks I have felt very joyful and free from the heavy weight of grief that I was under. I feel lifted out of the darkness I was in, and ready to move on with my life. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to each of you for helping me to heal and transform.Thank you for your inspiring words, your calming presence, and for creating an atmosphere of healing.” ~  Annalies, Berkeley

“Nicola, you are such a gifted teacher, and it was a privilege to be with you on the retreat. Your guided meditations were inspired and show your deep integration of very profound teachings. I am so fortunate to have been present and look forward to learning more from you in the future.” ~  Fayne, Marin

“Nicola is a genuis teacher. I love how her teachings flow from deep compassion, knowing and is real. She embodies spirituality and is fully human.” ~ Kristin Crowly, MFT intern, Berkeley

“This retreat was just beautiful, full of deep connection with each other, nature, spirit, and ourselves. Nicola created a very safe container for people to let go into greater depth, and she was finely attuned to each person’s process. Through guided meditations and practices, she led the group into deep presence and resonance.

Nicola embodies an incredible combination of profound love and powerful energy that is both catalytic and highly inspirational. By the end of the retreat I felt more fully connected and also lit up with a powerful call to my next level of purposeful work in the world. I could also sense that each person in the group received something very special. I so appreciate and respect Nicola and I am very grateful.” ~ Sherri Lassila, Women’s Leader and Executive coach

“There are no words beautiful enough that can describe your influence in my life. I am eternally grateful for your loving guidance.” ~ Miroslav Maklenov, Canada

“Nicola embodies the famous phrase that love is stronger than fear. Her example, every moment of the day in this weeklong retreat- even under extremely challenging circumstances – has proven to me the possibility and the promise of such conviction. It is contagious! I am inspired! She carries such a vibrant torch that you can’t help but catch on fire. Standing beside her I burn with true desire to live from a place of fierce compassion and love in action. Nicola’s commitment, dedication and selflessness are palpable and humbling. It has been an honor to walk beside her in nature and the inner terrain of our true nature. Nicola carries the map in her heart and is a blessed guide.Thank you Nicola. You are a treasured teacher and soul companion in this life for me.” ~ Melissa Mahar, Oregon

“I was not prepared for the immense impact this satsang and retreat with Nicola had on me. I highly recommend her.” ~ Jane jones, Swansea, Wales, UK

Awareness and Lovingness are the two wings for the bird to fly home.

I am here to guide home, to awaken the truth and love in your own heart. I offer you a hand to live with wisdom and skillful means, unleashing the power from within to make a difference in our troubled and beautiful world.

Dr. Nicola Amadora is a member of the Association for Spiritual Teachers.

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