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The urge to unite draws us irresistibly together and with equal intensity, we also run away from each other. The fire between us awakens joy, excitement, tenderness, fear, and pain. How do we truly meet and connect here? How do we grow a bridge even during difficult times and heal the ancient wounds in our relationships? And how do we relate with each other from our whole selves – human and divine – to embody greater understanding, connection, awakening, and love in any kind of relationship?

In each of us is a deep longing to experience this alive, authentic connectedness with each other. Yet, often our greatest troubles arise in relation to others – in our world, at work, and at home. You may feel fine on your own, but in a relationship, all your buttons get pushed. We may want peace in our world, but instead, we go to war. We may want to hear and see each other, and yet we communicate in destructive, or unconscious ways. Relationships often challenge us, they provide fertile ground for us to evolve and grow.


Resonant relating is a profound spiritual path to awaken together and to dance in a new, connected way, where love is given the prime seat in all of our relationships.

Discover what is possible and learn to sail this ship together!

Through inspiring, grounded nondual and dharma teaching, practical communication skills, meditation, presence, and embodiment practice, and the liberating resonance relating way,


we dive deep into our nature and blaze a revolutionary trail for our life, our relationships, and this troubled, beautiful world to evolve and thrive!


You are welcome on board.

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“The deepest pain and greatest joy are encountered in relationships. How do we connect with each other and answer the longing in our souls? With presence, skill, and vulnerability. For it is through our heart that we truly understand, see, hear, and meet each other.”

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