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Communion with Nature

All of creation responds to the language of the heart. When we are present, connected, open in our hearts and still we discover that we can communicate with nature. Being in the wilderness we can hear more clearly what wild animals might speak to us. In our own gardens each plant being is alive and will communicate with us, if we are only willing to listen. When you stand beneath a redwood tree you might experience its strength and peace in your own body. If you relax at a river and listen to the sound of its flowing water, you might hear the ancient song of creation.

Magic-freeTo connect with Nature we are invited to allow our senses to awaken, let the mind drop into the background and pay attention to what is real, present and alive. As we become aware and open our hearts to love, we enter into a natural and magical communion with all of life that might be beyond of what you have ever experienced. As we realize our interconnectedness and the sacredness within all of nature, a whole new world opens and by that our actions lead to greater benefit for all beings.

Nature awareness retreats and seminars are offered by request and are held in nature and if possible in wilderness. Nicola Amadora has led many retreats and spoken at conferences on communion with nature. She regularly spends times in solitude in the wilderness herself, has had many profound experiences with wild animal and works consciously with the plant world, wherever she lives. To read more: TRUE STORIES

For upcoming Retreats in nature please visit EVENTS

For a once in a lifetime Adventure into the Wild on horseback through sacred Navajo Land please visit: PILGRIMAGE INTO THE HEART OF CREATION

We offer Leadership and Team Training with Horses please visit: CONNECTED LEADERSHIP

~Nature opens our senses so we may see, hear and feel what is true and live connected lives~

Petting Horse

Presence and Connection with Horses and Women

This is a special event in nature with horses and women to:

open your heart and experience the joy of truly connecting

experience the magic of being present

step through fear — into safety and trust

shift from old patterns into what is real and alive

heal wounds through relating with horses and women

understand the language of nature through your senses

receive reflection and acceptance from the horse

discover new ways of being and relating

learn collaboration and leadership skills

practice mindful relating skills

grow in natural self confidence and be empowered

engage from your center and authenticity

allow love to carry you and fill you with wonder!

This course can also be held for special groups. Advanced booking is necessary. Not available during the winter.
Riding is optional (both advanced and beginning riders welcomed). This is a playful, natural way of learning and it is a unique life- time experience!


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