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Mt.Shasta Retreat

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  Connecting with all of Life

A magical Retreat on Mt.Shasta


This unforgettable retreat invites us to deeply experience the sacred within and all around us. The stunning wilderness and pristine energy of Mt.Shasta provides a perfect gateway to profoundly connect. Meditation, ancient sadhana in holy places, mutual awakening and new ways of relating, embodiment practices, stillness alone, communion with the seen and unseen, ceremony, light hiking and swimming in crystal clear lakes usher us to fill our cup and fall in love with all of life, so we can embody our unique calling and contribute to the liberation of all beings in the world.



Lodging: We will be camping at the foot of the Mountain on private and protected land, where fresh water, bathhouses, meditation alcove, etc. is provided. Shanti Land is a special property that has been stewarded in harmony with the plants and animals. Bears do come bye, but don’t worry they won’t eat us for lunch. For extra comfort, arrange your own B&B nearby. We will create a shared vegetarian meal together every night. Snacks and food are available at a nearby health food store and can be stored in coolers at the campsite.




Nicola Amadora PhD. works as a Spiritual & Dharma Teacher, Hakomi Therapist, and Educator for conscious relating & leadership. She has been teaching spiritual retreats for two decades. In a simple and profound way, she integrates awakening & embodiment and engaging from loving presence in the world. Nicola loves the wild, our shared humanness and the greater mystery which can be felt, touched and lived, when we are fully present and our heart is wide open to embrace all.



Spiritual Guidance: This retreat is neither a new age or religious retreat. It is held in such a way that you can connect more directly and deeply to the truth and love within and around you, and we invite the great masters and our ancestors to the table. Our focus will be on being present, awakening, healing, authentic relating, communion with life and embodiment. The dharma, non dual wisdom and ancient spiritual practices will be part of our journey. A radical embrace toward everything that arises, to meet and touch the pain and joy equally through love’s presence is our walk. You will have alone and together time and we will enjoy silence and meditation part of each day. We will dive deep and have fun too. Your human vulnerability and divine nature is welcomed to the feast!


July 28th – 3d Aug 2018

July 27th- 2nd Aug 2017

July 30th- 5th Aug 2016

Guided Retreat Cost: Sliding scale between $380-$550 (this does include tuition and one vegetarian meal per day).

Lodging: Camping is $20 per night at our beautiful, reserved, and private campground of Shanti Land (pay separately upon arrival) or arrange a B&B or Airbnb in Shasta (Please ensure your lodging well ahead of time, places do book up fast). For camping: rent a tent or yurt at Shanti Land or bring your own tent.

Food: We will cook and feast together under the starlit sky in the evenings. Please bring your own breakfast items. We will be in nature during the day and we take bag lunches with us. You can buy the items in the nearby health food store.

Time: We begin on Saturday the 28th at 2pm and end the Retreat on Friday the 3rd August about 12 pm. You are welcome to stay an extra night on the land.

Nearby Airport: Redding, California, or international airport Medford, Oregon. Both are 50 min drive from Mt. Shasta.You will need to arrange a car rental. We can connect you with others who will fly.

Special: Following the Retreat on Saturday, Aug.4th and Sunday, Aug. 5th I offer an in-depth professional training for transformational leaders and healers on the land. We will be focusing on group facilitation skills and capacities. If interested please connect with me.

Sign up  via PayPal by paying the full retreat cost between $380-$550. Please know that this retreat is kept at a very low fee, listen to your heart and what you can generously contribute. The lower fee is especially offered for people who are financially challenged. If you have hardship, you are welcome to pay a deposit of $100 to reserve your space:


This retreat will sell out, please ensure your place by signing up. You will receive details about what to bring and directions one month before the Retreat. Please read cancelation policy here. For more questions contact: 


What people say from previous retreats:


The five day Shasta Retreat: “Into the Sacred”was incredible. Being in nature, meditating, deeply connecting with Self and each other was fulfilling and a life changer. Nicola, you are an amazing teacher. How you lead this big group into the Sacred in such a profound, safe and real way, was truly remarkable. Transformational for every one of us. You are a master at this.” Dr. Tonya Fleck, Naturepathic Doctor

“I went on a magical retreat with Nicola this past summer that truly transformed my way of life. Her presence and practices helped me connect more deeply with myself and the spiritual, natural world around me. I have been wanting to explore my spirituality more and more, and this retreat helped me begin this process and helped me to solidify my daily meditation practice as an integral and transformative part of my life. I have worked with Nicola individually and in this group setting and her nurturing, genuine, powerful presence helps focus right to the core of what is going on with people so she can support them in their healing from that more vulnerable, truly connected place. I highly recommend participating in any experience you can with her! She has changed my life and I am so grateful.” Callia Hansen, Socialwork Student


“The Shasta Retreat was pure magic. So profound, enliving and enlightening. I arrived home in myself and I could carry this gift into my work, relationships and life.” Michael Reppy, Physical Therapist and Environmental Activist.


“The Shasta Retreat was amazing for me and I could see for everyone else too. It was just the perfect combination of silence, life changing ceremony, connecting in a deeper way with others and nature, and we had fun too. The focus was on awakening and embodied spirituality. The mountain is such atremendous teacher and we were taken into the mystery – home. So much love, depth, healing and joy was shared. I never forget this retreat. Thank you Nicola” Celia Schamoff, Project Manager


“The Shasta retreat was truly incredible, beyond of what I had expected. It led us into the heart of life…and brought such illumination for each. All was welcomed- the pain and joy- and I received such support from the mountain and Nicola to dive deep and to rise high into truth and love. Wow!” Star Hansen, Consultant

For more testimonials from real people please see: Praise


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