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Young Women Leaders

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Rising Tide

Mentorship for Young Women Leaders

We are the rising tide of awake, empowered and spiritually connected women leaders in a world of great change. We are the ones we have been waiting for! You are part of the solution and you are not alone. We invite you to join this growing movement of young women, who dare to be a leading light on this earth!

The mentorship and training is:

For women (18-35 years) who are engaged in making a positive difference in the world

For women who want support and join together with inspiring leaders

For women who are committed to act from connectedness, power and love

The mentors and training offers:

Practical leadership skills (see Leading like a Woman page)

Empowerment to be who you are and fulfill your life purpose

Spiritual sustenance (meditation, art, song, dance, ritual)

Connection and selfless service

Embodiment of your femininity and ways of self care

Guidance and personal mentorship

Group support, gaining confidence and having fun!

We look forward meeting you!

For more information about the groups please contact:
Nicola Amadora or Vanessa Faryan at:

Voices of rising tide

What does it feel like to cast off the imposed constructs of the ‘man’s world’, to sink deeper inward where you can feel your heart?  It is like returning home. Feeling the love surrounding the earth, the flowers blossom and the children are fed. We all have something deeper within us, that can get covered up by all the hustle and bustle of this mixed world. Nicola’s gift lies in calling out the blessings inherent inside of each one of us. When we feel our true blessings, our gifts, they amplify and we can lead once more from our power, which is to say, from our love. ~ (Julianne, age 21)

I came upon Rising Tide through synchronistic magic and it has spread that magic in my life. It is a great place from where I can gain support and strength to be my fullest and brightest self as a woman. It addresses a problem in our crushing world – the lack of empowered feminine leadership. We are shifting the paradigm and creating something amazing, both in the world and in my life. ~ (Sally E. Ness, age 23)

Meeting with a group of women with a specific purpose of leadership and growth is new to me. It has been and continues to be an incredible lesson in being part of a community. This group allows me to open up to my strengths and love. The women of Rising Tide, all the experiences I have here, enliven and inspire me to open deeper into who I am and how I can serve. I lead an Art and Leadership program for Middleschool girls to help them gain confidence, have self esteem, connect with their body in healthy ways and speak their voices. The Mentorship is so perfect for me. ~ (Charlene, age 35)

I am becoming more empowered in my true being here. Being supported and given the opportunity to support other women is such a gift. ~ (Lindsey, age 26)

Nicola is an amazing leader who holds young women with integrity and inspires our hearts to connect with the depth of our purpose. I learn practical leadership skills, to be centered in my body, to be connected with my soul- and stepped up into a leadership role with Rising Tide! Yes! ~ (Vanessa, age 21)


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