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A Professional Training Intensive
For Leaders, Coaches & Healing Practioners


“The deepest need of every human is to be truly accepted, heard and seen ~ to be met and welcomed home.”


Guiding people on their journey of awakening, healing and embodiment is a beautiful calling and privilege, inviting us to continually evolve personally and expand our expertise to be of service. Transformational work with individuals and groups is both rewarding and challenging. In this high level, hands on training you have the opportunity to learn and enhance powerful core skills for working with people of diverse background –  in a profound, empowering, playful and life changing way!

You are invited to learn, practice and strenghten how to

 ~ support people compassionately and effectively in any situation

~  relate and communicate with authenticity and grace

~ lead into presence, heart and connection

~ guide individuals and groups in an inspiring and integrated way

~ establish a safe, grounded and spiritually connected container for transformation to unfold naturally

~ meet people exactly where they are at and offer what is most beneficial in the moment

        ~ offer the medicine that can cure the deepest wounds

~ stay present, loving and attuned when encountering shadows, challenges and intensity in others and yourself

~ access organic intelligence and apply it skillfully, depending on the client or group’s need and consciousness

Have fun learning and discovering new ways for helping people and yourself.


This module 1 training includes:

Strengthening your leadership and innate healing abilities. Supporting people to access their deeper wisdom, love and truth. Introducing mindfulness and heart opening to people of diverse walks of life. Recognizing spiritual emergence and trauma and how to deal with it. Working with group intelligence and creating cohesion in any setting and lead position. Providing direct, alive and new experiences. Understanding developmental stages of people. Honing tracking and masterful connecting skills. Deepening into loving presence. Working with energy, structure and flow. Addressing power issues, transference and keeping it real. Attuning and working from Source. Setting boundaries from connection. Strengthen relating, contacting and communication capacities. Riding the waves of emotions, establishing body sense and cutting through mental formations gracefully. Offering experience and sound guidance for the journey of awakening, embodiment and integration.


This training is for beginning or advanced transformational leaders, teachers and healers. You will receive personalized support and mentoring for your particular work or calling. Be prepared to fully engage. Bring your issues, talents and edge for growth. Space is limited. I am looking forward to see you there!


UPCOMING: 20th -21st Jan. 2018 in Santa Cruz, CA. Time: both days 10am – 4pm

SIGN UP: Pay $260 via check or with  PAYPAL here . Once paid your place is confirmed and you will receive directions to the sanctuary. Questions? Call: 831-469 4467 or email:




Dr. Nicola Amadora has successfully worked with thousands of individuals and groups for thirty years internationally. She offers a wealth of experience and expertise as a Hakomi Therapist, Psychologist, Spiritual Teacher, Leadership and Relationship Educator. Nicola is committed to support leaders, healers and people who are dedicated to awakening and being of service in our world.


~ Let truth be your light, and allow love’s presence to guide the way ~