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A Professional Training

For Therapists, Coaches and Facilitators
“The deepest need of every human is to be truly accepted, heard, seen,
and welcomed home.”

Transformational work with people is an urgent need in these turbulent times. What is the medicine that offers lasting change when we stand on shaken ground? You might ask yourself: How do I best guide clients and groups through the passage of trauma and awakening into healing, connection, and embodiment? How do I serve in a fulfilling, aligned way to turn lives and the world?

Unprecedented times require us to evolve personally and expand our expertise professionally.

This transforming lives training gets to the core where real change emerges from. It unites embodied spirituality, depth psychology, trauma-informed healing, high-level facilitation skills, and real human connection. You receive the tools to transform lives with skill and grace. And you learn hands-on with other professionals who care – in an empowering, integrated, and soulful way. So we become the medicine and magic – for ourselves and for the people we are honored to serve!

“This training was outstanding and made a significant difference to my work with clients and for myself. What Nicola teaches gets to the core and changes lives from inside out!” – Amy Baldwin, Educator 


You are invited to:

~ Apply an integrated and grounded approach. Combine mindfulness, emotional intelligence, somatic experiencing, relational and spiritual connection.

~ Guide people in a present, empowering, and heart-centered way.

~ Engage resonance communication to lead to genuine connection.

~ Establish a safe container for transformation to unfold

~ Unite spirituality, psychology, and down-to-earth skills.

~ Stay present and loving when challenges and intensity arise.

~ Align your energy system and practice self-care.

~ Use the direct, felt experience as a powerful catalyst for lasting change.

~ Lead people into the direct experience of presence, heart, and connection.

~ Navigate and differentiate trauma healing and spiritual emergence/ spiritual states skillfully.

~ Discover the core principles and how any situation can be used for transformation.

~ Work from organic intelligence and soul in benefit of your client or group.

~ Understand group dynamics and lead through group wisdom.

~ Offer the medicine that can cure the deepest wounds.

Receive expert training and support. Enjoy learning powerful new ways for helping people and yourself.
“This training was exceptional and truly transformational. My work with people lifted to a whole new level….”
– Marci Schimoff, Speaker & Transformational Leader


Where and What: The trainings are offered worldwide. The complete training leads to certification. Educational units for the UK are possible for individual modules. Read below what the Transforming Lives Training and Module 1, Module 2, and Module 3 includes.

For Whom: This exceptional training is for people who are passionate to be of service in a meaningful and integrated way. It is particularly useful for psychotherapists, social workers, wellness coaches, bodyworkers, clergy, physicians, educators, spiritual teachers and leaders, workshop facilitators, transformational leaders, and other helping professionals. You will receive personalized support and mentoring for your particular work or calling. Be prepared to fully engage hands-on. Bring your issues, talents, and edge for growth. Space is limited.

“Nicola is masterful and elegant. I have seen her in action and the results are remarkable, both in her work with clients and groups. The training was outstanding…”
– S. Baroni, Psychotherapist
“It is rare to find a teacher, leader and healer who truly walks the talk and practices the teachings and wisdom that she share with others. Nicola is one of these rare and invaluable teachers….”
– Calliea Hansen, Social Worker.  Read more what people say below.


Next upcoming Training with 14 CPD Hours:

From 2022 we offer the Professional Training Program LIVE ONLINE to serve people worldwide. We begin on April 24th, 2022. Please see all details below.

For more information please contact us. 


Dr. Nicola Amadora has successfully worked with thousands of clients and groups for thirty years internationally. She offers a wealth of experience and expertise as a Hakomi & Trauma Therapist, Psychologist, Spiritual Teacher, Leadership and Relationship Educator. and Founder of Living Connection. She has been working with individuals, couples, families, large groups and organizations from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Nicola is committed to supporting transformational leaders, healers, and teachers who serve the greater turning to bring forth positive change in lives and our world.


Module 1 Training includes:

Truly connect with people. Discover what creates lasting transformation. Deepen your leadership and healing abilities. Take your seat in loving presence and support people to access their inherent wisdom. Introduce mindfulness, somatic experience and heart-opening to people of diverse walks of life. Learn about spiritual emergence and trauma healing. Attend to ethics and grounded integration. Read more below.

Module 2 Training includes:

Transformational work with groups requires a higher level of expertise and capacity. In this module you have the opportunity practice how to lead groups soulfully and skillfully. Learn Resonance Communication and Connection abilities. Deal with people’s challenges gracefully. How to attend to Trauma and Spiritual Emergence within the Group. Teach in an engaging and alive way that includes everyone. Read more details below.

Module 3 Training includes:

The final training intensive leads to the certification. Details for the third training are available for participants and professionals who have successfully completed Module 1 & 2, who have practiced and applied the material and have attended 4 group or individual mentoring sessions.

Click here to learn about the modules

Module 1 Training includes:

All the points mentioned above and more:

Strengthen your leadership and healing abilities. Support people to access their deeper wisdom, love and truth. Introduce mindfulness and heart-opening to people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Expand your language repertoire to meet people where they are at. Recognize spiritual emergence and how to guide people through it. Learn trauma-informed healing skills and grow your capacity. Work with the people’s innate intelligence and create cohesion in any setting and lead position. Provide direct, alive and new experiences. Understand developmental stages and attachment styles of people. Hone tracking and masterful connecting skills. Deepen into loving presence. Work elegantly with energy, structure, and the moment-to-moment flow. Address power issues and transference and keep it real. Attune and guide from Source. Set boundaries from connection. Strengthen relating, contacting and nonviolent communication capacities. Ride the waves of emotions, establish body sense and cut through mental formations gracefully. Attend to ethics, what to do and what not to do with different kinds of people. Offer direct experience and sound guidance for the journey of awakening, healing, embodiment, and integration.

Module 2 Training includes:

Transformational work with groups requires a higher level of expertise and capacity. In this training module you have the opportunity to lead sections to receive support and feedback.

Module 2 builds on module 1. We expand the transformation principles and skills to working with groups as a leader and healer. This includes: How to guide groups masterfully with presence, heart and connection. Learn what helps groups to become a supportive vessel for the process of awakening, healing and integrating, and embodiment. Understand essential group and inherited family dynamics and how to shift the classic reactions. How to take charge and lead the whole group into a deeper connection, heart and presence in any situation. Learn the right use of inclusive language for facilitators. Recognize and navigate the dance of power dynamics. Co-lead with the group being and source intelligence. Expand your personal capacity for working with larger groups. How to teach and present publicly by offering direct and alive experiences ( people don’t want just knowledge and concepts, they want to experience).

What exercises work in which setting and with which kind of group and situation. The do’s and not to do’s when you teach or present on stage. How to create a field of safety, authenticity, warmth and openness for any kind of group. How to include people of diverse background or culture and use a common language to meet them where they are at. How to turn conflicts into opportunities. What to do when you have a mixed group, some who are spiritually advanced and others who are beginning. The danger of creating intense experiences without follow up. Practice shifting communication styles in groups to bring forth more understanding and connection. How to lead a group in such a way that each person individually feels included and safe. Making room for individual expressions, whilst looking out for the wellbeing of the whole group. Setting necessary boundaries and knowing when to let go and flow. Providing cohesion and empowerment in an authentic way. How to take people into the transformational field of connection and presence that creates magic.


Module 3 Training includes:

The final training intensive leads to the certification. Details for the third training are only available for participants and professionals who have successfully completed Module 1 & 2 , who have practiced and applied the material, and have attended 6 group or individual mentoring sessions.

Introduction Interview


When and How:

Module 1: 24th/25th April and 28th/29th May 2022. 8.30 am -12.30 pm PST USA, 16.30 – 20.30 UK, 17.30 -21.30 Europe. The training sessions include four hours each day online with expert teaching, hands-on practice, in-between breaks, and movement. During the month: one optional live Q&A session and biweekly practice groups. Module 2: The exact four dates (Friday/Saturday) for the online training will be determined with the whole group at the beginning of module 1. Module 3: Depending on Covid Regulations we meet for 4 days in Portugal at a beautiful Retreat Center, which also offers therapy/coaching with horses. If it is not possible to meet in person, the training continues online with four sessions, each four hours online. For the full certification, you are required to attend most training sessions and practice in between. In case you cannot attend all teaching sessions, recordings will be made available to you. You will also receive written materials for the Transforming Lives Training to use for life.

With the certification, you will receive permission to teach and use all practices and methods that have been carefully developed over decades by Dr.Nicola Amadora

Your Investment for your Profession and Calling: for the entire Transforming Lives Training, if you sign up and pay the deposit by February 1st, 2022: 1499 Euro. Afterward: 1750 Euro. To reserve your place now sign up and pay the 500 Euro Deposit.


“Nicola Amadora is a wonderful example of an awakened heart-embodied leader and excellent teacher and therapist!  Her style of leading and teaching is deep, humble and playful, fiercely loving and exquisitely feminine in the gently power-full space she holds for people.   Nicola is masterful in assisting others in becoming more of who they are meant to be!  The training was exceptional. I found myself being opened to more of my deep Self, as she guided me to embody my gifts and abilities. As my fearful resistance to leading became conscious,  I was able to release those fears and embrace more of the courage and wisdom of my authentic Self, so that I can now participate more powerfully in life for the greater good!  Thank you Nicola!” ~ Sergio Baroni, LCSW, Psychotherapist, Marin

“I have just recently returned from a three day intensive – ‘Transforming Lives’ with Nicola Amadora. I cannot find enough superlatives to describe how transformative I found this training both personally and as a transpersonal psychotherapist.  Nicola gracefully and passionately embodies a grounded, deeply insightful and authentic sense of awareness that guided me to both a far deeper sense of myself and to an awe-inspiring understanding of how to bring deep transformation to my clients.   I cannot recommend this training highly enough to anyone who is called to sit alongside others on their journey here in any capacity.  I truly felt in the core of my being the depth of the calling that Nicola upholds to help everyone on their healing journey and left the training with some wonderful tools to do just that. My heartfelt deep appreciation and gratitude – THANK YOU Nicola.” ~ Maggie March, Dip.Psych, Psychotherapist and Supervisor, England

“I learned so much at this training, this is a life and work changer for sure! Nicola taught us how to meet people where they are at, how to really connect on all levels, which is the foundation for our healing and leadership work. She showed us hands on how to best lead individuals and groups and support their transformation in an ingenious way. She integrates group dynamics, our human nature and spirituality in a fluid and powerful way. I am blown away how much I too opened up and grew just on one weekend. I am very grateful to Nicola.” ~Ian W. Santa Cruz, Intern Therapist

“This transforming lives training was truly exceptional and transformational for me. Nicola is highly skilled and clearly an experienced expert in this field. I am impressed.” Please see Marci Schimoff’s, well known author and transformational workshop leader, video testimonial on the Home page.

“This training was amazing. I feel more embodied, present, empowered and inspired as a woman leader in the world. I gained invaluable skills such as transparent communication, how to deal with challenges constructively and to grow real connection among my team. It helped me to be able to speak my voice and step forth courageously as a leader. I highly recommend these excellent leadership trainings with Nicola Amadora. “ Joana Golio, Manager

“Training with Nicola Amadora for several years now has changed my life for the better. It has improved my way of being with clients and my ability to be of service immeasurably. I feel deeply fortunate to have found a teacher like her.” David Solomon, Workshop Facilitator and Leader

The transforming lives training was invaluable to my work with clients and for myself. It made a significant difference for my workshops and individual client work. What Nicola teaches gets to the core and changes lives from inside out.It was amazing for me to attend. I grew leaps and bounds myself.” Amy Baldwin, Educator and Healer, California

“Thank you so much for a wonderful training. I have benefited enormously from your very structured and succinct delivery of your content. Particularly the rhythm between teaching and experiential exercises was beautifully delivered and really brought home all the more theoretical concepts.I have attended many CPD events and I have never felt so enriched as a person but also for my professional life and I’m hoping that many more will make use of what you have honed over so many years. I feel empowered to bring a more spiritual perspective to my work with my clients you have helped me see a way to do that without scaring people. I hope we will soon be able to book level 2. .”~ Nicola Hobson, England, Psychotherapist

“You will find Nicola Amadora in the place where heaven and earth meet. With great intuitive skill, she was able to give us invaluable training at the same time as a deep, personal experience of transformation and hold all of this with her wonderful, balanced being which is both spiritual and human. We laughed a great deal too!” ~ Sarah Hamilton, Sufi teacher and Psychotherapist.

“Every time I attend a teaching, retreat, or individual session with Nicola Amadora, I walk out feeling like I got exactly what I needed- many times without even knowing what I needed when I began. Nicola has the uncanny ability and intuition to quickly get to what is going on at the core of someone and then simply, beautifully and powerfully guides through the transformation that needs to happen. She is incredibly attuned and attentive to each person’s individual needs and the needs and direction of the group as a whole. Every retreat with her, I leave having gotten even more than I had hoped for at the start. I received so many tools, experiences and ways to apply them with my clients. It is already making a difference. And I have grown so much through this training. Please give yourself the best gift- give yourself what you need- and sign up for a retreat, talk, teaching, individual session, or whatever she is offering- my heart feels so joyful knowing the deep love, connectedness, and transformation you will experience!There are many spiritual teachers and helpers out there, and, quite honestly, a lot feels like B.S. to me. It is unfortunately rare to find a teacher, leader and healer who truly walks the talk and practices the teachings and wisdom that they share with others day in and day out. Nicola is one of these rare and invaluable teachers.” Kaliea Hansen, Social Worker, San Francisco

“Like a fine tapestry, Nicola weaves together many different threads. The most important for me was gaining deep experiential and theoretical knowledge of a spiritual path, and how to integrate this into life. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to lead others into a knowledge of themselves. My time with her was a joyful and heart opening experience.” ~Kim Paumier, Retreat Leader, England

“Nicola has one of the most genuine, nurturing energies I’ve ever encountered among group facilitators. This, combined with her lifetime of experience holding space for people as a therapist, facilitating group transformational experiences, and practicing what she teaches makes her an exceptional & exquisitely unique leader. During the Training, I experienced a powerfully healing, impromptu ceremony that arose from Nicola’s ability to navigate and direct the emotions / energies that inevitably arise in people as they undergo personal transformation. Additionally, some participants brought with them to the training a painful real-life, real-time personal transformation process, and Nicola was able to use these unexpected interpersonal dynamics in the group to model the Connected Leadership practices she was teaching us, expertly holding space while teaching training content.Through this training, I learned some concrete tools to connect with Self, connect with Source, and connect with what is best for any group I lead; tools I know I will continue to use personally and professionally for the rest of my life. I feel much more confident stepping into a group leadership role using Nicola’s Connected Leadership model as my guide, and simultaneously feel humbled by the responsibility that comes with guiding others through potentially potent transformation processes — something I witnessed during the training weekend. I take both of these perspectives to heart moving forward as a leader in this world, and I feel forever grateful to Nicola for sharing her light, love, and expertise with me during this life-changing training.” Hannah Rogers, Yoga Teacher, California

“This training was such a heart-warming experience – so nourishing to be among such a supportive group. Definitely a safe place to allow release of some deeply held emotions and to explore the next stage of my journey.This could not have happened without your sensitive and holding presence. You gave such expertise and knowledge that I instantly felt very safe and able to share. And there was so much more…I look forward to our next module!”Barbara Meadows, Psychotherapist, England

“I feel far more present and connected and it affects every aspect of my life. It is really amazing how positive my life, relationships and leadership work has changed through training with Nicola…I am awake.” Bobby Scarnewman, Project Manager

“Nicola’s earthly experience and connection to The Divine Mother and Father is vast. She is deeply connected to spirit, but so much fun too. I found she can gently sense and pierce the very place we need to individually be met for our healing and transformation. I have been on a path of gathering wisdom teachings and practices over many years from lots of different directions. in Nicola I found an affirmation of my path from someone who is a female ‘master’ and who integrates many of these directions I have found over many years in her comprehensive offering.” ~Kathy Adams, Facilitator, England

“The training has helped me get back on track in all sorts of ways – I feel more in touch with my vitality, clearer thinking and very grounded. I feel a renewed richness from this valuable experience.” Carol Batchelor, Psychotherapist, England

“It was an incredible training! I so appreciated your thoughtful, insightful, and patient approach to bringing us into new ways of experiencing system and organizational learning. The culminating exercise- speaking for the world’s interests- addressing the things we care so deeply about- will remain with me for the rest of my life. Thank you!” ~ Danny Coballos, San Francisco, Organizational Consultant

See more testimonials about previous trainings and the living connection work here: Real People Reviews

~ Let truth be your light, and allow love’s presence to guide the way ~

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