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The Power of Loving Presence

A training for Health Professionals

The gift of healing is the power of Love. When we are aligned to the greater stream of life, healing can occur in a natural and miraculous way. It is fostered by our ability to be fully present with the people we are working with and through being connected to our own loving nature.  From deep silence knowing is revealed in each given moment, for what might be beneficial for the person we are supporting. Through attunement and mindfulness we are able to access the inherent wisdom of the client, which will help in discovering a way together. Working from Loving presence not only enables healing, but also allows us to be more fully of service. This advanced training will open a new way, deepen and enhance your work whether you are a psychologist, doctor, nurse, healer, massage therapist, social worker, nurse, counselor, psychotherapist, minister or simply a person who actively cares about others.

The teacher training includes:

Getting out of the way and letting love lead

Opening into your loving presence

Building skillful means

Connecting with clients and relating from inside out.

Meeting people where they are at

Staying centered and connected with yourself

Being fully present and in the moment

Trusting inherent knowing and intuition

Refining Attunement and mindfulness

Recognizing what is needed and beneficial for different people

Being with and meeting pain

Applying tools that are helpful

Making contact and wise communication

Common pitfalls and how to avoid them

Leaving the ‘helper syndrome’ and entering into the stream of true healing

Meditation and energysation/relaxation

How to relate to people not as victims, but as human beings

Accessing the inherent wisdom of each client

Working from a greater intelligence than our own limited minds.

Important self-care practices

The training combines practical skill building, direct experience, hands on exercises and teaching with meditation, movement and being in nature.

For more information or requests to host this training please contact Nicola Amadora at [email protected].


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