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Conscious Relating

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Power of Connection

Consciously Relating with Presence, Skill and Heart

We are wired for true connection – with ourselves, spirit, each other and nature. What helps us to relate in ways that are fulfilling and grow a deep sense of connectedness? Relationships by their very nature do evoke joy, fear, pain…and a deep longing in our hearts. Whether we engage with a beloved, friend, child, colleague or stranger on the street, we all yearn for that sense of true connection. Conscious relating is a profound practice, providing a gateway into who we are and to truly meet each other. It is an art, that requieres us to cultivate abilities such as: sound communication and conflict resolution skills, to be authentic, transparent, vulnerable and present, and essential skills, which can be learnt in our trainings.

Inspiring teachings, excellent relational skills, integral practices and direct experience in a safe space are offered to learn and strengthen the transforming power of connection in all of our relationships.

We offer courses from half day to a week or over a period of several months. Join us, as we delve deeper to:

communicate with authenticity, presence and love, even when challenges arise

clear misunderstanding and heal hurt with kindness, mindfulness and skillful means

communicate with authenticity, presence and love, even when challenges arise

learn to nourish relationships

find what is true and set boundaries from undefindness

practice listening and speaking skills that create real understanding and connection

dare to be vulnerable and create safety for the vulnerability of others use transparent relating as a way to awake

discover new ways of relating, that lead to a natural and alive connection with each other and ourselves.

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