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Leading Like A Woman

 From inner Connection to outer Action: Feminine Leadership Training


A call is resounding throughout the world for women to be the leaders we have been waiting for! In a time of great change, you are invited to embody the wisdom and power of the feminine and lead courageously from the fire of your love – at home, at work, and in the world. Connected with ourselves, humanity, and nature we are able to act in life and make a profound difference. The foundation is the same, whether you are guiding a child, a client, a group, a business, or an organization. It is you!

Yet, so often women leaders experience isolation, nagging self-doubt, and lack of confidence, are overworked and underpaid, and their voice isn’t taken seriously. Or you may have disconnected from your feelings, intuition, and soul to succeed. Maybe you are deeply spiritual and carry a greater vision for humanity, but need effective skills to bring it into reality and leadership. Maybe you feel confused about how to be a women leader in a male-dominated business world. As a smart, heartfelt, capable woman you might want to expand your relational, communication, group facilitation, and leadership abilities. Or are you hiding? Many hear the call, but few will heed it.

Are you willing to be the answer, to step up and grow into an inspiring, empowered, capable, and authentic women leader?  Are you self-employed, or are you leading a company, working with a team or family, and want to grow your leadership skills? Do you wish to discover how to lead like a woman? Do you feel called to change the world from the inside out…together with others? We need you at this time of tremendous challenge and opportunity. Join us here!

In our Women Leadership Trainings you are invited to:

Gain professional and practical leadership skills for excellence

Unite Spirituality, Feminine Wisdom, Emotional Intelligence, Relational Ability, Leadership Skill and Cultural Change

Stand in your authentic power and lead from real connectedness

Receive support to embody your feminity and life purpose

Dare to lead with authenticity and vulnerability

Expand your expertise in communication and relating abilities

Make a profound difference in your own life and together on this earth!

Our Leadership Trainings provide professional and aspiring women leaders with:

Practical leadership skills for excellence to create a safe, clear and warm space for your family, group or business, enhance compassionate communication and conflict resolution skills, essential group dynamics and facilitation skills, teambuilding and attunement process, taking charge and going with the flow, connected power versus control, ethics and responsibility, empowering others and shared leadership.

Support to know your soul purpose, to connect deeply with who you are and stand in your power, to trust your intuition, to speak your authentic voice, to strengthen confidence, to live in your feminine body, to nourish yourself in healthy ways, to be aligned with your values, to claim and bring forth your unique gifts, to join with others in mutual support and friendship.

Ability to connect in a real way with others, to cultivate emotional intelligence, to listen and follow your inner knowing, to be centered and present with what is arising in any given situation, to set intention and follow through, to offer: appreciation, inspiration, encouragement and constructive feedback to others, to create sacred and safe space, to enjoy and have fun.

Inspiration and Empowerment to create a new way of living in the world, to make a profound difference in your own life and together on this earth for the benefit of all!

Join us in a deep soul retreat and a high-level training for women!
 General Information

The training includes teaching, the practice of leadership skills, meditation, ceremony, movement, direct experience, and sharing. The training is built on an organic structure, which allows the group and each participant to naturally engage.

LENGTH OF TRAINING: The women’s leadership training is offered either for half a day, one weekend, or one week for full training.

INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION: Only available now by request from groups, companies or organizations. For interest and more information please contact us.

 Join us in

Our Online Course: How to lead like a Woman

Our Upcoming Training: EVENTS  or Invite Dr. Amadora Here

Reviews from Real People

“Nicola Amadora is a true example of feminine leadership. It was profoundly inspiring and life changing to attend her training.” ~ Sally Wolfe, Consultant

“This Leadership Training was amazing. I feel more embodied, present, empowered and inspired as a woman leader in the world. I gained invaluable skills such as transparent communication, how to deal with challenges constructively and to grow real connection among my team. It helped me to be able to speak my voice and step forth courageously as a leader. I highly recommend these excellent leadership trainings with Nicola Amadora.“~ Joana Golio, Leader

“This Leadership Training has made me feel more inspired and empowered as a woman in all aspects of my life. Thank you so much!” ~ Lorraine Margon, Organizational Leader

“Nicola is an extraordinary feminine leadership facilitator and teacher. And she is a natural, highly gifted and inspiring speaker. She teaches from her heart and offers very powerful relating skills to simply, yet profoundly, connect with people. I gained invaluable skills to lead and relate with more presence and authenticity that I will use both in my personal and professional relationships. After taking the training, it was clear that she is truly an expert in relating and leadership skills and very passionate about her work.  She is a gem and I highly recommend her courses, trainings, retreats and individual therapy sessions.” ~ Char Longwello, Business Woman

“I had the great pleasure of attending one of Nicola’s women’s leadership seminars. It was so refreshing to learn the distinction between how men and women communicate and how using my innate womenly nature can make me a more effective leader. Nicola is dynamic, heartfelt, and inspirational. Your life will have much more joy if you work with Nicola!” ~ Brooklyn Taylor, Business owner in Santa Cruz, CA

“We are so appreciative of your expertise, skillfulness, gifts- and most of all – your heart. Thank you for an amazing and special leadership session you provided for our national women chapter leaders group. We will continue to use the practices on how to lead from connectedness. You made a real difference. Thank you so much!” ~ Linda Patty, Main Women Chapter Leaders for DFW.

“Nicola Amadora PhD. was hired to lead a training for our national women chapter leaders of our major non- profit organization ‘Dining for Women’, which funds and supports grassroots projects to support women and girls in developing countries. Her teaching inspired and lifted us. She practiced with us crucial skills to lead in a present, heartfelt, and connected way. We all felt transformed, far more connected, very inspired and more capable to make an even greater impact in the world as women leaders. I highly recommend Nicola to any organization or leaders.” ~ Clare Campbell, DFW Chapter Leader

“We received great feedback from the participants at your speech and session from the Women Leaders & Business Conference. You were inspirational and gave practical tools too. The information was relevant, delivered clearly, with power, warmth and humor. It was a transformational experience for many. Thank you very much Nicola for making this a wonderful event.” Annette McGarity, Project Manager for Women Leader Forum, Santa Cruz

“Thank you Nicola, our fearless leader of Project Windhorse, for your inspiration and dedication.” Christie Michaels, M. Magdalene Circle Leader, San Rafael

” The powerful ceremony Nicola led for the Women’s Retreat was amazing. It brought all the 30 women together, who came from different walks of life. It was connecting, meaningful, deep and playful too. Inspiring!”  Rebecca Dye  ASLA LEED AP B C and Design Focus Landscape Architecture

“As an artist, performer and workshop leader, I have been sharing vulnerability as strength for many years and I still am learning so much from the wisdom in this online course on Daily OM: How to lead like a Woman by Nicola Amadora. The fear of creation as it cannot be controlled, yes! I love the embodiment ideas, especially practicing a message you want convey, beforehand, without words, only in the body.. I also love improvising movement, directed by the body which I do already and then, which is new for me,, doing that before going into a meeting or other challenging situation, brilliant! When I’m facilitating, creative workshops which I’ve been doing joyously and with grace for 46 years,I’m in my element and very happy with how I lead. I want to take this into the wider world and this is where my dysfunctional selves, a mixture of pushy, people pleaser/ nice girl kick in. If I’m up against hierarchical ways, I start to doubt my nurturing warrior skills. I am learning new ways here and I am inspired by this course, which really makes a difference. ~ Maggie Nicole, Performer and Workshop Leader

I love this online course: How to lead like a woman. Love it, the break down of different leadership styles. I find myself falling into all 3 styles a little bit, but most comfortable with the quiet nice person…not fulfilling at all. I understand why now I get going and business is flowing and I disconnect and burn out. I knew it had to do with the way I conduct business, but have not been aware of why or how to make the change to feel satisfied and true to myself. I intend to journal and work the questions at the end of the Course, enjoying to discover more…”~ Susan Flash- Krueger, Coach


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