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Conscious and Resonance Relating

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Power of Connection: Resonance Relating

Relate in a New Way, with Presence, Skill, and Heart!

Experience or learn resonance relating.

We are wired for connection – with ourselves, spirit, each other, and nature. What helps us to relate in ways that are fulfilling and grow a deep sense of connectedness? Relationships by their very nature evoke joy, fear, pain…and a deep longing in our hearts. Whether we engage with a beloved, friend, child, colleague, or stranger on the street, we yearn for that sense of true connection.

We want to be seen, heard, loved, and truly met as we are. And yet, after many years of working with people all around the world, I have seen how much suffering continues to occur in our relationships. How then do we unite humanity and spirituality in relation and create a bridge across the chasm of separation?

As an answer, I cultivated the profoundly connecting and liberating way of Resonance Relating.

It is a spiritual practice and holistic method, which provides a gateway to awaken and to meet each other in deep truth and our common humanity. It is an organic, enlivening, and wholehearted way, through which we cultivate capabilities, such as: sound and profound communication and conflict resolution skills, natural transparency, ease with being vulnerable and present; a loving, honest and dynamic way to awaken together, with essential, down to earth skills you can apply in all of your relationships to live in the field of love together.

Experience a revolutionary way during a retreat, or attend a course online together with your friends and loved ones,

or learn Resonance Relating in-depth in a training!

Read what you will gain from Resonance Relating below.

Contact Dr.Nicola Amadora to invite her for your group. Attend an upcoming Event.

Inspiring teachings, refined relational skills, integral practices, and direct experience in a safe space offer us the fertile ground to truly relate and live the power of connection in all of our relationships.

Join us, as we delve deeper to:

meet one another in presence, aliveness and love

enter into enlivening, enlightening, and authentic connection

communicate from resonance with presence and love, even when challenges arise

awaken, heal, and untie pesky knots of delusion with each other

create bridges of understanding in difficult situations and disagreements

enjoy each other, nourish relationships and grow in real love

move from the reaction trap toward freedom of response

find what is true and set boundaries without defense

ride the waves of emotions together without drowning or projecting

practice deep listening and speaking skills that lead into real connection

establish safety for human vulnerability and expansion for our true nature

experience a deep, sacred union pathway

discover new ways of relating, that lead to a natural and alive connection with each other and ourselves.

Through profound skills, direct experience, dynamic presencing, and authentic connecting you are invited to learn a way which opens the body, mind, heart and soul, leads home into the sacred, and

connects us with one another in the here and now.


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