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My Offering and Work

“We have flown to the stars and dove to the bottom of the sea, humankind has yet to discover the power of living true love with each other and all of creation.”

The sense of separation from Love (God, Truth, Essence, true nature…), the split between our humanity and divinity, gives rise to manifold suffering on a large scale in the world. It also leads to psychological fragmentation, ailments of different expressions and “spiritual bypass” in a person, alienation from nature and each other.

When psychology and spirituality walk hand in hand and are centered in real love, wounds can be healed at the core. Unfolding into the undivided Self happens naturally and the basic need of the heart to love and to be loved is met.

As we open to our human vulnerability, which is the gateway into authenticity and intimacy, we usually encounter deeply feared pain. It is exactly here at the core, where the “jewel”, which you have been looking for through all the endeavors of your life, lies hidden.

True Love simply loves for the sake of Love.

It is also here, where the deepest wounding is festering, originating from our earliest hurtful relationship experiences, when we were most tender and open. From there unconscious beliefs are formed, such as “I am unworthy, not good enough, something is wrong with me, I am unloved…love is dangerous because I will get hurt…” Survival strategies and defenses are built to protect the wound, on which we then base our life, relationships, choices, actions and react to others, including our children.

This false sense of self is shaken in the presence of true Love. That fire once entered, and if you are willing, burns all your delusions to ashes until you are completely emptied out. For healing and awakening to occur, we need to go all the way through to the “heart of the matter” by experiencing directly what is arising in the present moment.

Every ounce of your suffering calls to be met by Loving Presence and needs to be taken home. Nothing can be left out, or it will come knocking on your door again. The heart is big enough to embrace the terror and beauty of your human experience. It is the lotus which grows from the mud.

This courageous and deep work frees you from conditioning. It is the “compost” to embody the precious gold, that you already are as an offering to this world.

For this alchemy to take place, you may need the support from a healing relationship. In my work I meet you from Love and Presence, as you are and where you are at. This allows you to heal wounds, untie knots in mindfulness, face the dragons, claim your treasures, and live your “daemon.” The truth within you, that is connected to all, can emerge organically and is nourished to express itself. In a respectful and safe environment, core needs are met in a healthy way. Missing and deeply healing experiences can take root, to provide lasting transformation for your life and relationships, for you to be real and live in Love with an undefended heart.

Trust—when you are utterly naked and opened into the unknown, it is Love which takes hold of you and embraces you radically and completely, until there is nothing left but That. It is a love, which includes everything. Surrender to such grace!

If you can accept the invitation, Love frees and lives you each step more fully, simply and naturally, ordinary and outrageously, in its very own way, in this moment, at home in your body, connected with everyone and everything that is here in your life, in this world and at one with all. WELCOME HOME!


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