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Living Connection  

Foundation Course

Alive, vibrant, in touch, aligned. Who doesn’t want that? Feeling connected with life, Spirit, with each other and yourself.

You have experienced it. Nothing is more fulfilling. Creativity flows, you navigate challenges with clarity and strength, you feel alive, and sense the truth at the core of your being. You know how to tend to stress and wounding. You are grounded, present and naturally connect with others. Even when things get tough, you still experience love.

And yet, we often experience the opposite:

Disconnection is agonizing, like you fell out from the Garden of Eden. Life seems flat, you ache because you can’t quite find home. Relationships might be predictable, but there is little to no spark. Or you get lost in drama land. Your mind and emotions trouble you and peace is nowhere in sight. Disconnection appears in varying shades of grey, and if you yearn to live awake and connected you cannot stay there for long.

Because, disconnected to a lesser or greater degree from life, each other, and ourselves – we suffer. This misery and its symptoms are known by most who have not entirely numbed out. A common “solution” is to disassociate from our bodies, from the ground of the earth, our feelings, from each other, and escape into our head, which only cuts us off further. Out of touch, we feel isolated and lost, wondering where the flow and magic we experienced as children and in times of connection has gone.

And so, we learn the art of connecting and build a solid foundation.

What helps us to open the door into life, to be present and in love with ourselves and each other? And what enables us to meet challenges with courage and celebrate life with gusto, regardless what happens?

There is a Way.

“I learnt valuable skills and experience more presence and love for the places in me that are disconnected, “the refugee’ who is looking for acceptance. I feel more grounded, balanced and loved now. Nicola’s facilitation is excellent, highly skilled and intuitive. We all came away with fantastic tools for everyday life, and feeling far more connected to ourselves, each other and the Divine – in a real way. Thank you so much!Sieglinde Schneider, Nurse Director, San Francisco

Don’t build your house on shifting sand. Establish a solid foundation, a sound ground from which love and all the good can take root and flourish.

This foundation course is for you if you:

 ~ are on a spiritual path and wish to embody realization in a grounded way arm in arm with your human experience 

 ~ want to awaken to your divine nature

~ wish to simply feel whole

~  want to be able to wisely tend to what arises in your experience and life 

~ are longing to experience more connection in your relationships

~ want to navigate challenges from loving presence and groundedness

~ feel moved to make a difference in the world


For that, get the basics down:

– How to ground and root yourself no matter what happens.

– Being ok with your feelings and riding the waves.

– Use the mind as a brilliant tool, but don’t let it drive you around as the master of your life.

– Befriend your body as a good house to camp out.

– Make sure that your spiritual practice and path is not a bypass from your humanity, but leads you home.

– Establish awareness and heartfulness to heal the wounds

– Gain simple tools for resonant relating.

– Tap into your inner wisdom and separate the wheat from the shaft, the true form the false

– Connect with and abide in loving presence, your own true nature.

“It is rare to find a teacher, leader and healer who truly walks the talk day in and day out. Nicola is one of these invaluable teachers. I received more than words can tell and feel so deeply connected.”Caliea Hansen, Social Worker, CA

First Connect then Act.

You can’t go wrong with that. Make connection number one and everything else number two and you’ll experience what you are longing for.

 This is what you receive:

A foundation course for your life. You can apply the best tools and training for your spiritual practice, for the way you live and relate. It comes in handy for dealing with challenges and good times.

It’s the basis for all the work I offer. It has emerged form 30 years of guiding people in their process of awakening, healing and embodiment. The essential teachings and practices unite spirituality and psychology, human and divine, in a simple and applicable way to use in your life – to support you with your unique needs, issues and longing.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to build a strong foundation for connection.

You receive a substantial and expert course to walk on solid ground.

8 Videos created for you

with refined Teachings, powerful Practices and essential Skills with lifetime access. Each section contains a holistic learning circle: knowledge, experience, transmission, skills and practices. Each video is max. 30 minutes in length, easy digestible and simple to apply.


<p “=”” style=”text-align: left;” tve-droppable”=””>Sessions 1 & 2

<p “=”” style=”text-align: left;” tve-droppable”=””>“Strong Roots, Strong Tree” ~ Grounding Connection

  • out of the head and into the feet
  • release stress in the nervous system and find safety
  • center yourself easily and get present

<p “=”” style=”text-align: left;” tve-droppable”=””>Session 3Your House” ~ Body Sense Connection

  • sensing sensations
  • entry into connection
  • somatic experiencing
  • being at home in your body

<p “=”” style=”text-align: left;” tve-droppable”=””>Session 4

<p “=”” style=”text-align: left;” tve-droppable”=””>“Thought Train” ~ Mind Connection 

  • what’s beyond and in between
  •  awareness and spaciousness
  • find stillness amidst the noise

<p “=”” style=”text-align: left;” tve-droppable”=””>Session 5

<p “=”” style=”text-align: left;” tve-droppable”=””>”All the Colors of Life” ~ Emotional and Heart Connection

  • the guesthouse – relating with feelings
  • acknowledge, befriend and tend
  • ride the rapids with ease and find aliveness
  • cultivate emotional intelligence
  • Vulnerability as the entry gate to your heart and true connection

<p “=”” style=”text-align: left;” tve-droppable”=””>Session 6“The Answer is Here” ~ Inner Wisdom Connection”

  • practice the intuition muscle
  • discriminate true from false
  • deep hearing, seeing and sensing

<p “=”” style=”text-align: left;” tve-droppable”=””>Session 7“Resonance Relating” ~ Relationship Connection

  • the magic ingredients for relating
  • taste and savor
  • truly meeting each other with all of it

<p “=”” style=”text-align: left;” tve-droppable”=””>Session 8“Landing Home” ~ Loving Presence Connection

  • the two wings approach – Awareness and Embrace
  • human and divine holding hands
  • realize and actualize
  • the lotus in the mud
  • a healthy and integrated way of spirituality

Meet Nicola 

Nicola Amadora PhD.

Has worked for 30 years worldwide as a Spiritual Teacher, Psychologist, Hakomi Therapist and is the Founder of Living Connection. She has helped and guided thousands of people from diverse walks of life in her retreats, sessions and trainings. Nicola unites Spirituality and Psychology in a holistic and integrated way, leading people to true connection, awakening and liberation. With passion, presence, and embodied wisdom she brings decades of experience and expert skills to the table. She takes you deep and meets you straight in the heart.

“Nicola embodies an incredible combination of profound love and powerful energy that is both catalytic and highly inspirational.”

Sherrie Lassila, Executive Coach

“How rare it is to be with a human being who understands the depth of both my human wounds and my soul fire. I feel supremely blessed to experience the profound transformation I received. Deep gratitude to you Nicola.”

Pamela Yap, Acupuncturist, New York

Give yourself the foundation with this valuable course. To root in truth and soar with wings ~ into a life of true connectedness . 

” What can I say about the work with this exceptional woman? Of all the therapists and teachers I have worked with in the many years, Nicola Amadora was the one who lead me directly -in the most loving and clear way – home. Her capacity and skill is outstanding and her embodied humanity touches me deeply and showed me what living awake is really about.”

Claudia Neubert, Therapeutin, Leipzig

Only $97

You receive:

8 Video Sessions

8 Expert Teachings Sessions with lifetime access

15 Practices and Skills for your daily Life

Spiritual and Practical Wisdom, real, timeless – and alive!


Is this course live or recorded?

You receive the wisdom pearls and practices from Nicola Amadora, recorded exclusively for this course and you.

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What did you experience in this course? What did this course give you?

We love to hear. Leave us a message if you like!

Thank You!

Connection is the very breath and spark we need for our life to thrive

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