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Power of Connection

Essential Communication

“Interview Buddha at the Gas Pump”

“You are loved” A Guided Meditation

Feminine Spirituality

Revolution of Life- SAND Conference Talk 2019

Interview on Power of Meditation Summit: How Meditation helps Relationships

How this Connection work helped us

Resonance Communication

Power of Vulnerability

What happens after Awakening?

Interview on We Space: Awake Relating
Tending wisely to Core Wounding

A Feminine Approach to Spirituality

Poetry: Amore Te

Riding Feelings into Love

Heart of Relating: Keys for Communication

Leading like a Woman

Divine Mother Meditation

Kissed by Fire. My Book

How to meet Life’s Challenges

Voice of the Feminine

Gold in the Pit- Journey of Awakening, Trauma and Embodiment.

Wonder and Fear- The Two Wings approach of Loving Presence

You are Good Enough

“Here comes the Sun”Guided Meditation

Power of Appreciation

What to do when fear has caught you

Landing in Presence: A simple practice for everyday life

Healing Inner Disconnection

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