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How do we treat people, animals, plants and our world if we know love?

Our actions affect the whole of life, for we are interconnected and one with all that is. As we connect with love and awareness, we have the power to create social justice and environmental sustainability, we do offer respect and kindness toward all living beings and take wise action. No matter what our situation is or what circumstances arise in our world, we can act in conscious ways to make a difference. Every drop of our love into the bucket of this world matters, until it overflows into a sacred way of living. There is a tidal wave of change arising on the planet and you have the honor to be part of it. Your presence is requested.

What do you really love and care about?
What cause moves you deeply in your heart?
What inspired action can you take today?
Here are  practical suggestions for Sacred Activism to make a difference:

Act from love. Connect to your center and wisdom first. Establish a spiritual practice.

Think global-act local. Engage in a project that benefits your local community.

Buy organic food and environmentally sound/ fair trade products. It costs a little more, but destroying the planet costs all of us much more.

Stand and speak up for animals, children and elders! They are the most vulnerable.

Plant wildflowers and trees. It helps the bees, the birds and the air we breathe.

Be generous with the gifts you have. Share and joy will be your friend.

Spend quality time with nature, yourself, your family and community.

Appreciate others, nature and yourself every day. Speak it out. It grows happiness.

Walk your talk. Which area in your life is asking for conscious action?

Choose a social justice and/ or environmental project to support.

Join our conscious Leadership and Sacred Activism Training

Nicola offers Conscious Leadership and Sacred Activism Training  for Groups 
Here are some organizations I support:

Proceeds of my work support our orphanage in the Congo with now 40 children. They receive a home, education, safety, love and food: CongoThreads

Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Free Tibet, Tibetan Children’s Village, Green America,, One World Children’s Fund, Homeless Shelter Santa Cruz, Rising Tide, Dining for Women , Save the Dolphins, Project Windhorse to end sex trafficking

 “I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional Love will have the final word in reality.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.
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