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Conscious Leadership

Leading from Presence, Inspiration and Connection.
We offer a unique and integrated model for organizations, groups and transformational leaders:
Cultivating Presence
One of our greatest assets as leaders is the ability to be present. Presence is an embodied experience of being attentive and vibrantly alive, able to respond appropriately to whatever conditions arise. We engage in mindfulness practices to evoke presence individually and collectively.
Creating Healthy Relationships
Many difficulties arise because of unhealthy relational dynamics. We create healthy relationships with hearts that hold compassion and with skills that build connection. Participants will have the opportunity to refine communications and conflict resolution skills, such as relating with deep listening, respect, authenticity and responsiveness.
Embodying Systems
We practice including the voice and wellbeing of our environment, community, employees, business and co-workers. Participants will experiment with interconnectedness, evoking and exploring a systemic perspective and understanding. We create a safe container to skillfully address systemic and larger organizational issues, so that wisdom can influence our thoughts and actions.
Accessing the Field of Brilliance
When we are present and connected we have access to a greater field of intelligence within and around us. The whole group contains the wisdom for solutions to challenges and uncharted lands. This skill, when harnessed and practiced can provide outstanding results for leaders, groups and companies.

At Wisdom Leadership Institute

We offer: organizational consulting, executive coaching, team facilitation, presentations, diversity & communication education, leadership trainings & retreats. A yearlong certification program to cultivate outstanding leaders will soon be available. Who do we work with: Organizations, Companies, Businesses, For Purpose and non- profit Organizations, Universities, Entrpreneurs, Women, Leaders in the field of Politics & Social Change, Spirituality, Health, Ecology?

Speciality: Women’s Leadership Trainings


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Reviews from Real People

“Dr. Amadora is an extraordinary leadership facilitator and teacher. And she is a natural, highly gifted and inspiring speaker. She teaches from her heart and offers very powerful relating skills to simply, yet profoundly, connect with people. I gained invaluable skills to lead and relate with more presence and authenticity that I will use both in my personal and professional relationships. After taking the training, it was clear that she is truly an expert in relating and leadership skills and very passionate about her work. I highly recommend her courses, training, retreats and consultancy.” ~ Char Longwello, Morgage Consultant.

“It was an incredible day! I so appreciated your thoughtful, insightful, and patient approach to bringing us into new ways of experiencing system and organizational learning. The culminating exercise- speaking for the world’s interests- addressing the things we care so deeply about- will remain with me for the rest of my life. Thank you!” ~ Danny Coballos, Organizational Consultant

“I recently took a training from Nicola Amadora on feminine leadership and communication that changed my life. I learned–and had the opportunity to practice–a very effective and enlightening way of relating-which ended up being the key to solving a difficult problem I was having with a client of mine. I was also impressed with how aware and responsive Nicola was to the various individuals within our group–making sure everyone was heard, but still maintaining a good pace throughout. I highly recommend her workshops and trainings!” ~ Sally Wolfe, Author and Consultant. Santa Cruz

“I did a coaching and mindfulness training with Nicola Amadora. My boss and colleagues at work told me how remarkable and obvious the change is. Before I would stress out easily, now I don’t. I can navigate my emotions freely, instead of suppressing them or being taken over. I learned to communicate far better and now my relationships are far more satisfying.” ~ Elisa Sims, Half Moon Bay, CA

“The work I have done with Nicola over the past three years has been some of the most meaningful work of my life. She has a gift of finding and seeing where people really are. I am so grateful for her loving, careful attention as she led me along the path of self discovery and leadership building capacity. My anxieties have subsided, I can freely engage in the world, I feel present, empowered and connected. I have the skills to establish connection with all my relationships, at work and at home. That is what I wanted and I received so much more. Nicola helped me to discover my own life’s purpose and put it into action, to gain crucial skills and to grow into the kind of leader I always wanted to be. I am very grateful.”~Bobby Scarnewman, Manager San Francisco

“I am pleased to provide a recommendation for Nicola Amadora, who was my exuctive coach over the last year. I worked with Nicola to navigate a very challenging and toxic workplace situation. With her support and guidance, I was able to strengthen my interpersonal skills, regain my confidence and feel more empowered, which allowed me to transition to a new opportunity as well as a new career direction. As I worked with Nicola, I was increasingly able to access my somatic responses and incorporate my commitment to mindfulness practice into our work. I greatly appreciated her compassionate and empathetic approach, her ability to provide challenges, and adaptability. I am grateful to Nicola for helping me overcome a painful and challenging chapter in my personal development. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any organization that would be lucky enough to engage her talents.” ~ Theresa Stoltzberg, Corporate, California

“If you ever get the chance to work with Nicola Amadora I passionately recommend you jump at it with enthusiasm.  Her vibrant caring, good sense of humor and strong, clear wisdom are profound gifts to us humans in these times.  After training with Nicola, I feel renewed and reset into a deepened connection with myself, with my co-workers and with Nature itself.”~ Scott Klingenemaier, Department Manager at Harbin Center.

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