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Inspiration Connection – The Work and Testimonials

“Interview Buddha at the Gas Pump”

Power of Connection- Practices

“You are Loved” A Guided Meditation

Mary Magdalene. Who is she?

Rejection and the Shepherdess Way

Resonance Communication

Live Satsang – Married to Truth

SAND Conference Talk: Wonder and Fear

Liberating Life Force – Deep Feminine Spirituality

Welcome Humanity – Interview

Power of Vulnerability

Essential Communication

Interview on We Space: Awake Relating

Abenteuer Spiritualitat

A Feminine Approach of the Spiritual Path

What happens after Awakening?

Riding Feelings into Love

Love embraces All – Interview

Interview: Power Abuse Through Spiritual Teachers

Heart of Relating: Keys for Communication

How to meet Life’s Challenges

Divine Mother Meditation

Leading Like a Woman

Kissed by Fire. My Book

Interview – How Meditation helps Relationships

Poetry: Amore Te

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