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How do you stay centered, be present and love your child in the midst of the joy and the full catastrophe of parenting? Mindful Parenting offers a well-rounded and holistic education for one of the profoundest and deepest journeys one can undertake in life. It is important to gain valuable skills for raising healthy children and to be equipped to bring our whole self to loving our children well.

Conscious Parenting offers to:

gain practical and solid parenting skills for different ages

learn about developmental stages and relate in ways that work

use mindfulness practice for everyday moments

practice meditation with children

nourish connection with your child and yourself everyday

share sacredness in ways that are meaningful to your family

meet difficulties and challenges with more ease and skillful means

support confidence and talents in your child

grow in wisdom and compassion yourself

build crucial support with other parents

 Nicola is the proud mother of a now 21 year old girl (Yemaya, in photo above) and has taught many parenting classes, as well as family retreats throughout the years. She has extensive education and experience in working with parents and        children of all ages. She unites the wisdom of spirituality, child psychology, sound practicality, and her own experience in her work as a consultant for parents and educational institutions.

Reviews from Parents:

 “Nicola’s artful teaching blends the practical tools of being a parent with the spiritual essence that is our true nature. I use the practices she taught us in the Mindful Parenting retreat on a daily basis and my relationship with my daughter    flourishes every time. I am so grateful!” ~ Darshana Weill, mommy of Violet, Marin

“You touched my life in a very important way: when our daughters were in school together, I was in a workshop session with you on family ritual. I remember your suggestions about thresholds and special space and creating a process to enter that space and time. I thought about that everyday in creating a special family dinner space while my kids were growing up, and about reading time, and all kinds of activities that would not have been as special if I hadn’t put your ideas to work. From the depth of my heart, thank you”.~ Kathryn Gorges, Santa Cruz

There have been four sessions now for Alex, who is 11 years old. For a year she had nightmares, was sleep walking, was terrified of fire and could not be hugged. The change by working with Nicola has been miraculous to say the least. Alex is more confident, less fearful, more open to the human touch she needs to feel safe and grounded. No more sleep walking, nightmares and fear of fire. She is aware of and proud of the progress she has made with Nicola’s help. In a note she wrote to her therapist, I read “You will never understand how you have helped me so, so, so much. Thank you, Nicola, for putting the smile back on my Alex’s face.” Nancy Cassale, Grandmother of Alex, Watsonville 

“There is no greater gift we can offer, but to truly be here for our children and fully love them as they are.”


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