I am honored to offer you this special training for spiritual awakening, psychological healing and the embodiment of fierce love in your life and the world. For decades I have been working in the fields with people and I hear the calling for a liberating and encompassing way. To make a difference here on earth. The need is obvious, because of what is going on.

It’s no secret. The time of the great turning, prophesied ages ago by the Tibetans, Hopis and Mayans, is upon us now. It’s taking us to the edge, personally and globally. You already have tasted what is happening; it’s no cheesecake walk for anyone. The good news is: You are here and people are waking up from the slumber of forgetfulness.

And you are seeing that the light of truth reveals what’s hidden in the dark. It plays out in the world and in yourself, now even more. On this brave path of awakening and healing your beauty, your power shines forth and traumas and fears must arise. Because true love leaves nothing out. Calling us forth to make a stand in the midst of what's going on!   

“How rare it is to be with a teacher who understands the depth of both my human wounds and my soul fire. I feel supremely blessed to experience the profound transformation I received. Nicola took me through a pilgrimage of a lifetime - a wide embrace of our humanity and divinity. Embodied, bold, centered, loving, clear, tender and inexhaustibly empowering. This retreat was far beyond of what I could imagine and surpassed all what I expected. It was fantastic.”

Pamela Yap | New York

But, how do we root in what’s unshaken, beyond concepts and ideas, and ride the rapids of these challenging times? What are spiritual practices and healing ways that get to the core? What helps you to stand in presence, to act strong and true for love in the midst of the changing tides?

In this spiritual training we'll cultivate what’s needed for this incredible journey of a lifetime. That means we practice using the sword to cut through delusions and with warmth and tenderness we embrace what’s crying out from deep inside. You’ll learn essential tools to heal traumas and wounds and avoid the spiritual bypass trap. You get to root in what holds you when all falls apart and take steps to live from loving presence, no matter what. And you’ll receive support to show up embodied and connected to make a difference in this troubled world.

What’s fierce love got to do with this? Well, everything really. I don’t mean that airy- fairy love to cover pain with pink roses. Nor a lofty concept, belief or a fleeting emotion. It’s the ground of our lives, the fire of our being, which offers a radical embrace and helps us to live in a new way. Awareness and presence is only one wing, the other is lovingness. With both wings the bird flies free. Just as we need those two: Being and Action - one without the other misses the point. On the path of fierce love we unite: spiritual and human connection, deep healing, conscious ways for relating and practical tools to create change in our world. 

Join to develop new capacities for this unprecedented passage. No approach or method fits all, but what’s offered is a profoundly liberating path, which works well with other spiritual practices and healing modalities you might be using.

“By connecting me to what had been forgotten, hurt and lost in me, I became whole again. And through that, I gained confidence, internal strength and faith to make bigger changes in my life. A transformation occurred. You are a spiritual mentor and a guide back to the soul. You helped me to stand in my deep truth. And I am living a whole new life. What I dreamed of has become reality.”

Eleanor Pier, New Zealand

As the old world is crumbling and the new hasn’t yet been born, we are building a bridge that leads from suffering to liberation and from separation toward home.

Together, we are the great turning, rising into a new dawn to live the greatest love story ever told!

What’s in this training and what you’ll receive:

* A sophisticated and integrated way, which unites Depth Psychology & Embodied Spirituality & Resonance Relating & Active Engagement in the World. 

* Ancient, nondual wisdom woven with contemporary, practical tools through teachings, practices and meditations.

* An engaging, experience-based and embodiment oriented spiritual training (not a dry lecture style).

* Each online session (1.5 hours) is offered live with personal support for you. It will be recorded in case you cannot attend.

* You receive practices, inspiration, action steps and meditations for integration in between the sessions and a private Facebook group to engage with other warriors of love.

The Possibility: upon completion of this spiritual training, you can apply to join the advanced training program (details forthcoming) for those, whose calling it is to guide people through the great turning. This specialized training will be solely for transformational healers, teachers and leaders. If you are interested in the advanced program and have not attended a retreat or training with me, I highly recommend that you take part in this course, as this is the foundation upon which we will meet and rise together.

“Nicola embodies the famous phrase that love is stronger than fear. Her example, every moment of the day in this weeklong retreat- even under extremely challenging circumstances – has proven to me the possibility and the promise of such conviction. It is contagious! I am inspired!

"She carries such a vibrant torch that you can’t help but catch on fire.
Standing beside her I burn with true desire to live from a place of fierce compassion and love in action. Nicola’s commitment, dedication and selflessness are palpable and humbling. 

"Nicola carries the map in her heart and is a blessed guide. Thank you, Nicola.
You are a treasured teacher and soul companion in this life for me.”

Melissa Mahar, Oregon

The Sessions

Session One
The ground of your Life - Love includes all

  • Taking refuge and finding safety
  • Accepting yourself where and how you are
  • Landing home in the body
  • Meeting your allies and receiving support
  • Cultivating resources for the journey
  • Using the direct experience as a way home
  • Tending to anxiety and rooting in what always holds you
  • Learning grounding and presence practices
  • Inhabiting your human house

Session Two
The Adventure of Awakening – Love on Fire

  • Igniting love’s fire in the heart
  • The wild ride of awakening and what’s needed
  • The two wings approach of awareness and embrace
  • Understanding the stages of awakening and how to navigate them
  • Recognize spiritual bypassing and disassociation
  • Kundalini emergence and what to do
  • Marry the truth
  • Drinking the Nectar of nourishment

Session Three
Sacred Wounds - Love rocks your boat

  • What’s in the way is the way
  • Healthy approaches to uncover the shadow
  • Tending and befriending to heal wounds and trauma
  • What helps emotional healing and what doesn’t
  • What to do when the mind loops around
  • Cultivating emotional intelligence and resilience
  • Love brings everything to the surface
  • And there is nothing wrong with you

Session Four
Alone and together - Love alive between us now

  • Cultivating relational capacities
  • Discover a resonant way of communicating
  • Engaging with human vulnerability and soul
  • Meeting beyond attack and defense
  • Growing a supportive community

Session Five
Making a difference in the world – Love unleashes here

  • Abide in loving presence, even when hell breaks loose
  • Speaking up and standing in truth, even when it’s uncomfortable
  • Claiming your gifts and live your deeper calling in service to all
  • Learn practices for embodiment and integration
  • Being a beacon of fierce love embodied in this world

Meet your Teacher

Nicola Amadora PhD. is a Spiritual Teacher, Psychologist, Trauma & Hakomi Therapist, Speaker, Activist and Founder of Living Connection. With deep love and presence she has been guiding thousands of people from around the world in retreats, trainings and therapy for three decades. She teaches in a feminine, nondual and relational way that reaches the heart, uniting human and divine. Nicola walked through hell and found the fire that never dies and a love that liberates. That's why she passionately supports people to awaken, to heal and live embodied, so together we make a difference in our world.

“Nicola has an amazing gift with people from all walks of life and her understanding of both humanity and the spiritual is profound. Her presence is full of genuine love and inspiration."

Lauren Murray, USA

When: 5 Live Meetings on Thursdays and Saturdays in October and November

Times: 19.00 ECT, 18.00 UK and 12.00 PTS. For 1.5 hours each session. 

  • Thursday Oct 14th
  • Saturday Oct 23d
  • Thursday Oct 28th 
  • Saturday Nov 6th
  • Thursday Nov 11th

If you cannot attend live, you will receive the recorded session, the meditation and practices.

“Working with Nicola is life changing. She has the incredible gift of getting through suffering into the very heart & truth of a person, guiding to freedom. Like a soul ninja, she effortlessly and painlessly cuts through the “story” and taught us how to allow our light to shine through. Being guided by Nicola has been an exceptional gift for me that transformed my life, opened my heart and set me free. I cannot say enough what a blessing Nicola and her work is.”

Star Hanson, CA

"It is rare to find a teacher, leader and healer who truly walks the talk and practices the teachings and wisdom that they share with others day in and day out. Nicola is one of these rare and invaluable teachers. I have worked with Nicola individually and in groups online and in person. Her loving, genuine, powerful presence gets right to the core of what is going on with people. She supports us so skillfully in healing and the path of awakening. I highly recommend her! She has changed my life and I am so grateful."

Callia Hansen, Social Worker LCSW

“The group with Nicola was a very special experience. Nicola is warm, but also fierce advocate of love.
What I experienced was life-altering.”

Lisa Doehring, Germany




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I am looking forward to welcome you!

"Fear says: "I control and bind you."
Love says: "I love you as you are and set you free"."

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