Mary Magdalene Women’s Retreat | 18th-25th September 2021, France

Date and Time:

September 18, 2021 4:00 pm - September 25, 2021 - 12:00 pm

Event Location:

Aix en Provence, France,

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About The Event

Mary Magdalene Retreat

A profound Pilgrimage into the Heart of Life

An ancient lineage of beloved Mary Magdalene is alive today in the heart of France, Aix en Provence, where she is known to have taught the path of true love. Just by entering the grotto in the mountains where she lived, you feel her sweet fragrance and strong embrace. Further along the mountain crest is the secret cave. Named as the place of rebirth, hidden from the public eye, this is where her transmission and presence is as powerful as if you are standing right next to her. Here her original teachings are revealed to the one who is open and prepared to receive a profound initiation into the feminine in the dark chamber of the womb. The forest surrounding the area is intensely alive with seen and unseen beings. You feel the magic and peace just by walking through.

This living sanctuary is ideal for awakening into the feminine, to merge with the powerful, primal force of life, the shakti, and to surrender into true love all the way, so we can rise in a world which needs us now – embodied and in full.

The retreat is held close to the grotto in the soft rolling hills and a classic medieval french town, with a magnificent cathedral.

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For a taste, experience the online course The Way of the Sacred Feminine

For a glimpse into the cave read: An Ode to Women- The Feminine Way of Awakening

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