Field of Love | Satsang & Meditation

Field of Love: Satsang & Meditation | International Online

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07/12/2020 7:00 pm - 06/12/2022 - 9:00 pm

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Online, International

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“It’s so easy to talk about love, presence, and all these beautiful spiritual concepts. But how do we live it for real, wherever we are, even admit the turmoil and challenges? We gather in this group to walk together through the muck and beauty, to welcome the whole of our humanity, the tender, the scared…, to root into the ground and our precious bodies, to relate in new ways to truly be present, to hear and see each other, and we drink deeply from the cup of this enliving, juicy love to pour it forth into a world, so thirsty and hungry for the real.”

Satsang/Dharma, Guided Meditation & Practice

This beautiful field of love spiritual group meets over a 6 months period. It is for people who are deeply committed on the spiritual path. During our time together I offer a satsang/dharma talk, guide a meditation and a specific practice. Then the space is open for personal sharing and relating from presence, aliveness and heart with each other. The field of love group is for those who want to dive deeper, experience the transmission, receive guidance and have a sangha for support to be connected to the source and to gain capacity to live from loving presence in our wonderful, nutty world.

We gather worldwide online via zoom once a month for 2 hours. The recording and practice is sent afterward to each participant.

If you are interested to join this special field of love group feel free to send an email. Tell me a little about your practice and what you are looking for: [email protected]. I will let you know when there is an opening the already existing 2-year group or when a new, 6 months group with no more then 12 participants, begins.

I am looking forward to meeting you.
With love,

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