Field of Love | Satsang & Meditation

Field of Love: Satsang & Meditation | International Online

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07/12/2020 6:00 pm - 06/12/2022 - 7:00 pm

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Online, International

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About The Events

It’s so easy to talk about love, presence, and all these beautiful spiritual concepts. But how do we live it for real, wherever we are, even during turmoil and challenges? We gather in this group to walk together through the muck and beauty, to welcome the whole of our humanity, the tender, the scared…We root into the ground and our precious bodies. And we relate in new ways – present, to hear and see each other. You are invited to drink deeply from the cup of this enliving, juicy love and pour it forth into a world, so thirsty and hungry for the real.”

Satsang/Dharma, Guided Meditation & Resonance Relating 

Currently, OPEN NOW for anyone on the path who wants to join. Attend once or frequently. 

During our time together I offer a Satsang/Dharma talk, guide a deep meditation, and offer a specific practice. Then the space is open for questions, sharing, and resonant relating. The field of love group is for people who wish to dive deeper, experience the transmission, receive guidance and enjoy a genuine sangha for support.

Here, we embrace our humanness, connect to the source and gain the capacity to live from loving presence in our wonderful, nutty world.

Usually, this beautiful committed spiritual group meets over a 6 months period, and we have been meeting regularly for four years. Yet, due to the need of our times, the field of love is now open for anyone on the spiritual path who wants to join and receive the gifts. Ongoing commitment is not required for the next four open sessions.

” Every single time, your themes, guidance, wisdom, and love have touched me deeply… these Field of Love sessions and have been really important moments to help catalyze me back towards Love and Connection with Self and Spirit and other beings. The Field of Love group has been so impactful for me and I have begun to look forward to these monthly sessions. I yearn for and rejoice in the connection each month when we meet. ~ Hannah Rodgers, CA. 

“Thank you so much for your guidance and endless love. I receive so much from our satsangs, more than I can ever say.”~ Callea Hansen

“Thank you for the very powerful meditations, teachings and our sharing in The Field of Love – I felt so much loving support in facing fear with a courageous heart – the perfect theme for this time. Thank you for supporting and guiding so many of us through these tough times. With deep gratitude – Michael Reppy

“There are no words beautiful enough that can describe your influence in my life. I am eternally grateful for your loving guidance. Our online spiritual group means so much to me and is very important in my life” ~ Miroslav Maklenov, Canada

The How

We gather worldwide live online via zoom, usually on the first Sunday of the month for 1 – max.1.5 hours

You’ll receive the recording if you can’t attend in person.

The Time is always the same: at 10 am PST, 17.00 UK, 18.00 Europe. 

Dates: 5th June, 3d July, 7th Aug, Sept 4th, 2022.

Payment: Please kindly make a donation of your choice and you’ll receive the link for the next Field of Love Satsang. For your ease and consistency register for several sessions at once (you’ll receive a recording if you can’t make it at one of these times). Please note: If you would like to join us for more than one session, please select the corresponding number of tickets when registering. For example, if you would like to attend all four sessions, set the ticket quantity to four.

Share the Love: Part of the proceeds will support our Ishara house, an orphanage of 50 rescued children in the Kongo. 

I am looking forward to meeting you! 
With love,

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