Energy Liberation Training

Energy Liberation Training | 24th October 2020, Terschuur, Holland

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October 24, 2020 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Terschuur, Holland

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Energy Liberation Training

Freeing Nature, Houses and Souls!

Have you experienced places that feel heavy, creepy, or just stuck, like there is no flow of life?

Like us, the land, houses and places in our environment can carry wounds, get blocked, be filled with lost souls, or hold unresolved patterns from generations that disrupt the harmony of nature. Spaces where there has been family trauma or war are especially affected. Those need a hand to heal and to be freed from burdens that affect everyone who lives nearby. We are joining together to practice the profound art of liberation. You will feel how the land, a house, and you can breathe, align with love and thrive again.

In this hands-on training we will practice to:
* Clear, heal and realign spaces into harmony
* Learn to transmute energy
* Help souls to pass on – Reconnect portals in the earth
* Strengthen our sensitivity to attune, see, hear, and feel the unseen
* Work with the natural principles
* Help relieve suffering
* Revive lands, homes and souls!

Dr. Nicola Amadora has done this work for a lifetime and was trained in depth by great masters herself. With love, passion, and skill she trains people to do this profound Liberation Work in benefit to all beings. For more info about her go to

Place: Groot Bielderweg 1A 3784WC Terschuur, Holland.
Cost: €85. Please pay the full fee via IBAN to reserve your space.

Apply to: Annelot Borleffs

Please bring your own lunch and a writing pad. Bring layers of clothes and wear walking shoes to be in nature.

Cancellation Policy: One month before the training no refunds can be offered, and the entire fee applies. If the event must be cancelled due to extended Government restrictions for CoronaV19 all your monies are refunded. You can read our full cancellation policy HERE.

We welcome YOU!

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