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Conscious Leadership & Sacred Activism Training

30th September 2017 in Mill Valley, Marin

Genourously sponsored by Dolphin Spirit Project

This training is for leaders and activists, who are making a difference for humanity and the earth, and those who are ready to come on board for the great turning. Each of us is needed in such a time as this. But, it isn’t easy to be connected with the sacred and create positive change in a world of turmoil. Many experience burn out, feel alone and get lost in relational challenges; some loose faith in humanity or forget their inner refuge in the face of suffering and insanity. Others meditate deeply, but need a hand to bring fierce compassion into the streets.

How do you feed the flame of inspiration, connection and be nourished in the midst of it all? How do we align and move into action from authentic power and love? What skills help us to lead and relate wisely and make an impactful difference together?

Join us for this special day to:

~ Grow conscious leadership skills ~ Cultivate relational abilities
~ Increase self-care and support ~ Deepen spiritual connection ~ Strengthen effective, wise action ~


With Teachings, Experiential Practices and Practical Skills, Meditation and Community. From 10am- 6pm on Sunday April 30th. Special Cost: $75. This event is sponsored, if you like to donate to Dolphin Spirit Project and pay more for the training, it is very much appreciated.

Nicola Amadora PhD. has been working since 30 years internationally for positive transformation in people and our world. She is a Conscious Leadership and Relating Educator, Hakomi Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and Activist. With passion, depth, humor and sound skills, she loves to support people who carry the torch for the sake of our planet and all beings.

Register with Michael Reppy: [email protected] or call: 1-415 – 686 0529. Pay $75 or more via check or cash to Michael Reppy, or via PayPal here:


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