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In 1989, when Thich Nhat Hahn was not yet well known, I came to his monastery in Plum village, to learn from this Buddhist monk, Zen master and spiritual teacher, about living mindfully in every day life. I had read one of his books: “Peace with every step” which inspired me, because of its simplicity and the practical message about kindness and being present.
When I arrived at the village, at first I saw nothing but sunflowers. I had to smile and felt warmly welcomed already before I entered the sanctuary, where monks and nuns lived peacefully together. The first sign I saw said:” Smile. Breathe. You have arrived.” I slowed down in my steps, became aware of my breath and indeed that got me smiling again. The air was soft; summer in southern France is beautiful. Everything at the monastery looked simple, with a touch of sweetness and care even in the old stone buildings. The big bell outside rang. Already time for dinner? No. Odd, everybody stopped what they were doing, whether it was chopping wood, walking, talking or cooking food. All was still for moments, just consciously breathing–“Being Present. Being Peace.” The bell sounded three times and then everyone went back to their activities with mindfulness. This happened every hour. A simple practice with a profound effect. It even stopped me talking.
Already after one day of being here, I noticed that my mind slowed down, that I actually was aware of my breathing and much more present in my body, with the surroundings and the people. I saw peoples faces more clearly, heard the birds singing, could smell the different flowers…A whole world opened up for me, one that had always been there, but I had not been aware of it. All felt so much more real. It was like coming home to life, to myself. “Simply being here” became my main mantra.
I needed it especially for Sundays, when we had a lazy day. Nobody was supposed to work. Imagine that in America? It was a day for resting. Just being. Just here. Sounds easy enough. Not for me. My German work ethic got seriously in the way. People lay in the grass, watching the clouds pass bye and seemed to enjoy themselves. I got restless instead, because there was nothing to do. I wasn’t used to that. It took many Sundays before I looked forward to a lazy day and enjoyed doing nothing mindfully. Try it, if you like for a whole day.
My favorite times were the early mornings. I would always join Thich Nhat Hahn on his mindfulness walk. He would walk slowly, present with every step he was taking and smiled. It made me smile and warm just to be walking beside him. We would stop for moments to consciously breathe together and to take in all what is nourishing about life. I found there was so much and it was always simple–like a flower blossoming, the wind swaying a blade of grass, the warmth of the sun touching my face…”Breathing in–present moment, breathing out–it is a wonderful moment” is one of Thai’s main practices. Simple and profound. For the past is gone, the future has not arrived. What is really here is the present. And that is the gift. Worries had no chance to survive. People’s wrinkles smoothed out. Being fully here felt like the only true and actually the best place to be. Where are you when you are not present? I think I missed out on a lot of real life, when I was somewhere else than in the Now.
I remember how Thich Nhat Hahn related to the children, who loved to flock around him. Even a little 4 year old would walk slowly beside him, holding his hand. Children are naturally more in the present. They loved being with him, because he too was fully present with them and he brought joyousness, gentleness and kindness that called everyone to him like bees to honey. He truly saw them and was there for them. He began his dharma teachings always with a story that even small children could understand. To be honest, I loved his stories best and remembered them most. One time he taught about real love. He told the story of how a friend gave him a gift to show his appreciation. It was a Durango fruit. Thai related how he wasn’t fond of Durango’s. (When I had been in Indonesia, I was offered one and to me it tasted horrible). He spoke about the importance of looking deeply and seeing what the other person, whom we want to express our love for, really likes. And not to base it on what we like. It means to go beyond our selves and really see another. In that way we can better love others. I guess some people like Durango fruit. Just check first though!
He taught by example, less than by endless words, really embodying peace. There is no separation between enlightenment and being human in his way of living and teaching. Sometimes I have encountered a form of spirituality that cuts off from our basic humanity and thereby becomes another form of violence, which is cold and hard. His teaching embraces the whole. It touched me, when he taught about how to relate to our feelings. I had a lot of them and was particularly curious about how to be with them without getting swamped. “May I take good care of my pain, my anger…” which meant you turn toward your feelings like a kind mother or father and tend to them with friendliness and presence. You may already be feeling a sense of friendliness, when reading this. That friendliness was extended to the people who lived here, those who came to visit, the creatures and the land.
One evening we all joined at the river. An honoring ceremony was being held for those who had died and suffered in the Vietnam War. We chanted songs in Vietnamese and lit candles, which were placed into tiny woven baskets. Watching all these lights in the night, lit for many people, floating down the river, singing with the nuns and monks made the truth of our interconnectedness with all beings come alive for me. Suffering must not be swept under the rug, indulged in, or risen above, but needs to be met with compassion. In the morning and evening meditations we practiced: “Looking deeply and being present” as a basis for real compassion to flower.
Living with Thich Nhat Hahn for several months and learning closely every day from him, taught me to be present in life and it helped me to discover peace. I have used the practices in my parenting, relationships and work for many years. To this day I find them very beneficial. I am grateful for his simple teachings, which can be applied everywhere and in every moment of our lives. May it continue to benefit all beings.

There is a great river connecting us. A song is singing throughout all creation, waiting to be heard. An ancient knowing is alive in the very depth of our heart, speaking in a language that trees, birds, whales,.. children and some of us still understand.

This secret of life arises in stillness, openness, and in intimacy with all we meet. It embraces our deepest pain, our unhappiness, and delights in the joys of being human. This loving presence resides in each of us. Here love, God, truth..whatever name you realized.

And how do we live, lead, relate from this sheer brilliance in our beautiful and tumultuous world? Connected, moment by moment, with presence, skill and heart. And dancing, from one act of love to the next:))

With joy, Nicola

Several years ago, on a sorrow filled Valentine’s day, when I just did not want to see a kitschy hallmark card nor the color pink, I thought of all the people who feel lonely, have no date, are left out of chocolate, treats and adoration. I had to do something. So, I made cards with simple messages like these: “You are precious and loved, even when your world is upside down”, words we all need to hear from time to time:” You are beautiful, just the way you are”. I hid those tokens of love in grocery stores among the veggies, in bookstores among the divorce/grief/self improvement books, and handed them to folks on the street. Giving them to the homeless people was the best, they received the cards with such joy, it made my heart leap.

A movement is growing, more people every year leave traces and treasures of love on the streets.

Want to join next time or right now? Don’t need to wait for Valentines Day. Pin one note on the fridge for your mate, put one under your kids pillow, sneak another one into a co-workers bag, hand it to the tired cashier or find your own places to hide these secrets most people want to see and hear. A scientific study states, that 90% of people in their work places feel not appreciated and valued. They also discovered that the number one factor for a happy marriage is: for every critism five times more appreciations is given. How would it be, if for each judgement you have about yourself you appreciated yourself several times over? Plants and animals respond to it and grow far better too.

Why? Because this simple, yet powerful practice of appreciation connects us, it reminds us of what is true, it opens our heart and allows love to fill the space.

Enjoy! With Love,

In a place, where you lost all hope
In a time, when you have no faith
In anything or anyone anymore.
When all seems hard and dark
And you have broken down
And can’t take another step.

When you do not know
Where to turn
Or what to do,
When no one is there
And you are all alone.
When nothing helps,
And you are at the utter end.

In the hour of greatest need
A shimmer of light shines through-­
A hand reaches for you
It is love coming for you.
Even when you cannot see

I am here for you.

I come and find you
No matter where you are,
No matter what is going on
Or how far you might have fallen,
I come and lift you up
Into the greatest embrace there is:

True Love.

Poem by Nicola Amadora. Copyright: you can use it if you include my name as the author.

Have you ever dreamt of something that seemed impossible and then it not only came true, but surpassed by far what you could imagine? Such was my love story with a wild Bottlenose dolphin. I was 25 years old and had moved to live in Scotland, at the Findhorn Foundation. As I walked one day along the wild sea, which moved me so deeply, I felt this strong dream arise to swim with a dolphin. I had not heard of people who had done it, nor was I sure where or if it was even possible. But I spoke a prayer out loud to the ocean and the sky: “If there is a way, let it be fulfilled.” I heard the wild geese honking as they travelled by.

It was not long after, when I overheard a guest, who told about a lonesome bottlenose dolphin (they usually are in groups) that was in Newcastle-Amble and that he was staying for an unusually long period of time. Immediately upon hearing the news, I dropped everything and ran to pack a few things into my duffel bag to take the journey by train along the coast. My heart seemed to beat at double speed. Could this actually be happening? I arrived at the harbor the same day. Dark clouds covered the sky; it was freezing cold and stormy. I did not care: nothing could stop me now, not even this grizzly weather. The old fisherman kindly brought me out into the sea in his little boat to an area where he had last seen the dolphin.

All I longed for was to meet him. Whatever it would take, I would do. And that meant to enter the ice-cold ocean in a bikini. Luckily, I am rather hot-blooded and had been swimming in the Atlantic during the winter every day. The fisherman, in his yellow (I oilskin and covered up with a thick beard to keep the cold away from his weather-beaten face, told me that he would pick me up sometime later and wished me good luck. Then he returned to the harbor.

I was left behind, alone in the freezing cold water of the sea, calling with my heart for this dolphin. I wasn’t sure if he would come, nor did I know about communicating with animals then, or why I was so nuts about swimming with a dolphin. When a powerful and true dream of the soul calls, you don’t ask questions–you just follow and live it. And that is what I did.
For a while, which seemed like an eternity in holding my breath, nothing happened, other than the relentless waves crashing into my face. I would not give up, not now that I was so close. I became very quiet, paddling just enough to keep afloat and waited in anticipation. Suddenly, I experienced an immense love welling up, and in that moment skin touched my skin. Soft, like silk. Belly to belly. A huge being touched me from below the waves. Shocked and shivering, I realized that he was here. Oh my God, he really had come. The dolphin was far bigger than I had imagined. He was laying completely still next to me, his body pressed against mine. Ever so slowly, I caressed his skin with my hands in utmost tenderness. He moved even closer in, and then he turned toward me. I could not believe it. Was I dreaming, or was this for real? It still brings tears to my eyes and makes me smile, as I am writing this:

He lifted slightly out of the water and looked into my eyes. He put his face and snout into my open hands. I was met with such pure love, it broke my heart open. I could only weep and laugh with joy. It was beyond what I have known. We looked into each other eyes for the longest time and communicated in ways that were of the highest intelligence and love. I just understood him: I do not know how. I was opened to the universal language of the heart of all beings. That was one of the many gifts he gave me, and it has never left me since.

After a while, he gently nudged me. I wasn’t sure what he wanted until I got it–play. Dolphins live and learn by play. And so we did, wild and free in utter delight. I was in bliss. I would hold unto his fin, and he pulled me through the water. Such fun it was, when he went under me and then shot out. I dove after him, but of course he was faster. We played hide and seek–he had the easy part for I could never disappear from him, and was always slower in my clumsy, human moves. He was so incredibly sensual; I admit he was the best lover I had ever met (sorry, gentlemen). His love pure, his joy infectious, we shared in ecstatic beauty. He showed me what it is like to be and dance in union.

Well, what can I say- I was in love. Fully, utterly and madly. With a dolphin. It was truly unfortunate that I couldn’t live with him in the water. I wished I could transform into a dolphin myself. Instead, I came every weekend over a period of six weeks and swam with him until my hands and feet turned blue. Some others heard of him and came to see, and a few were brave enough to venture into the ocean– of course with fins and wetsuits. I preferred to touch skin to skin, to be able to fully feel him. Only when I went back to the usual rainy shore did he let some other people come near. I must have been special to him: he certainly was for me.

When we were together, we danced in perfect love as one being. I don’t know how else to attempt to describe it. Here words end and the mystery–life itself–speaks. Only poetry can even come close to it. Or as the Sufis express: It is the moment when lover and beloved are one. The longing, when departed, seemed endless, only to lead into greater love when we joined again. It was as if he, too, was in love with me. The fisherman once said: “I don’t know what it is this with the two of you. I have never seen Freddie (so the folks in Amble named him) do that or be like that with anyone else around here. I wonder why he is he still here. Very unusual….” he would mutter in his heavy Scottish brogue.

One Sunday morning, I woke up in the nearby Bed and Breakfast and knew that this would be our last time to be together. He allowed me to put my arms around him and kiss him everywhere, while he nudged me affectionately. We both knew and deeply savored our last delicious and intimate touch. The old man picked me up. It was definitely the moment of our good-bye. I climbed on board and knew we would not meet again. My beloved dolphin did something highly unusual: he literally jumped across the boat, above my head. Three times. Back and forth. The fisherman was in awe and I was sobbing buckets. My precious friend was saying good-bye to me in his own way. I called out loudly: “I love you!” He is always and forever in my heart. He had shared with me the gift of true intelligence and pure love.A dream of my soul had come true
To this day, whether they are dolphins or whales, when I meet them there is an ancient bond we share, they come close and I am usually invited to be near with them. In my soul I am singing and dancing with them in love.

Here is some information about dolphins: It has become popular to swim with dolphins. Their presence is both healing and loving for many people. Please, never go after a dolphin. Let them come to you, if they want to. They are highly sensitive and intelligent creatures. They read you by your vibration, intent and energy. Do not chase them. They need their spaces for feeding and resting. Never touch a spinner dolphin. Their skin is so sensitive, that our touch alone can give them diseases, which they cannot fight off. Please remember- they are creatures of the wild, they are not objects to be used by us, but are alive and they need to be protected. Let them not be captured and imprisoned, for they suffer deeply in captivity. Please help to keep the beaches and oceans clean. Stop using plastic bags, which kills so many of these amazing ocean creatures. It is the least we can do. Celebrate, enjoy them, learn from them if you like. May their joy lift your spirit!

Throughout all time great people who dare to bring forth deep truth, who carry a lot of light into the world have been murdered and we might wonder why. When light shines powerfully, it illuminates the darkest places in the world and in our own psyche too. Many feel threatened by that and project their own shadows unto others, instead of facing it themselves. When a person enters a dark room with a strong light our garbage pile becomes rather obvious then. But often, instead of taking responsibility, we throw the trash unto the bearer of light- as if he or she is to blame for the existence of one’s own hurt and dirt.

Sounds insane, but it happens all the time. Some people have gone as far as killing people like Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, or the masses of wise women who were burnt at the stake, and others who dared to live from a greater truth in their hearts. When truth shines forth some people and establishments fight hard with any means, clutching unto a false sense of control. Throughout centuries women who stood up, who shed light and spoke their voices were killed. No wonder, that fear is still present in the very cells of our bodies and we tend to hold back our power and gift by that. We go so far as to fear our own light and hide in a safe closet where we feel locked up and usually alone.

But this is not the time to hide our light under a bushel anymore, we are all needed and called now to show up, to stand up for our deepest values and to be daring. To embrace our greatest gift is not an intellectual affair, it must be felt and experienced. And this light will burn and melt all our made beliefs and delusions away.

To step out from hiding takes courage, for you never know what will come your way. It does not mean you will be spared heart ache and challenges-what a mistaken notion has been passed along in the new age fever-but you will be wrapped into its glow and ignited by its fire. You will grow strong and learn, that through this light you can meet whatever you encounter on your path, without shutting down or turning away.

And one more light brings forth not only a brighter world and a happier you, it can lead us through the most intense turmoil and through the darkest dungenouns into true love and – it changes the world for everyone of us. Let it shine through the cracks of a broken heart, let it pour forth in your moments of loving. Let your light take you by the hand and guide you deeper into the river of life, to quench your thirst, to give you strenght, to fill the hunger in our souls…and to take a step to make a positive difference for all of us!


What matters most to you? The dark haired lady at the check out counter looked up from her pile of documents and said with a surprised smile:” Love. If we had more of it we would not create this insanity in our world.” Wisdom of the sages can be found in the local post office too. So what does it take then to grow more?

It takes courage to keep the heart open, so we can really love and be loved. And by that we simply are in love. But we all experience blows, betrayals and other hurts on the sometimes bumpy road of life. It’d be so easy, if only everyone was nice to us all the time…(and those who behave crappy, are sent off to a far away island, …that probably would be all of us in the end). In reaction to difficulties and pain we often find clever ways to guard our vulnerability; we shut down, build walls, hide our hearts in a tight box and loose the key-you know the ordeal. What a dilemma though; to the extent we have closed down we are cut off from love, our essence and feel disconnected from the natural pulse and juice of life. We may leave our bodies and live in the mind, disappear into space, judge and try to control others, practice a lofty spirituality, or plunge into a dark hole altogether. A myriad of complications in relationships arise and our own suffering spreads out on the living room floor.

What might it be like to make friends with our own vulnerability and those of our fellow humans? And tend to what we experience without escape? Courage grows as we allow ourselves to open and meet the whole enchilada: the twinkle of joy and the tears of pain in this one precious life. Can we let our hearts become as wide as the world in answer to the horror and beauty we encounter on our planet? And drink deep from the well to pour forth love, like there is no tomorrow.

When I remember the reality that indeed this could be my final day, I ask myself what would I live today. This poem below arose from such a moment as this. May it inspire you to take a risk. Enjoy the wine of true love with each other every day! Nicola

Love, no matter what
All the way through
Meet with courage
Storms and challenges
That strengthen you.
Rise in heavenly glories
And gentle winds
That lift your soul.

Love, no matter what
Whether you are crowned and praised
By cheering crowds
Or hanged on this world’s cross.

Love, no matter what
Through gain and loss
In this life’s play.
For love will make you shine
You are that blazing light
In which no shadow can exist
and truth just is.

Love, no matter what
But for the sake of Love

Your heart is big enough!

If you like it, my poetry book “Nothing but Love” can be ordered on Amazon.

“Glorious. Bloody. Humanity. Centuries interwoven with times of peace and war, terror inflicted and suffering caused, happiness shared and flowers grown, threads of beauty shine through and toxins are spilled upon the carpet of life, and works of geniuses and the greatness of the human spirit follow us through all the ages. The color of insanity is close by, horrible and beneficial deeds stand out; we are born and die over and over again. The fabric of humanity is a mighty one, an epic played out that still continues on- to this day. The story is alive in our very own cells and bones.

Where does love come in?
A little 5 year-old girl in the orphanage where I worked offered Mother Teresa her only toy to take to the children in the slums. I could see how precious this ragged, cuddled up and tear stained doll was to her, and yet she was beaming to be able to offer her gift and to be received. This little nun did not want people to offer from their abundance, what they did not need, or a leftover. What matters, she always said, is how much love we put into the giving. That is where joy is found. She lived what she spoke; I saw it in her shining eyes and in the way she held the hand of the old thin man, who was dying in peace. A love, so simple and true. ”
People are thirsty and starving for it everywhere. One drop has the power to turn a life and many can grow an unstoppable river that feeds us all.

An enormous volcano is erupting, the rumblings of which are heard by those, whose ears are open. A monumental change is happening at this very moment on our entire planet. The power of love is unleashing a tremendous force, it’s momentum is building and is unstoppable, taking hold of those who are ready to break through to change our course.

Like a mighty tidal wave, women and girls are rising up all around the world, in a magnitude as never seen before throughout history. She is standing at the bow, courageously turning the ship for the sake of all life.
This river is growing every day, our voices are speaking out on behalf of our ancestors, for the  children who come after us, for animals and the earth, for human rights, for girls and women and the well being of the people of many cultures, traditions, ages and colors.

Women are standing up for the sacred in life and the preciousness of all beings. Girls are stepping forward, not waiting anymore for the grown ups, boldly creating a new legacy for us all.

The feminine is on fire, stepping forth, leading us into a new dawn for humanity and our beautiful earth. Women are empowering each other, reclaiming our dignity, value and sovereignty. We are claiming our power so long oppressed, our love kept small far too long, our beauty- in all shapes she walks. We come bearing our inherent connectedness with the source and ancient wisdom that is so needed now, but had been suppressed and doubted, in fear. Even, if we are shaking in our boots and high heels, masses of women, whether in the huts of Africa, in the furthest reaches in India, here in Santa Cruz- literally everywhere women are gathering and rising. They are taking the lead in creating the change so needed in a world, that is dangerously on the edge and has fallen out of alignment with the truth of life.

Change has come. Women are birthing a way of living based on connectedness, respect and care. We are dedicated to the wholeness of life, and working tirelessly toward ending the enormous of suffering present today. For centuries, patriarchal structures have dominated the world, creating this extreme situation we are facing on the planet, which affects each person, plant and animal in every part of the world. Spirituality and religion has often pointed toward transcendence, the formless, emptiness, heaven, and a distant god ruling, but left out the feminine. It left out connection, immanence and interdependence, the divine in form- found in the smallest pebble, in the silent growing of majestic trees, in your body and the face of humanity. The old structures, based solely on hunger for power, autonomy, competition, control and other maladies, divorced from the feminine and separated from life, have led us to where we are today.

This era is ending now. The Dalai Lama and wise elders have recently said: It is the women who will lead the change in the world. Women are bringing forth a new way- or is it an ancient one, we have always known deep down, arising from the heart of life itself?

This powerful movement is not a fight against men, nor is it the establishment of a new matriarchy. Nor is it about women being better than men, for we all have the same worth in the eyes of creation. It is far vaster and all encompassing. There is a paradigm shift happening for both men and women. Women are asked to step up and come forward with their voices and gifts. Men are called to support women and the causes that are in benefit to life, with all their might. Some men already are.

This is not about a lonesome heroine journey, but women leading the change together, hand in hand in cooperation, not in competition. Nor is it about women to become hardened and forcing our way, some have taken on this coat to reach the ladder of success in a male oriented business world. Nor has sleeping beauty time to wait for prince charming to rescue her, for she is waking by the kiss of life and a greater calling, in which she has an important part to play.

Sex trafficking of children, mainly girls even as young as 4, is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries around the world. We are joining to end the worst horror and crime of our times, that is expressing the extent and severity of ignorance and disconnect from life itself. The earth is ravished, poisoned and polluted. Women are making a stand on behalf of nature and many men are helping to find new ways of how we can live in a sane and sustainable way. Nature is not a disposable commodity, it needs to be respected and cared for. So are girls and every living being. All are worth more than money, greed, control and possessions. Yet, in many places of the world girls have less value and do not even receive education, thereby being trapped in a cycle of poverty, forced into child marriage, sex slavery and used for cheap labor. Women, still to this day with the same qualifications and skills, receive less pay than a man in the USA. The amount of single mothers, who are living below the poverty line is staggering. Mothers are often considered as worth less than a high earning CEO, who goes home after the work is done. Yet, hers is a 24 hour job, no pay and no recognition usually comes her way. Women are still being raped as a normal practice, especially by military and in war torn lands- like she is a sex object to be taken, used and then thrown away. In the western world alone, one out of 4 girls are molested or raped, before reaching adulthood. Almost every second girl in the US is on a diet before she turns 20, hating her body, because beauty is defined by a male and sex oriented media market. The sacredness of the feminine, the woman as a human being has been violated, degraded, used, dismissed, devalued, oppressed, treated like a disposable object, and destroyed. It is one of the biggest issues we are facing in the world. How we have treated women, is the same as what we have done toward the earth. This is how we have related to life itself far too long. It is ending, now. The turning is happening with each one of us.

I was inspired by events, like “One Billion Rising” to end violence against women and girls, which happened in 205 countries around the world on Valentines Day- what a powerful sign of a new time! The tide is rising and reached the masses now. We can uproot the causes of this suffering, restore balance and honor what is sacred, become truly human and work together toward the flourishing of all life. Each beneficial act, however little or big, makes a difference and is needed now: By creating equality, by valuing girls and women, by stopping actions like sex trafficking, by speaking up on behalf of those who are more vulnerable like children, elders, animals, by caring for nature, by healing what was broken, by an embodied spirituality and a responsible way of living….by hearing and empowering women to lead us forward now, by all of us standing together hand in hand- for real love. We have a choice to be part of this revolution. Many already have answered the call -and more are joining in every single day.

Come c’moi, get on your horse and ride with all of us- this one is for LIFE!

Nicola Amadora

Moving across the threshold from day to night, the sunset spreads all the colors and shades of yellow and red. As I look across the sky the painting is different than yesterday. It always amazes me what life creates in one moment and then the scenery changes in the blink of an eye. Soon night softly falls, wrapping all in its’ dark mantle, carrying you off into slumber land.
In the place of the in between, before sleep and the morning, the threshold beyond time and space, there is an opening, where dreams are born from. Not the imaginations, fictions, wishes, thought elaborations, or emotional high- or nightmares we often call dreams.

But true dreams birthed directly from the source, from our deepest home, our being, the heart of creation. We all have heard many a time: “I have a dream” from M.L. King or “Imagine all the people” from J. Lennon, “Wild geese” from Mary Oliver and countless more.
Those dreams come as messengers for what is possible, as a gift they stay with us in their timelessness. They carry a sense of truth, even if they might seem unrealistic, they have a taste of a greater freedom, they instill a sense of wonder and hope, they ignite us like great music that lifts you, they touch the ground of life and set us on fire to birth them into the world.

They offer us an invitation and with our permission they will come true in life, no question. We never know how and when, yet I have seen and experienced it over and over again, when you are on board and put in your hands and whole heart too- dreams do come true.

There is a dream in each one of us longing to be lived. A dream for the world, a dream for your life, a calling to step into love and let it become a reality.

What is your dream, the one that you have met in stillness, in nature or moments when least expected, the one that always seems to be with you and follows you around, like someone waiting to be seen, heard and welcomed in? What might it be like to go forth and begin to live it, one step at a time, even if the final outcome might be further away then the horizon itself? As St. Francis of Assisi sang, when he rebuilt his chapel by hand in the freezing cold winter:” Stone by stone….build your dreams slowly.. “ Trust, at some point it carries a momentum and becomes unstoppable, like a river flowing as a mighty force and nourishing many.
These dreams are your guides and important messengers from beyond. Treat them honorably, let them show you your way and inspire you to live the life you were born for, offering your unique gift of love into this world.

By Nicola Amadora

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