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Reconciliation Between Women and Men

Since ancient times there is a deep rift between men and women, that has led to conflict, suffering and wars which are still fought today around the world. Issues of power, sex and survival impact everyone and they manifest especially between the genders.

As great as the wound between us might be, even greater is the opportunity for us to come together and build a bridge, where we are able to not only heal, but bring forth a new story, one that is based on our connection, common humanity, an understanding of our natural differences, respect and a joined fire that can illuminate the path for many in this time. When we shift into truly walking together as awake, empowered women and men, in honor and support of each other, a new world is created.

Discover what it might be to break the shackles of the old for good and meet in healthy, empowered and loving ways as women and men! This is deep work, be prepared for transformation and a major change that will benefit you, those who have walked before and who come after you. Dare to build the bridge with all of us!

Nicola Amadora is a certified facilitator of essential peacemaking between women and men. She has done extensive work in this highly explosive and fruitful field.

I highly recommend this Reconciliation workshop, which was presented with great heart, sensitivity, insight, sharing, ritual and deep healing for women and men.Thank you!” ~ Michael Reppy, Marin


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