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Befriending Yourself

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Easy to say:

“Stop struggling with Life.
With your humanity – the feelings, thoughts, your body.
Wake up to your true nature.”


You want peace, ease, and love… These gifts are yours already. Often buried under a pile of conditioning, the stuff we have learnt and collected over lifetimes. We want
to be free from all that, but instead we heap a whole lot of extra suffering upon already existing pain by the way we approach ourselves, each other, and the world.

For decades I have seen in my work as a psychotherapist and spiritual teacher how critical, judgmental, violent people tend to relate, especially toward themselves.

Do you know this?

Trying to beat, or push yourself into healing, change, awakening… or using the pink, rosy bypass and denial carpet to get away from the whole array of human emotions, thoughts and body sensations. It doesn’t work.

I found myself showing people a friendlier way over and over again. From scratch. Until I decided, it’s time to just hand you some of the tools, cultivated and applied over a lifetime with this basic foundation course – without fancy ribbons and false promises.

So you can easily use them at home on your meditation cushion or in bed at night, when you are riding the rapids, or sitting at the dinner table with family, and while walking in the streets of our tumultuous world.

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Because peace, love… doesn’t have to be a faraway goal in some distant future or digging endlessly through heavy boxes to find the gifts awaiting you. It’s here. Revealed through a friendly way you relate to yourself. And the good news is – the results are immediate, affecting every person and part of your life.

This foundation course does not change your life circumstances, nor kicks all the problems out the window, fixes you or heals every ailment.

It does give you a sound foundation for a friendlier, happier human house, in which you experience more ease to enjoy yourself, your relationships and life.

  • Emotions become your welcomed guests, each bearing a gift.
  • Thoughts won’t run your life and leave you stranded in your head.
  • Your body becomes a good companion.
  • Your heart gets to relax and naturally loves.

This simple course serves as a crucial step toward ending the struggle and opens a door into your true nature.

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Foundation Course for the brave journey of awakening and healing


Ending the struggle introductory audio

Befriend and reveal the gifts of Your Mind, Your Emotions, Your Body and Your Nature

4 audio teachings with guided practices

4 guided meditations

All yours to keep.

A powerful, friendly approach.

For advanced and beginning spiritual practitioners, and those of you who are traveling bravely on the path of healing and growth.

Become friends with the stranger. Yourself.

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