Appreciation – A Simple Way Into The Heart

Several years ago, on a sorrow filled Valentine’s day, when I just did not want to see a kitschy hallmark card nor the color pink, I thought of all the people who feel lonely, have no date, are left out of chocolate, treats and adoration. I had to do something. So, I made cards with simple messages like these: “You are precious and loved, even when your world is upside down”, words we all need to hear from time to time:” You are beautiful, just the way you are”. I hid those tokens of love in grocery stores among the veggies, in bookstores among the divorce/grief/self improvement books, and handed them to folks on the street. Giving them to the homeless people was the best, they received the cards with such joy, it made my heart leap.

A movement is growing, more people every year leave traces and treasures of love on the streets.

Want to join next time or right now? Don’t need to wait for Valentines Day. Pin one note on the fridge for your mate, put one under your kids pillow, sneak another one into a co-workers bag, hand it to the tired cashier or find your own places to hide these secrets most people want to see and hear. A scientific study states, that 90% of people in their work places feel not appreciated and valued. They also discovered that the number one factor for a happy marriage is: for every critism five times more appreciations is given. How would it be, if for each judgement you have about yourself you appreciated yourself several times over? Plants and animals respond to it and grow far better too.

Why? Because this simple, yet powerful practice of appreciation connects us, it reminds us of what is true, it opens our heart and allows love to fill the space.

Enjoy! With Love,


Where is love when you are in the pit?


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