Where is love when you are in the pit?

In a place, where you lost all hope
In a time, when you have no faith
In anything or anyone anymore.
When all seems hard and dark
And you have broken down
And can’t take another step.

When you do not know
Where to turn
Or what to do,
When no one is there
And you are all alone.
When nothing helps,
And you are at the utter end.

In the hour of greatest need
A shimmer of light shines through-­
A hand reaches for you
It is love coming for you.
Even when you cannot see

I am here for you.

I come and find you
No matter where you are,
No matter what is going on
Or how far you might have fallen,
I come and lift you up
Into the greatest embrace there is:

True Love.

Poem by Nicola Amadora. Copyright: you can use it if you include my name as the author.


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