Throughout all time great people who dare to bring forth deep truth, who carry a lot of light into the world have been murdered and we might wonder why. When light shines powerfully, it illuminates the darkest places in the world and in our own psyche too. Many feel threatened by that and project their own shadows unto others, instead of facing it themselves. When a person enters a dark room with a strong light our garbage pile becomes rather obvious then. But often, instead of taking responsibility, we throw the trash unto the bearer of light- as if he or she is to blame for the existence of one’s own hurt and dirt.

Sounds insane, but it happens all the time. Some people have gone as far as killing people like Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, or the masses of wise women who were burnt at the stake, and others who dared to live from a greater truth in their hearts. When truth shines forth some people and establishments fight hard with any means, clutching unto a false sense of control. Throughout centuries women who stood up, who shed light and spoke their voices were killed. No wonder, that fear is still present in the very cells of our bodies and we tend to hold back our power and gift by that. We go so far as to fear our own light and hide in a safe closet where we feel locked up and usually alone.

But this is not the time to hide our light under a bushel anymore, we are all needed and called now to show up, to stand up for our deepest values and to be daring. To embrace our greatest gift is not an intellectual affair, it must be felt and experienced. And this light will burn and melt all our made beliefs and delusions away.

To step out from hiding takes courage, for you never know what will come your way. It does not mean you will be spared heart ache and challenges-what a mistaken notion has been passed along in the new age fever-but you will be wrapped into its glow and ignited by its fire. You will grow strong and learn, that through this light you can meet whatever you encounter on your path, without shutting down or turning away.

And one more light brings forth not only a brighter world and a happier you, it can lead us through the most intense turmoil and through the darkest dungenouns into true love and – it changes the world for everyone of us. Let it shine through the cracks of a broken heart, let it pour forth in your moments of loving. Let your light take you by the hand and guide you deeper into the river of life, to quench your thirst, to give you strenght, to fill the hunger in our souls…and to take a step to make a positive difference for all of us!



Love, No Matter What


In Love with a Dolphin

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