Love, No Matter What

What matters most to you? The dark haired lady at the check out counter looked up from her pile of documents and said with a surprised smile:” Love. If we had more of it we would not create this insanity in our world.” Wisdom of the sages can be found in the local post office too. So what does it take then to grow more?

It takes courage to keep the heart open, so we can really love and be loved. And by that we simply are in love. But we all experience blows, betrayals and other hurts on the sometimes bumpy road of life. It’d be so easy, if only everyone was nice to us all the time…(and those who behave crappy, are sent off to a far away island, …that probably would be all of us in the end). In reaction to difficulties and pain we often find clever ways to guard our vulnerability; we shut down, build walls, hide our hearts in a tight box and loose the key-you know the ordeal. What a dilemma though; to the extent we have closed down we are cut off from love, our essence and feel disconnected from the natural pulse and juice of life. We may leave our bodies and live in the mind, disappear into space, judge and try to control others, practice a lofty spirituality, or plunge into a dark hole altogether. A myriad of complications in relationships arise and our own suffering spreads out on the living room floor.

What might it be like to make friends with our own vulnerability and those of our fellow humans? And tend to what we experience without escape? Courage grows as we allow ourselves to open and meet the whole enchilada: the twinkle of joy and the tears of pain in this one precious life. Can we let our hearts become as wide as the world in answer to the horror and beauty we encounter on our planet? And drink deep from the well to pour forth love, like there is no tomorrow.

When I remember the reality that indeed this could be my final day, I ask myself what would I live today. This poem below arose from such a moment as this. May it inspire you to take a risk. Enjoy the wine of true love with each other every day! Nicola

Love, no matter what
All the way through
Meet with courage
Storms and challenges
That strengthen you.
Rise in heavenly glories
And gentle winds
That lift your soul.

Love, no matter what
Whether you are crowned and praised
By cheering crowds
Or hanged on this world’s cross.

Love, no matter what
Through gain and loss
In this life’s play.
For love will make you shine
You are that blazing light
In which no shadow can exist
and truth just is.

Love, no matter what
But for the sake of Love

Your heart is big enough!

If you like it, my poetry book “Nothing but Love” can be ordered on Amazon.


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