Loving Humanity

“Glorious. Bloody. Humanity. Centuries interwoven with times of peace and war, terror inflicted and suffering caused, happiness shared and flowers grown, threads of beauty shine through and toxins are spilled upon the carpet of life, and works of geniuses and the greatness of the human spirit follow us through all the ages. The color of insanity is close by, horrible and beneficial deeds stand out; we are born and die over and over again. The fabric of humanity is a mighty one, an epic played out that still continues on- to this day. The story is alive in our very own cells and bones.

Where does love come in?
A little 5 year-old girl in the orphanage where I worked offered Mother Teresa her only toy to take to the children in the slums. I could see how precious this ragged, cuddled up and tear stained doll was to her, and yet she was beaming to be able to offer her gift and to be received. This little nun did not want people to offer from their abundance, what they did not need, or a leftover. What matters, she always said, is how much love we put into the giving. That is where joy is found. She lived what she spoke; I saw it in her shining eyes and in the way she held the hand of the old thin man, who was dying in peace. A love, so simple and true. ”
People are thirsty and starving for it everywhere. One drop has the power to turn a life and many can grow an unstoppable river that feeds us all.


Women Rising ~ A Tidal Wave for Change.


Love, No Matter What

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